Something to make ya feel good.

 JonH (@IJesusChrist) 7 years, 8 months ago

You wake with eyes shut, slowly the mind comes back to life. You find yourself holding your pillow, and a smile is planted on your face. A sedative courses through the body, and you become aware of the birds chirping, and the ray of sun hitting your left shoulder. You don’t dare move, as the body is perfectly caressed and supported by all the cushions surrounding you. You sit, reflecting on this feeling, and imagining the birds outside. You find yourself immersed in their songs and conversations. You imagine the trees they sit atop, raising their beaks and forcing their words to the world.

Your body is outside now, in minimal clothing, bathed in the sun, bare feet on the warming grass. You put a hand up with finger out, waiting for a friendly winged creature to land. The wings flutter around, from tree to tree, a few take notice of your being. Your warmth and radiant smile somehow translates to the birds, and they sense in their own manner that you are safe.

A yellow finch adopts your finger as a perch and begins her song for morning. You admire the colors as you keep your hand still, in empathy for her body and mind. You wish her the safest song, and the greatest of days. She accepts and sings a song for you, hopping around your finger in glee. You close your eyes, and so does she, and you both become immersed in the day.

Your back is lifted, and you open your eyes, ahead of you the yellow girl. She looks at you and leaves your hand, fluttering around your front side and back. You are floating now, with feathers on back, able to fly and swing.

You lift to the right, and slide to the left, in air you feel so free.
With only thought, and no action at all, you find yourself spinning upwards, and down. Freely feeling, without any fear of discomfort, your body is totally at peace. Lifting up, far, far above, you look down and find the city is gone. Nothing but trees and grass and leaves, and water dispersed far.

Any speed is yours, it seems, as you cruise miles and miles. To the coasts and mountains, lakes and streams, no limit to you is found. A tranquil in the mind brings you down in time to a beach of white sand and palms. You sit in warmth, and breathe in fully, as you realize the freedom at hand.

The water is warm, and turquoise to match, no stinging to open eyes. There’s no need to breath, and you can dive as you please, and swim with the dolphins all day. The water feels of silk, as it covers your skin, you feel energized and anew. Awakened completely and strength uniquely, you blast through the water to your destination of a great coral reef.

As you approach, through distant waters, the colors slowly engage your site. The movement and life is abundant and rife, and you feel excited with new found company.

The fish come to greet you in schools of hundreds, waving and shimmering as they do. You notice the diversity is beyond any number, and your mind is convinced this is a city. You travel from corner to corner, meeting the locals, still silken your body feels.

Its time to say bye, and you wave and fly high.
Your eyes are opened with bed still under, as you embrace the pillows with glee.
Sitting up, with gaze to the window, you hear your finch at play.

February 9, 2014 at 5:42 pm
Q (94) (@Qualohuasca) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

This made me think of Terence’s “create your own culture”-speeches. It was nice. :)

MableCHopkins (17) (@MableCHopkins) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

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