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I created a wonderful story for my dear friend @daveb.

I had a wonderful time with Luis Mendelez Jr. during our visit to a Spiritualist Church. Luis is a holistic therapist that recently came to the MSc Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies program to dedicate himself to research into the effectiveness of spiritual healing in patients with MS. He had his spiritual awakening 11 years ago in a spiritualist church after an experience with spiritual healing. Curious as he is his interest in spiritualism was sparked. Luis first visit to a Spiritualist Church was a special one. A medium told him many things about him and deceased relatives which were not publicly known. This story sparked my interest and that is why I went with him to have a look.

After our arrival the medium made her entrance and I remember that her heart felt as open as the sky. Her eyes were watery and you could see that she was a very sensible person. She soon started calling in apparitions.

During one of the first visits she exploded in tears. Her contact lenses were blown away and this had never happened in her career. She decided to leave it like that. The third or fourth apparition that visited the church consisted of a middle-aged man who came for the boy in light blue shirt. I told her that I was sorry but did not know any middle-aged man that was deceased.

The medium then said it was for the man next to me. She could not know that Luis was a friend of mine because I decided to sit one row in front of him since I wanted a better view. The middle-aged man turned out to be a deceased relative of Luis who had taken his own life. Luis told the medium that his mother had not wanted to tell too much about the details so that he did not know much about him.

The man died unhappy according to the medium. She told us that she would let the man go. And at the moment we switched to someone else I realized that he might have come for me.

I am doing research on bipolar disorder and the man might have had something to tell me about unhappiness. She told me that was a good thing to say and she decided to move on.

The next entity that came along was named Fred. The medium said Fred came for a man in the back of the church. The man whispered something in the ear of the woman next to him and they both had to laugh. Then the medium started laughing as well and asked: “Is Fred a bird?” The man confirmed this and explained how he had just told this to the woman next to him. According to the medium, the bird had a humorous presence.

Because the medium had an easier time communicating with people than with animals we moved on to a dead man who came along with the bird. My attention drifted a bit so I opened my Spiritualist Bible that we received on entering the church. The booklet opened slowly and I let it happen. The first sentence that I saw came from hymn 46: “God speaks to us through birds and songs.” I decided to make this public. I thought it would be much appreciated in this company and I turned out to be right. With my tongue in my mouth I added: “What a coincidence, isn’t it?”

After the demonstration I speak with the medium and tell that her that this is not really my type of thing. It is unlikely that my family will come along because they are more concerned with living things. After having said this I asked her: “Did you know the man of the bird?”

“No I did not know him,” she responded. Then a man came from the toilet and turned up in the doorway opening next to me. “Oh you mean, Martin?” she said. “I know him well.” I remember how this felt very genuine and it proved to me that she really was a warm and honest person. I asked Martin if he could have known the bird. “No, we don’t know each other that well,” he replied.

Afterwards Luis and I take a walk to the car. He tells me how his mother did not tell him much about his brother because he had a heroin addiction. I think that a heroin addiction has nothing to do with bipolar disorder so I was mistaken that he came for me. Later it turned out that Luis wants me to write this down out of respect for his brother and get more awareness for spiritualism and the benefits it can have for people. Just as bipolar people he has a hard time being taken serious. Both Luis and I were intrigued by this wonderful woman that Luis vaguely knows from his place of birth.

You can find Luis his website here: http://silencespeaks.co.uk/. It is a culmination of 12 years of hard work.

Next week during Natalie’s class I wrote down the following quote.

They may be hallucinations if only one person perceives them. However, if more than one person perceives them, they may either be considered to be mass delusions or real apparitions.

-Charles Tart

All the best with this @jordan,

Erwin Rooijakkers

PS High Existence! What do you think?

May 19, 2012 at 2:03 am
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@stephanie: You are bloody hot!

@daveb: Thank you for sending me a letter of recommendation to your wife!

@martijn: Good luck with High Existence magazine when you get back!

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@swoodmings, Sooo I read it. . . still failing to see the connection of why??????

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@skye Thank you for reading the story!

Luis has a hard time being taken serious by people while he is helping a lot of others. It can be quite annoying or funny when you try to convince others of your experience I guess. We can pool information about experiences but never the experience themselves.

daveb (119) (@daveb) 10 years ago ago

@swoodmings, I read this saturday morning before going out on a hike with my son and a friend. while I can’t say your story struck me in any profound way, I did think about it on and off over the weekend. certainly, there are people who encourage us to move forward in lots of ways, and if we’re not in a position to accept it, the message is lost.

clearly Luis was in the right place to get the message the medium had and it moved him to grow. that got me thinking about skeptics and believers. I realized that we’re all believers, and we’re all skeptics. in fact both of those words sort of lost their meaning as I thought about them over the weekend.

I have found someone who (as the medium did for Luis) is able to open my eyes a little wider, and the things she is able to do to me are confusing, in particular to that “skeptic” side of me. but simply believing feels blind, so I’m trying to stay in the middle with a foot in both worlds (or better yet no feet in either one). I’m going to work harder on experiencing, and less on understanding what happens when I’m on her table. What is or isn’t happening doesn’t matter nearly as much as what I take from it. and the same is true for your story!

oh and during our hike I spotted a beautiful barred owl, which my son and I were able to watch for several minutes. his first up close and personal owl experience out in the wild!

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