Super chatty and then suddenly silence (friends with benefits)

 PuvIn (@PuvIn-NiYa)5 years, 2 months ago

i met this guy 3weeks ago and we’ve been constantly chatting day and night. Then he approached me to become fwb and i also agree. btw this is my 1st experience for fwb, but he is having it for years. So, we constantly text and snapchat by sharing our fwb moments. we got met up twice and we did share our personal matters and he tells what type of gf he wants and so on. But he doesn’t ask me?. We both are emotionally damaged after a break up so get along well each other. Anyway 3days ago we talked as usual and he wanted to sleep so we hang up. Usually he text me back once he gets up, but he didn’t. I thought he might be busy so i didn’t text him back. And it was whole day he didn’t text me even he is online. so i just send him “hi” to check out and he replied like 5hours later. he said ” have been busy, he will get back to me asap. Lets get into it tonight”. I was like okay. let me know the time. 

Then puff! again gone. So i just ignored him as i thought he will inform me. But there is no sound from him since then. i upload snap post daily like 3-4 times and he views that but he doesn’t text me.It’s just weird the fact that he was constantly texting with me (like every minute!) and then silence. i really want to know what is he up to. If he is ignoring me by having new fwb, he can tell me straight up to face not by acting up silently. i don’t want to keep on asking him as it sounds like i am having emotions towards him. what should i ask him? p.s i am 20 he is 21

April 19, 2016 at 9:25 pm
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