Society Cultivation

Somnium (@Somnium) 6 years, 1 month ago

I woke up this morning wit a different mind set, thank god, recently I, like many others have been thinking to myself that life is pretty much bad, and that I am lost in this world, every day I wake up not really knowing what to do and I feel as if for the first time in my life, I am lost and I’ve hit a dead end, but alas I have awoken with something new to say!

Life isn’t really all that bad, now there are many problems with the world, including war, terrorism, government corruption and the non-legalisation of psychedelic plants, and when people have to deal with things like mental illness, depression, anxiety like myself, the world isn’t really all that great of a place, but when I say ‘life isn’t really all that bad’ I’m talking a whole new level of thinking.

You are not living, the thing you call life? Waking up every day to do the same thing as yesterday just to do it all again tomorrow? No, what this is called is Society Cultivation, and it’s the idea that our society is being cultivated, and manipulated into human hybrids to lead a ‘society’ of gangsterism, and we, as a society are being taken for granted, the Life you should be living is literally ‘off the grid’ 

Now I’m not saying give up society and live in a shack in the woods, but you have to find the balance between society cultivation, and natural life, go out, see more, go on a holiday, but not just to the average place, go somewhere no one else wants you to go, live the life you were born to live, not the same old stuff every day!

August 19, 2016 at 12:09 am
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