The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Be The Change 2013 (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 5 months ago

Aren’t we all searching to be trying to improve ourselves, to make a greater, more meaningful impact in our own lives and in the lives of others?

What stands in the way of us doing that? Ourselves of course. So how do we need change in order to create the life we want to live? That starts with adopting the habits of the great leaders – past and present. What did they do?

Well, based upon the working of Stephen R Covey, they lived 7 principle-centred habits of high effectiveness that radically empowered them to achieve greatness.

Click here to discover what those habits are:

What will you do to live these habits?

February 21, 2013 at 2:55 am
Anonymous (251) (@) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

@bethechange2013, These are certainly a good place to start :)

AntLive (14) (@onlyicontrolme) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

This book literally changed my me as a person and consequently, my life. Hands down, it’s the single most influential thing I’ve encountered in life…besides becoming a father.

The first chapter about paradigms and principles explains why we have virtually any problem we have and offers a very practical solution; change your perception.

If you haven’t checked this out, do yourself the favor! Fantastic book! Every person should be required to read it! *sigh*
I love this freakin book. :)

Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

@onlyicontrolme, He Antlive… it is so awesome to see the deep appreciation you have for the book. It was sad to know of his death last year. But this book, his legacy is a timeless classic which we need to get out there… People need to learn this stuff!!
It really has revolutionised my life.

You seem to be incredibly passionate ‘AntLive’ about personal development and Covey’s work, what are you doing at the moment? What are you dedicating yourself to at the moment?

AntLive (14) (@onlyicontrolme) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

Yeah, I feel like what I got out of the book was an incredible ability to look past the emotional affects a situation has on me and to get to the factual ROOT of the problem, wherever that may lead me IE embarrassment, anger, disappointment, fear (Which as I have learned from some people is the underlying catalyst to ANY negative emotion.) It has been GREAT. Once I put this practice into action and stayed dedicated to it, over the course of a year I have went from thinking like a spoiled, stubborn frightened child to a confident, mature and wise young man. Believe it or not, I am getting to the point where I can have no negative emotions come over me that I do not allow to do so. (Hence, my scree name, Only I Control Me). And I owe it all to being addicted to personal development like you said, (It’s honestly a hobby) but Stephen Covey’s book gave me the eyes and ears to see and hear the knowledge I would gather from so many other great sources.

Growing up in a fucked up predicament where my single mom had overcame a drug addiction to take care of me and my sister, struggled financially and emotionally the entire way through and now is back on drugs, got me to the point of EXTREME frustration with the negative circumstances that surrounded me in my personal life and eventually, when I literally could not take it anymore I started to take accountability for my life and sought to become the Creator of My Destiny (lol it might sound cheesy but if you relate, then you can appreciate it). So, with that decision came the responsibility to teach myself the things I didn’t have a father around to teach, especially since I have two young children. I’ve become aware of myself and my emotions and sought to gain control over both. I studied how my words and actions effect the people and situations around me, and now I am currently dedicated to achieving financial independence.

With FI will come the ability to take care of my mom who sacrificed herself for almost 20 years to take care of me and my sister only to end up completely unhappy herself, I could give my children excellent experiences and opportunities I was refused, and I could express myself more creatively throughout my actions and life story.

How am I doing this?
Well, I recently just took a very scary leap of faith and left my job, and now I seek to use money received back from my tax return to get my urban fashion sale operation up and running. It’s called Live On Arrival. And I intend to eventually create custom clothing, like tees and hats, with enlightening and inspiring messages on them so as to try and send some of this positive knowledge I have learned and personal ideals I have developed, out into the world. :)

Forgive me if I bored you or this sounds corny but hey you asked and I felt I might as well let you know what I am truly dedicated to at the moment. :)

JFort (15) (@jfortbro) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

Thanks for posting, I liked in #4 abundance mentality vs. scarcity mentality. I’ve never heard of subconscious being described in this way, pretty interesting.

Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

Hey ‘Antlive’!!!! :-) How are you? Thank you for taking the time to share what you have about your life experiences and the challenges you’ve gone through and your love and compassion for your family as a consequence of the 7 Habits. It is a story which many people could benefit from and honestly would love to play a part in helping you inspire others through your experiences of applying Covey’s Habits.

With regards to what your doing now and where you’re looking to take it – phenomenal, I appreciate not only your enthusiasm in what you are doing, but also the fact that you can go about approaching more from a principle-centred perspective. I help a lot of people set up social entrepreneurial projects and ventures and for you so begin with a least an awareness of the principles of effectiveness is amazing.

‘AntLive’ – I would love to see how I can help. I run an organisation which is dedicated to helping people develop themselves and then take themselves out in the world and make a difference through entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial projects but from a very principle-centred perspective. It is the only way to ensure sustainability and good growth and making a real, genuine difference in people’s lives.

Do get in touch — and let’s chat — my email is [email protected]

I sincerely look forward to connecting with you soon.

Have an amazing day :-)


tazy (0) (@tazy44) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

i’ve studied that book in college, it’s very interesting, and it’s a great idea to share it with others, cuz generally having purpose in life and sharing it with other people, is a great way to push you forward which is why i can’t wait till that website comes out

Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

So what are these 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?

HABIT 1 – Be proactive – take responsibility, be resourceful, use your initiative
HABIT 2 – Start with the end in mind – have a clear vision
HABIT 3 – Put first things first – do the most important stuff first
HABIT 4 – Think win-win – seek to genuinely add value to others whilst benefiting yourself
HABIT 5 – Seek first to understand and then be understood – listen to others from the heart and constantly search
HABIT 6 – Synergise – come together to work and create effectively – 1+1=3+
HABIT 7 – Sharpen the saw – keep learning, keep developing, and keep balance

For an in-depth description check out this article:

Tine (366) (@tine) 9 years, 5 months ago ago


amazing, i am literally in the change phase in my life right now, ‘no excuses’. have you ever sat back and considered how truly inspiring you are? good luck on your endevours and in case it doesn’t the first time just know failure is the grindstone on which willpower is sharpened,

Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 5 months ago ago

The first habit of highly effective people ‘Be Proactive’ is based upon the Principles of Personal Vision.

In order to break free from the shackles of our past, or ou conditions and circumstances we must be proactive, we must be willing to extend ourselves when times get tough. This starts with a belief that we can influence our lives rather than playing the victim of circumstances or conditioning.

To be proactive we must be consciously choosing our responses rather than reacting both emotionally and mentally.

So this first habit is about developing your awareness of your conditioned programs, it about seeing more clearing your own unquestioned perceptions of yourself, and the world.

For further insights check out this article:

Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 4 months ago ago

The second habit of highly effective people is ‘Start with the end in mind’. This means that your effectiveness in achieving a certain recently is dependent upon how clearly you have a picture of it in your head and heart before you start. This is where the powerful work of visualisation comes in. –

For further insights into this habit and the others check out:

Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 3 months ago ago

What is the 3 Habit of Highly Effective People?

Check out this article for a more in depth description:

The 3rd Habit is ‘Put First Things First’. This means ultimately to do the most important thing first. So often we put off what we most need to do and get keep ourselves busy doing the easy things because we ultimately believe it will be less painful to do the easy things that the important things.
Well, it may be in the short-run, but we will certain pay the price for it – the price of mediocrity.
If you want to become successful, make a difference in the world then you must be willing to delay gratification and start with what is most important.

Check out:

Anonymous (2,833) (@) 9 years, 3 months ago ago

idk but
“Think Win-Win’ is about stepping out of our own world, putting ourselves into someone else’s shoes and wishing to do them good, not just looking to take.”
“To listen well we must give our absolute undivided attention, this also means we must have the awareness, willingness and ability to suspend our judgements to try to really put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. ”
6 – SYNERGISE – ” To be able to come together with others and achieve more than what we could all achieve individually”
7 – SHARPEN THE SAW – “If we wanted to increase its performance then we would need to make sure we are servicing it regularly”


Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 2 months ago ago

What is the 4th Habit of Highly Effective People?

Check out this article for a more in depth description:

We live in a world where there are a lot of people out there just looking to take, just looking to see what they can get from you, rather than what they can give and how they can contribute.
In an interdependent world we must act in ways in which the consequences of our actions or positive, progressive and upbuilding for all those who are involved both directly and indirectly. Why?. Because if not we are taking from the ‘system’, and at some point it will come and bite us in the ass. This is the reason why we see such damage and destruction in nature at the hands of man. We are taking from the natural system in a way which isn’t win-win and now we’re paying the price!!!!

Check out:

Be The Change 2013 (5) (@bethechange2013) 9 years, 2 months ago ago

What is the 5th Habit of Highly Effective People?

Check out this article for a more in depth description:

The 5th Habit is ‘To seek first to understand and then be understood’.

Everyone wants to feel understood right? But if that is the case then who is doing the understanding?
If we want to really connect with someone we must be able to empathise with them, be able to really put ourselves in their shoes and do our utmost to really feel what a situation is like for them.

Have you heard that phrase ‘No one care about how much you know until they know how much you care’?

How can you start understanding others better?

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