Spin with the World

Joey Pettrone (@TheHuggingRoots) 7 years, 9 months ago

Got a mission to teach
Got a friend that’s in need
I’m a pool of inspiration
For the people to drink
Got a mind of my own
My superhero superego’s
Come and taken the throne
taken my soul
Tell me how do you go
About taking control
Of the war zone in your skull
All I want is to know
Cause your not like me
But possibly your ego
Has changed reality
To be optimal
But the cold wind blows
We get sick grow old
And the clock will stop it’s tick
once we’ve freed our soul
Since the worlds gotta end
And there’s nowhere else to go
But it’s in our hands
God made it so
He’s in our hearts
The damned devil
He’s of the earth
in our crammed shadows
Got a mission to learn
To make it all make sense
Wish different cultures could turn
into one relationship n’
I will promote peace
I will promote health
But I should run around the block
So I don’t contradict myself
And I’ll always be kind
Let karma do the rest
Then I won’t have it on my mind
I might have made you feel gypped
Gotta quit cigarettes
I was about to go out
But it’s changing seasons
I know I won’t regret
Stayin warm with my pen
And a beat on repeat
Saving 5 minutes
of my life Nicotine
is the first thing to quit
But the first thing to start
Is my mental fitness
In these times cause they’re hard
Ya gotta be smart be strong
Make cash love long
Spread seed evolve
Give birth take hold
Ya gotta love to live
And live to love
You give to win
And you will win a ton
You are the one to see
They are your eyes to sleep
But you will stay awake
The possibilities
Are worth the risks we make
Cause every chance we take
Is always for a reason
Pros and cons are weighed
There aren’t any words
To accurately explain
Why we do what we do
When we aren’t in a dream
The hardest of words
To wrap round your brain
Is why we did what we did
While we weren’t awake
But it’s all okay
Just stay here with me
And spin with the world
And dance on those feet
Explore like the wind
Cause life is a pearl
It’s rarer than luck
For the homeless out back picking through crumbs
Having dreams he was fat
And it’s rarer than love
For the women entranced
By magazines televisions
way of life fashion
Because life gets you stuck
Don’t matter your game piece
Don’t matter my roll
Frustration will take me
Temptation my paycheck
The evil will taint me
What do you say lets
Learn to be patient
Be firm looking past
The obstacles life proposed
Holding you back

November 17, 2014 at 3:18 am
Immortality (456) (@jjj333) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

Absolutely beautiful! <3

Joey Pettrone (1) (@TheHuggingRoots) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

Thank you!!

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