the absolute polar opposite of boredom

( I’m new here so don’t shoot if i’m doing everything wrong….)

Knowledge is great. It helps out with everything in general, but usually if your learning about something big, (that could be metaphorically or literally or any other way you feel like describing it) it takes a lot of effort, perseverance and dedication. The purpose of this post is to make a place where people can post casual, light hearted facts n’stuff (whatever that means) for the benefit of others, without the others who are benefiting needing to feel deep or really spiritual or anything along those lines. Not full on philosophy, because lets face it, no one, to my knowledge, can remain in that constant state of epiphanic deepness for ever.

So, for anyone feeling slightly depressed, drained, feeling like you have no direction, or just bored, (seriously, join the team) I hope this post will cause your emotions to dart in the opposite direction. Feel free to list any cool/funny/ interesting facts, or statements here. They don’t have to be realistic or serious, just uplifting.

I’ll start first by merely notifying you, the reader, about the existence of Octodad. I won’t even try to describe him. – watch the video it’s heartwarming, if not a bit surreal…

March 23, 2014 at 11:02 am
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