The 3 Frames of Consciousness (Alan Watts)

Anonymous (@) 8 years, 11 months ago

I have been listening to the “out of your mind” lectures by Alan Watts and recently I came across a concept he explained that I felt was so awesome I had to share it =)

So here it goes:

There is this belief somewhere within ancient (Hindu?) philosophy that what we come to experience through our consciousness, takes places within three time segments, each consisting roughly of 14 million years.
The three segments are represented as “god” slowly removing the “mask” and exposing what is really going on:

3. COMPLETE ISOLATION: the absolute furthest “experience” of oneness from the Universe, the absolute belief that you are a lone individual completely separate from the world around you. The furthest within this “game” that “god” finds himself in. Having “played” the role as a human being so long, the supreme consciousness has actually come to believe in the façade it had originally created to experience itself. The façade being that he/she/it/you has actually convinced itself that it is a separate entity from everything around it. (Alan Watts sees this as the supreme conscious successfully tricking itself into a false belief system).

2. AWAKENING-the realization that “something” is going on here that is bigger than your body and your mind. This is the stage where the god consciousness is beginning to remember where it has originated, getting closer and closer to the ultimate awareness of the life process and its workings.

1. THE MASK IS TAKEN OFF: Complete oneness-total awakening, represented by the realization that we are one and the same as every single thing within our known universe. This is the stage of complete awareness of how everything works, where every single one of our questions are answered (the same place we “experience” upon “dying”). Explained by Alan Watts as the time when “god” takes off the mask and exposes that he/she/it is actually YOU.

The order of this process seems to oscillate every 14 million years (holy crap I guess time must really not exist) starting with the mask already off. From this point the god conscious slowly enters the “game” going from stages 1 to 3, until it has successfully convinced itself that stage 3 is the complete reality. And then BAM, the god conscious is like “just kidding, I actually run this b*tch” and you get to play with god powers until you get bored and re enter the game once again starting at stage 1 with the goal to reach stage 3.

This entire process assumes the possibility of ridiculous amounts of reincarnations throughout this 42 million year game.

Sorry that was so long, if you managed to successfully follow this concept I’m trying to share, what are your thoughts/reactions?

February 19, 2013 at 8:41 pm
Anonymous (214) (@) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@emmaclaire, in order to portray that someone is “enlightened” they would have to somehow communicate it to us. Whether they use spoken/written word (Shakespeare), sound/music (Beethoven), acts of human kindness (Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus) or any other extreme medium to display perfection itself, it can’t be known for sure that enlightened people aren’t already being born right now, never mind throughout our whole history.


Emma (193) (@emmaclaire) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@justinr, Right, I realize that, but did Beethoven pop out of the womb writing symphonies? I have no doubt that people throughout history and even now are enlightened. But they weren’t enlightened at the moment of birth. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Eric (1,819)M (@blankey) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Wait a second, who says Beethoven was enlightened? Just cuz Rob Dyrdek skateboards well does not mean he is enlightened.

@justinr, @emmaclaire,

And I agree that some people can stay stuck on the same stage and others who move around. I even think its possible to unmask yourself and then mask yourself again. Pretty positive I did that for about a month and a half a few years ago.

Celestial Elf (3) (@Celestial-Elf) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

Alan Watts is a wonderful inspiration, thank you.
Here’s my animation of his’ account of Nirvana
Watts Nirvana

Bri (1) (@exceptionallyshallow) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

Absolutley fabby…I get that but I would like to share the idea that the 3 can be achieved in one lifetime…in early years i felt alone and isolated…different to every one, in later years ive experienced enough to have an awakening to 48 now im getting very spiritualy aware and realising the oneness and workings of the universe….it makes sense what youve said …i just believe it doesnt have to be such along time…thats not to say i dont believe in the cycle of birth death…rebirth ect..:)

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