“The collective unconscious”—or rather, "God"

Mr. Arbiter (@snaysler) 9 years, 11 months ago

Hello HEthans! :) It’s been a little while since I posted one of my theories of everything. The night before last, while smoking the ganja and conversing with a friend about the state of the world, I had a series of revelations. Today, I said I would write them down to piece it together, but I was also very busy and had a lot of discrete math/computer science homework, and I didn’t want to not get my nightly toke in, so I pieced it together stoned real quick. Here is the theory. If you want references for anything you don’t believe, I can probably find them but I’m lazy right now, and really burnt out. But now for the ultimate theory of Everything!

The Grid

Through experimentation, scientists have discovered that the stimulation of one person’s senses causes a corresponding activity the brains of all others in relative proximity. Even if the two subjects were isolated from each other within proximity, one would witness this effect. It basically implies that our minds are all connected to a bunch of other minds around us, and we just aren’t really aware of it. But basically if we are all connected in this way, then all human minds are interconnected in a grid of thoughts. Exactly what this grid is comprised of is up for speculation. It is possible that it is made of energy in some form. It could be comprised of electromagnetic signals generated electrically in our brains which are sent in all directions over the earth’s magnetic field like radio-waves and these signals could be perceived in the minds of others. Is it not then possible, if one person can perceive another person’s signal in their mind at a distance, that perhaps that person can also send that same signal from their brain, as a signal extender, thus allowing the signal to spread outward through all the others? In this case, all minds on the planet would be interconnected on a grid. And if this grid were to allow information to travel across it indefinitely, then would that not mean that people’s thoughts and perceptions could be carried indefinitely across this grid for all time, thus adding more permanent knowledge to the grid? So if the grid is just a collection of all the thoughts and experiences that have ever been experienced by every creature that has ever been, then isn’t the grid just one massive consciousness that has all the wisdom of every man who ever lived and died? This is a massively wise single entity, and we are just a part of its growing process, which uses us to scour the planets crevices, nooks and crannies, and resources and experience every aspect of being human on this earth. And if we all have a link to this grid, or rather we are like nodes in the massive node-field of signals we call the grid, then we are all sending signals to each other all the time. This means that if we learn to listen for the signals passing subconsciously through our minds from others, that we could start to pick up and interpret people’s thoughts to at least a very minimal extent. Call it an intuition. For some reason, we pay very little attention to this sixth sense, which could account for the times when certain people just get a bad vibe from someone before they even have any basis to think they would be a bad person. This is a form of getting a general feel of the personality of a person based on the tone of all the jumbled thought signals they constantly stream to others in proximity. Psychic perceptions could be experienced if you formed this sort of mental link to the minds of others. In fact, true “psychic” occurrences can and do occur all the time, but generally as they tend to always be sporadic, infrequent occurrences, people forget them with time, and over the struggles and matters of societal life, they make themselves to believe they were mistaken, and move on. Although you can train your mind to be more aware of the connection you have to the grid through meditation. In most this will result in greatly heightened intuition, natural ability, and a general subconscious wisdom of the world. But to some, if they learn to listen close enough to make out signal patterns in the grid more clearly, may begin to associate specific signal characteristics to certain people. From there, they essentially have a sort of telepathic link to those around them, resulting in people that are empaths—people who feel the emotions of those around them. This also results in people being able to read others minds in certain simple ways. Have you ever just known exactly what a friend was going to say before he said it? With my closest friends, this happens to me all the time. But to bring up a new and rather shocking part of the theory, we will discuss what happens when and after you die. They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Well, isn’t it then possible that this event is your brain scanning itself for everything it’s ever learned or experienced, and uploading all that information to the grid in one massive burst of signals which people perceive as a burst of “white light”? And perhaps if your mind had been fully uploaded to the grid, you were now free to live with the community of minds that got uploaded to the grid before you, and through mutual interference, you could think with each other as one massive consciousness we call the grid. You know your mind is just a grid of neurons, right? Perhaps our individual neurons are themselves conscious, yet they orchestrate themselves together in a symphony of communication that we call human consciousness. We are all made up of billions of individual sentient beings, and at the same time we are a part of one, much larger than ourselves. Take solace in the knowledge that your passed loved ones are still alive in the after-life, that is, still alive in the grid, because when they die, they become a neuron in the grid consciousness. We are all just baby neurons, learning the ins and out of the physical world, if only so we can grow up to be a competent neuron. So in a sense you could say that this life that you’re experiencing right now is the womb for the real consciousness of being a neuron in the grid. This is just a stage in our growth as a growing entity of greatest wisdom. Assuming there are other viable planets out there that harbor life-forms which form the same conscious grid as us, perhaps they themselves are just a part of an even larger consciousness made up of these sentient planets communicating with each other somehow. That means that eventually the entire universe would become one conscious mind, and it would spread to integrate all the matter and energy in the universe, and would therefore contain all physical information about the universe—knowledge—, as well as all of the wisdom of being a sentient being of all different forms within this universe—wisdom/intuition. And it will become an omniscient being within itself, perhaps learning in this universe the basic constructs of some higher logic, so as to say that in an even higher reality it was undergoing the formation of its brain in the womb (visible universe) of its mother from an even higher reality. I think it is possible that this theory is all quite true, and it would make sense because death is the only thing that we don’t truly understand, thus we fear it—we fear the unknown. But there is nothing which cannot be understood, and nothing, including our own consciousness, can be created or destroyed. It may only change form. Therefore, it makes no sense at all to say that your conscious existence would come to an end as you die. Sure you’re still around; it’s just that now you are a part of a group-consciousness larger than yourself. We all are. We are one; we are legion.

October 16, 2012 at 11:15 pm
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– Write that shit, then inbox me that shit, then i’m gunna readdd that shit lol. I agree with your idea of creatively writing it, to many rational structures will inhibit the plasticity and flexibility of the idea when people integrate it with their own worldviews infrastructure.

@vivekhash345, – Thank you :)

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I just finished reading,
Many Lives, Many Masters
by Brian Weiss.

I recommend this book to anyone reading this thread and if you’ve read the book, I would love to hear your thoughts.

it goes by many names: grid, universal supercomputer, mind of god, collective memory, etc…

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