Stressed out and Spoiled

 Manimal (@manimal)5 years, 4 months ago

I realized something the other day when standing in line at the store.When I was a kid and didn’t think as much beyond first impression, I would often be confused and annoyed by elderly people counting every coin and triple checking the receipt, after holding up the line with their coupons and small coins. Every digit and every discount was thoroughly scanned by squinty old eyes the moment the receipt was in hand.

The other day I saw this phenomenon again, in this former east block city where I temporarily reside. Right behind this frugal old lady I see the new generation of urban youth. When she’s done counting coins, they put their candy and energy drinks on the counter, one of them mindlessly swipes his card without glancing at the display and they’re out in a second. That’s when I realized what it’s all about. The elders aren’t greedy cheapskates, as we’re led to believe. Many would insist that they are, as they groan in the back of the line. The older generations up until the ’70s grew up struggling and learned to respect life, people and money. You took care of the little moments and things, including coins, and made the most of it. A subconscious awareness that it’s worth something may come in handy. Appreciation. A sharp contrast against the last couple of generations, especially the teens of today, like swag boy who ignored the display and the receipt. We grow up spoiled, ungrateful, comfortable, materialistic and count on every problem just being solved. Everything is someone else’s responsibility.Add to this the stressful superficial society we live in, where every new acquaintance begins with “what’s your job?”. Just so people can stick a label on you, to avoid socializing with those who are too rich or too poor.

The structure of the new world society is so destructive, unnatural and stressful that there is no room for counting coins or treasuring those little natural moments. Society express where everything rushes by at 160km/h. You don’t think rationally, you wait for problems to be solved by others, you buy on credit, you always have a safety net to fall back on. Unless you’re one of those who made society great, because then you get nothing back, it all goes to the spoiled urban youth and whoever they consider “victim” of the day. Our generation(s) can’t even fathom that shit could hit various fans, quickly and without warning, or that they’re making this happen. They are not prepared for any kind of real life struggle, and they don’t want to be. That’s where we see the difference between coin counting receipt sniffers and stressed out spoiled sheep. Don’t get frustrated at the elders, learn to admire their strength. The fighting generation has a lot to teach our limpdick generation about life. Appreciate that they paved the way for you, and that you don’t have to do what they do. 

April 28, 2016 at 3:36 pm
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