Spiritual/supernatural experiences

Haakon (@hawcon) 11 years, 7 months ago

I am quite fascinated by this subject, and I was wondering if you guys have anything to share :)

I’ll start off by telling you one of my strongest and weirdest experiences so far:

My parents were on vacaion far away abroad this period, and home in Norway I had the strangest dream. Many of you have probably dreamt of dying several times, and then suddenly waking up. This happened to me. I dreamt that I was flying with a commercial airline, then suddenly the plane started to fall. We crashed in the ocean and I remember my "soul" or inner self drifting away from the body. The funny thing was that I was still dreaming during this event. Normally I would have woken up as soon as the plane crashed into the ocean or something. Anyways, after I had drifted away from my dead body (felt like about 5-10 seconds) I woke up, sweating, heart pounding heavily and myself being scared as hell.

Later the same day, the really strange thing happened. I got a call from my mother abroad. She said she was worried because she had dreamt that I "went away" as she put it, meaning I had died. Coincidence? I hardly think so, considering I have never had such a strong dream before, and my mother has never ever spoken to me due to being particularly worried about me before either.

So what is it then? some sort of telepathic experience? Could be.

February 17, 2011 at 5:11 pm
Alex Eastman (71) (@alex) 11 years, 7 months ago ago

parents and siblings seem to have a very close “empathic bond” that can tell each other what has happened to them via the “gut feeling.” That is very strange and amazing at the same time though Haakon. I can’t say I’ve had the same thing happen to me.

sam s (0) (@stilletosataxi) 11 years, 7 months ago ago

I was with a few friends and we fell asleep, like a childish slumber party. It was my house, and I fell face down on a blanket and didn’t tell anyone to do what followed. My friends happened to fall asleep also, 2 of them also face down on the same blanket. It was a blue checkered blanket with white perpendicular lines across the whole thing. I then had the strangest dream, I was walking in a hallway with a white floor, and blue walls. It seemed about every 10 feet there was a choice, left, right, or straight. I never went backwards. Basically I was under the impression at the time, that I was lucid dreaming. So I tried a reality check, usually I yell as loud as I possibly can and I wait for an echo. There was no echo at all, it was as if it was a really small enclosed space. Confused, I kept searching for some way out or at least to waste time before I awoke.

Strange part is, I saw and communicated to the other two people on the same blanket. I found out awake that they had similar visions and experiences. I really couldn’t make any sense of it. I remember having full conversations and I even could feel them.

Another strange part, that night I had set up a tripod with a video camera recording the whole event. It was a party or a birthday, not a porno shoot. And basically as soon as I fell into the journey, the recording ended. The battery was working fine, it was even plugged into a wall, the tape was fine and it had plenty of room in it. I talked to another friend with deep insight and he referred me to a double blind test. I can’t find the video, I’ll re-post when I do, but it said that under video, a strange event is often not recorded.

I wouldn’t call this spiritual but maybe it is super natural. This was not a drug experience or anything of the sort. Very strange is it not?

Haakon (5) (@hawcon) 11 years, 7 months ago ago

I want such a blanket :D

Pavel (3) (@pablinov) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

I had a dream i was crashing on a plain and everyone around me was hurrying but I was chill, and once the plane crashed i was happy, anyway my friend told me his story of how his whole family was in a crash when he was little and he passed out before he got hit and woke up right after, and everyone but him left the accident with an injury, i was very intrigued.

Michael (8) (@mklrivpwner) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

A little less “miraculous”, I read Tarot. And according to returning customer testimony I’m very accurate. Well, I had one customer I’ll never forget.

During college, I was a member of a religious discussion group. In order to raise money we turned to hosting a table, where we would display what talents we had (relating to our various religions). Many of us at the tables were affluent in Tarot. At the time I was learning, and had sat at the table to discuss and learn the art with some of the other members there. I had my deck out, and was working on memorizing the cards.

There was a teacher at the college who would get a reading once a semester, and for the past 3 years it was all from the same very talented girl in our group. But on this day, he sat down in front of me, even though she had just got herself settled at the table. We both asked why and I explained that I was extremely new at this. He said it was fine, he just “had a feeling”.

Well, as for the reading, I won’t go into specifics, but I told him there was a question on his mind pertaining to his family situation. That he already knew the answer, he was just looking for a way that he didn’t have to follow through with it, like something would happen to make the decision for him so it wouldn’t be “his fault”. He started crying at the table because of what I had told him, and I thought I had upset him telling him falsities. But he looked up through his tears and tissues and told me “No, no. You are absolutely 100% right.” Then he told me a few details that helped affirm my reading and its accuracy and went on to say, “Thank you. Without this, I wouldn’t have the courage to do what I need to.” He came back a few weeks later and told that he had handled the situation and confirmed my accuracies in regards to his situation and my short-term future reading.

It still gives me shivers thinking about it today.

Julian22 (1) (@sanatan) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

One of my girlfriends, I’ll call her T, can see dead people like in the movie The Sixth Sense. When we go hiking she sometimes says: “Let’s not go that way – there’s somebody standing there.”
When another girlfriend of mine died in a fire when her parents’ house burned down, T saw her standing in my room at night a week later and also the next night.
I hadn’t told T that my girlfriend had died the week before because I was still grieving too much about her.

m. (8) (@mjmf826) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@ Michael: fascinating! I know very little about Tarot, hope to hear more!

When I was six I broke both wrists falling backwards off a swing. That night as I was laying in bed a glowing white apparition (which at that age I called an angel) appeared at my feet. I stared at it for what felt like all night to make sure it didn’t come any closer, even though I had a feeling that whatever it was it probably meant me no harm.

I’ve never seen anything else like that, mostly I just get really really bad feelings sometimes, like I can sense some dark malevolent energy hanging around.

Michael (8) (@mklrivpwner) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@m. – Do you ever discover that those dark energies come to anything? Like do they warn you of something dangerous, or do they correlate to places where ‘bad things’ have or will happen?

Maybe I’ll have to pick up my cards and really get down to it. :-D

Alex Eastman (71) (@alex) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

My weirdest experiences:
1. I was in my room and got this cold-chill that made me feel like my thoughts stopped being in my head (where they are supposed to belong, lol) and came out of the front of my head and ran into the computer desk. I somehow felt the whole computer screen, wallpaper and the table all at the same time… it was weird.
2. Thought I saw my mom walk in the room at my old house and it was a ghost of a lady that died in the house many years before. Wasn’t the first encounter with her in the house, but definitely the strongest.

Lindsay (0) (@moonflower603) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

I’ve felt/seen a ghost. It was creepy.

I’ve had many accurate Tarot readings done for me. I have one friend in particular who is really good.

I think I flew one time, just for a split second. It was a violent situation, I would rather not get into details.. I’ll just say that there’s no explanation for me NOT hitting the wall and crumpling into a broken mess on the floor. I landed on my feet quite unharmed, with the strangest sensation. Kind of like flying is falling and missing the ground? Try getting thrown at a wall and missing it. The laws of physics were definitely bent. I don’t think I could do that ever again, unless it was another ‘do or die’ situation. No interest in finding out.

And when I was 6, a headstone fell on me. It wasn’t tipped, and I didn’t touch it. I was standing a couple feet away from it. I put wildflowers on the ground near it, and was going to ask my sisters to help me read the name on it. It fell towards me. I screamed because it actually knocked me over and my foot was pinned under it. My sisters ran over and heroically lifted it enough for me to pull my foot out. The weirdest part: I was completely unharmed. Not a scrape or bruise. My Mom saw the whole thing, and I ran to her screaming and crying in terror. She was amazed that my ankle wasn’t broken! And in case you’re wondering, I grew up in a very rural area. My Mother used to bring me and my sisters for walks down the (dirt) road. We picked wildflowers along the way and when we got to the cemetery we’d place them on random headstones. We never ran, shouted, or did anything disrespectful in there. Now that I think about it, I guess it was kind of a strange thing to do.

m. (8) (@mjmf826) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

they don’t warn me and they don’t correlate (at least not to my knowledge) to places where bad things have or will take place. They are just heavy, dark, deep, and plain bad. crack out those cards if you like, but part of me just doesn’t want to dig any deeper. I can’t control it when bad things happen, but I can control what I choose to invite into my realm of awareness, and I’m not sure I really want to investigate the origins, the meaning, of these energies.

Lindsay (0) (@moonflower603) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@m. I don’t blame you for being reluctant to investigate! I wouldn’t pursue that kind of energy/entity either!

Bernadette Ashley (1) (@sunthatcastsnoshadows) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

I was walking back from a club and we were walking alongside a river. I got a really creepy feeling, having walked there loads of times (the club serves pan-galactic gargle blasters – I am totally a regular!) – I had never felt it before. I mentioned it to my friends and they said it did feel a bit creepy, like seeing a ghost or something.

A few days later the body of a man was pulled out of the river in the same spot.

I do not believe in ghosts or anything like that. My theory is that the smell of the body provoked a natural reaction of “creepy”, a sort of survival instinct of “don’t go near this, it’s got germs and nasties”. Having not had much experience of dead bodies, and not expecting it and with no obvious cause of the creepy feeling I cannot really be sure.

What does anyone else think?

dave (2) (@peaceprophet) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

my flatmate and I used to always have morning ritual of telling each other our crazy dreams. This girl in particular was a ‘sensitive’ ie had prophetic dreams and things of that nature before. Anyway, one morning I started telling her about a dream involving a crocodile and a baby. The look on her face was priceless as she recounted a dream that was almost identical.

I’ve also had an out of body experience that I didn’t mean for. Its such a strange feeling. I felt like a ghost, and my body would shake in cold convulsions every minute or so. It was weird though because I was out of my body but I could still feel my body. Something intense happened. I found a version of myself as a 5 yr old who was hiding in the corner crying. I felt sooooo much empathy, I cupped my hands around his little face and told him everything was ok. The sensation of my hands touching his face was so real it sent another shock through my body.

I’m very interested in being able to project when I want to. I believe it takes time and discipline. I’ll get there one day.

Michael (8) (@mklrivpwner) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@m. – Oh, I wouldn’t want you investigating such things. It could be dangerous, and that’s reason enough for me to say “Please don’t.” I didn’t mean get my cards out for the energy spots. I meant for you, or anyone else interested, in general, for readings, instruction, demonstration, whatever.

And if anyone on here practices any other divination art, I’m interested in that as well.

Nemo (1) (@nemo) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@Julian22 – has your friend told you what ghosts look like? This is one of those topics and I am and have always been UTTERLY fascinated about but because of a lack of total understanding, petrifies me at the same time!

I had one encounter when I was about 8 or 9….my mum and I were staying wiht her parents and I was sleeping on a single bed. I woke up at night to find a girl sitting at the foot of my bed watching me. It was really dark but I could make out her long hair and huge eyes…it was so strange because as I type this I can see how freaky that would be but I wasn’t scared at all. I simply looked at her watching me, then went back to sleep. In the morning I woke up and remembered her, and when I looked at the foot of my bed, in the sheets there was a clear dent where she had been sitting! She’s never visited me in that form since.

m. (8) (@mjmf826) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@ Michael: I’m down!

Lindsay (0) (@moonflower603) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@Bernadette Ashley – That’s wicked creepy! (Can you tell I’m from NH? lol Wicked!)
I guess it’s possible that there was a ‘death smell’ in the air. But I think it’s more likely that you were sensing a spirit. I def believe that a person’s essence or spirit or whatever you want to call it can hang around after death. Like it hasn’t yet completely detached from the physical world.
This is weird; my grandma isn’t even dead yet. She’s in a nursing home. Right after she moved out of our house, I swear I could hear her and feel her presence here. Maybe it was all in my head. But I was actually really happy when she moved to the nursing home -what a wretched old witch she is! So when I could feel her ‘essence’ still hanging around in the house, I went out and bought a sage smudge and cleaned her right out of here! I also packed away all of her personal items and freshened up the bedroom/bathroom she was using. That seemed to work. Soon after that her ‘presence’ faded away.

I think people’s energy (especially in familiar places, things) can linger when they have moved away or died. It seems to me like you and your friends were feeling that essence/energy/spirit.

Luly (0) (@luly) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

Well you all have so many interesting stories I must say, and I would like to know more about the tarot reading. I’ve always thought they are fascinating :)

Now here comes my creepiest experience:

In my country many people believe in ghosts and paranormal activity, and there are many places, specially in small towns where many people have seen ghosts and other stuffs. Once I was with a group of friends in a town near the beach. The town is really old and between the beach and the town itself there is a huge cocoa plantation. For this cocoa plantation many people have died, specially slaves that used to work there in the 1500s and before. As I said is very old. There are many stories in that town about people seeing ghost and stuff. Anyway, that time I was with my friends and we were at the beach hanging out. Usually we went back to the town before nightfall because after 7 or so there are no buses to take back to town and you have to walk the 5 kilometers long dark (very dark) road. That day my friends were very drunk ( I wasn’t because I had stomach ulcer so I couldn’t drink :() and as they were so happy we decided to stay longer at the beach. We ended up going back to the house at 10pm or so. Of course we had to walk back, and in the group there is a girl who can see ghosts and is very sensitive to that kind of paranormal things. We didn’t know that until that night, she told us right before we had to go up. I can’t see ghosts, but I’m sensitive to their presence, I can sort of “feel” that they are there. Well you can imagine that It was a nightmare walking back to the house. It took us 40min to walk the 5km. Our friend that could see ghost, started crying when we were half way back, because they were so many. I could feel them at the sides of the roads staring at us, but as I couldn’t actually see them, I tried to ignore the feeling saying it was my imagination. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. When we arrived tom the house my friends were not drunk anymore of course. And they all wanted to know what happened, and what had she seen. It was very difficult for my friend to stop crying. the day after she told us what she saw. It was pretty much what I had felt, many “souls” standing at the sides of the road looking at us but no actually looking. they were many from different periods, different dreadful events that had happened in that plantation.

Luigi (1,453) (@luigiblue) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

First off, let me introduce myself, My name is Luigi. I have been following this site for a while but I have now decided to join the ranks among you intelligent beings :).

Anyways, I have had many creepy experiences in my life. From seeing people that aren’t there to telepathic experiences and more.

The experience I would like to share is one that happens more often than I would like it to happen.

I’m sure everyone has heard of sleep paralysis, mine is a variation of that and something supernatural that involves my cat.

Now let me just explain a little about my cat. I have had him for 6 years now. When I first got him he was hairless, he was too young to eat alone and was not supposed to be away from his mother. because of all this I had to slowly feed the cat with a small bottle and clean the cat myself. We have always had this strong connection and this connection got even weirder this night…..

One significant experience of this would be one night when I woke up completely paralyzed and aware of it. I heard a loud rushing sound, kind of like a train getting closer and closer. I also felt a really strong pressure on my chest, as if something was sitting right on my chest. During this experience I began to feel this presence in the room. Something dark was approaching and I knew it wasn’t anything good. As the pressure on my chest began getting stronger, the sounds getting louder, the presence and dark shadow got as close as the side of my bed. As I tried screaming, with no sound coming out, I felt a grasp on my left hand. The grasp was cold and very tight and felt like a bunch of fingers digging into my palm as the grasp got tighter. My hand was then pulled to the side slightly and dropped right over the side ledge of my bed. I felt as if something was trying to pull me off my bed. At this time I closed my eyes and tried to think happy thoughts. As I opened my eyes, my cat came rushing into my bedroom and jumped onto my bed and jumped towards my pillow next to my head, on the same side my arm was being pulled. Immediately the pressure, the sound and the grasp stopped and the presence was gone. I woke up the next morning with my cat sleeping next to my head and my hand sore.

Joe (3) (@phreqe) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

So I have talked about how I started to lucid dream at an early age in a previous discussion. This was due to bad dreams that I would have and i learn to control them. I can create any thing my mind can think of while i am dreaming, sort of like a play and I am the play writer. When I was about sixteen I would have this dream that reoccurred every so often. Sometime weekly sometimes once a month. These dreams I could not control, I felt like I was suppose to watch them and make out what I was dreaming.

The first in a series of reoccurring dreams was one where I am older and running down a dark street. As in all my dream they are detailed and this one was no exception. It was raining and at night, I was running down a street that was on a hill. To the left was some very large house with huge gates in front of them. On the right was what look to be and old cemetery. As i was running I kept look back as if I would see something behind me at the same time i am doing this I reach the bottom of the hill and every thing turns bright and I wake up.

Also I have this dream where I am walking with my son, in the dream I don’t see his face but i can feel that he is my son. We are walking around this lake and I am holding his hand, I feel something is wrong with him. Some how in the dream its communicated to me that he not going to live past his 5th birthday. As we are walking around this lake he looks up at me and smiles, or at least I feel that he does, cause I still cant’t seam to see his face. The dream moves forward to his birthday which feels like its the next day, his 5th birthday. I can feel a great sadness that something is missing and i realize that my son was buried the day before.

I never could make out these dreams, they had no reasoning to them. Since at the time I was not married and still was young with no kids. Then later on I did marry and have kids, as each of my sons reach their 5th birthdays a little relief came over me. Till last year something happen and now I am really trying to figure all this out. I was jogging as i mostly do at night and sometimes in the rain. This night it was a light rain and the weather was right to jog in the rain. I had just move to this new area of town and all of the surrounding area was new to me. I enjoy jogging a different route to keep it from being a mundane task. As i was jogging along, I see this street that I have not been down and decide to take that way. I see that its a long steep street heading down in to a cross section at the bottom that is not vary visible. So i decide to sprint down and as i am running I look to the left and notice these nice huge Mansions with huge gates in front of them and then i look to the right and see this cemetery. I keep running and I have this feeling i been here before. I start feeling like someone is following me and i keep looking back and as i reach the bottom of the hill and in to the intersection I feel a presents behind me as if someone going to reach out and grab me. I realize that this was the dream I always had so I stop turn around…

This light engulfs me, I feel on my back a rush of air and water splashing over me and I look back toward the street and a truck misses hitting me by a very small width a step more and i would have been dead.

Lindsay (0) (@moonflower603) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

@Joe, that is amazing! I am so glad you are alive to tell that story.

Joe (3) (@phreqe) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

Thanks Lindsay as so am I

jackie (0) (@jackieruth) 11 years, 5 months ago ago

i’ve had many prophetic dreams. i remember once i was 5, and had a dream of being shipwrecked on an island with this guy. his best friend/girlfriend/soulmate had been shipwrecked also but thrown to an island across the ocean. every month one would send a single playing card into the ocean. one month we went out to the same spot the card would wash up. this time it was a red playing card, a six of (i wanna say spades but i know thats black but i remember it being spades) and this card signified that his lady was dead, lost forever. i woke up hysterical crying and remember walking into the living room clutching my blanket and just sobbing in my mom’s arms as i tried to convey this dream. (remember, i was 5) a few months later, we moved into our new house and i lost my friendship with my best friend. pretty much every relationship that has meant anything has ended violently and abruptly just like the dream.

there have been a few since then, but none that i remember so vividly or so full of emotion. i’ll dream of a friend i haven’t seen in years and then run into them, little things like that. there have been a few times when i believe i have been visited by my grandparent’s spirits in my dreams. i’ll dream of hanging out with one of them, and i will awaken with such a peace my soul has rarely known.

its such an amazing subject.

Sam (0) (@samson) 11 years, 3 months ago ago

Well to your subject i do believe in some telepathy especially through dreams. Have you by chance ever seen the movie “Waking life”? if you haven’t i strongly suggest watching it cuz it may have some theoretical answers for you that the movie would explain far better than I can.

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