Sum of Its Parts. Nature & Society

NiqueDaSneak (@NiqueDaSneak) 8 years, 2 months ago

Nature is a system. It functions at its peak when each part of the system fulfills its role or destiny. Consider the role of the bumblebee in regards to flowers; water in regards to plants/trees; trees in regards to human beings (oxygen). I would argue that our society functions in a similar way. For any nation to be at its peak its systems must be at their peak and functioning together; systems like the economy, the healthcare system, the education system, the communication/media/news system, the technological system/infrastructure.

I do not think it is any government’s responsibility to maintain or facilitate any of these “systems”. However, I would argue that the individuals within a system who have the ability or desire to contribute should have the freedom and ability to do so without hesitation. I believe they should have access to the necessary resources to pursue their passions. The American Dream. The concept of “The American Dream” is a right for all life on this planet, not just Americans or human beings for that matter. Equal opportunity does not mean equal achievement. This does not mean that we can leave anyone out. Failure for the system to include everybody is failure of the system itself. We all have the right to find our purpose and live it out.

I think that the current systems, especially in the United States, are actually creating a society that lives the opposite of this dream. Individuals are born into a system of debt where they must work in order to take advantage of things like food, water, shelter; all of which are undeniable rights in my view. Once this individual is of age to work, the government takes money away from them to pay for things the individual may or may not approve of (or even know about). As one gets older, they begin to take part in a system of education that is not given the proper importance that it deserves. This system provides students with a subjective education; meaning they are taught history from a point of view, rather than with the facts. This system molds the mind of the individual until they are considered an adult by law. A system of higher education is in place that requires enormous amounts of ‘money’ from individuals with little or no ‘money.’ Many individuals make the sacrifice and take on huge amounts a debt to banks in a short period of time and at a very young age. This system of higher education is an opportunity one has to advance in our society. However, it does not guarantee a means to earn ‘money’ to pay these debts upon graduation. One must then return back to the beginning of the cycle where they have to figure out a way to fulfill their basic needs; food, water, and shelter. They must figure out a ‘means to an end.’ In this system, an individual’s life is calculated by how much money they can earn, instead of how much of an impact they can have on another life.

The tragic part of this is that entire generations have worked the majority of their lives just trying to find a means to an end; and in the majority of the world, most people cannot even get past step one, fulfilling their basic needs. I will not accept the fact that we have to live this way. Think about a forest, where all of the creatures exist in perfect harmony. This is nature. Everything is not perfect, but works perfectly together for the good of all things. This may sound overly optimistic or idealistic, but I truly believe that technology has the ability to make this idea a reality. Technology is the ultimate expression of the human mind. I think that as we continue to progress forward we will reach the tipping point where the idea of a perfect system will first become achievable. I think this tipping point will be access to free energy. Think about the three basic needs I’ve identified. Things like biofuels and wind farms are helping to lower the costs and impact of our energy infrastructure. There will never be true change on a global scale until people have unlimited access to the only free energy we know, the Sun. Think about all of the trees in a forest. They all get their energy from one source and coexist with everything else. Why is the same not feasible for us as well?

It’s about time we as humans start changing some of the systems we have in place. Right now, these ideas I’m suggesting seem unreachable and unrealistic, but that assumption is only relative to right now. Consider the idea of flying before the Wright Brother’s first flight at Kitty Hawk. These ideas seem contradictory to systems like the economy and capitalism. I challenge you to consider the fact that none of our current systems would function without this planet to live on or without each other. I think it is important for us to realize the order of importance things have in our lives. Nature functions as a sum of its parts. Imagine a world where every person reaches his or her fullest potential. I think it is time for our species to remember why we are here. We need to remember that we are only one small part of the larger whole. I pray this realization happens before we destroy the planet, and ultimately ourselves.

May 13, 2014 at 8:57 pm
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