Streamlet of consciousness

Sicappo (@SicappoinDrag) 7 years, 6 months ago

blitzed in the early coursing midnight and palsied out, neatly, on the frenetic curb of a five blunt rotation. spliced into reality’s sharp edge. A gyrating universe crank silhouetted askance stilted time tableaus stretched bleeding rhyming danced up jagged and opinionated below and outside still breathing hollow in the quake of the mob the crying shadow spirit games, forever the line stretched back ceaselessly a million. Forever imagined in hope. However obscure the looming crisis monk will robe saintly the predatory heat in his jungle morning. The aware wary caustic and cascading obliviously will slip sideways into a mirrored graveyard’s garish dance craze. suddenly and with resolute uncertainty us and the monarch chief senator businessman will then thus lastly hallucinate soundly of monkey mimes obliterating time and space for the munchey fun kicks, wide eyed manic but changed blessedly by the witness of shared experience, they stared and stuttered until the source glowed out in an animate drawl, blinds redrawn patterns dissimilating till finally in twilight’s low hour in tattered peace ablaze the self shook free our fingertip feeling of the forever clock, smashed as it was, the memory faded when the blunts wore down

January 31, 2015 at 3:05 am
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