CosmicSpirals (@randiriplinger) 9 years, 7 months ago

I am reincarnating and hatching from my egg,

I have come to Earth and I am still getting used to my human form.

It is so surreal; I feel as if I am a robot in a housing body,

It will take me a few moments to remember how to walk on my legs and use my hands.

I stare at myself; still floating within my egg,

I am mesmerized by my fingers and toes because the move singularly.

Moving up and down and around; one by one.

I am so used to just floating around and flying,

Just a vision of the speed of light and sound.

The creator of the 9th dimension; the Divine dimension,

Has sent me here to fulfill a purpose of Compassion.

The creator mentioned to me that humans have forgotten how to feel,

Be vulnerable, and be kind to one another.

They think power is greedy and selfish,

When it should be selfless and compassionate.

The three dimensional rhealm is filled with so much hate and aggression,

That it has taken a tole on Earth, Gaia, and the Galaxy.

Therefore affecting other dimensions and worlds,

But the Creator has selected a few lightbeings to touchdown to Earth, Me; being one of them.

To fill hearts with love, light and compassion,

To balance out the feminine and the masculine energy within every soul.

To help open up the chakras to their full bloom,

To let the humans KNOW that they indeed are very special and powerful.

But they must learn to love themselves and each other for it all to work.

I know we as well as the human race believe in miracles and love,

If we bring that forward and concentrate intentions on blessed ideas.

The world would be of pure Utopia and everyone will experience,

An euphoric state of being.

It is my goal to bring heart energy upon Earth,

Bring hyms, songs, and meditations of the heart.

I will help heal those that need it,

through restoring my DNA and energy, I will transmit to them.

I am love, you are love, We are love

June 20, 2012 at 7:57 am
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