Solitude In Love

Jeremy Limn (@Limbo93) 3 years, 11 months ago

Solitude in love is the evocation of serenity.  When you are in love, and you require solitude the greatest implication of peace is to allow solitude to happen. Solitude in love is the greatest kind of love. Solitude is the allowance of time it does not mean being apart from each other. It means being together in unity, it means that your time is important to you and that your existence is your own. It means that your time to yourself is important it is respecting someone else’s time to have their own subjective experience.

Our society is built on the ideology of taking everybody’s time we have to work we have to pay the mortgage we are our time is always being taken away by someone or somebody because their time is more important than the breath you are given. You are given one body.

Human beings die every day it is the natural course of life. But our moments live on forever. To give your time up for someone else is heroic, and love is heroic. But we also must allow other people to have their own poems, and paintings and dances.

Tomorrow could be your fatality. But this moment that we are given is ours. Love at times is about giving other people the time to write their own poems, and paintings. Let us remember the power of solitude. How can you facilitate the truth of love by giving away someone else’s solitude. It is not the hermit part of solitude that I am talking about. It is the respect for someone else to write their own existence for a moment.

July 17, 2018 at 1:42 am
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