The Concept of God/Slowing Down the Mind

Dalton (@Dalton-Sizemore) 5 years, 3 months ago

    If you must ask wether or not God exists, then you are missing the point entirely. I am God. You are God. Everything is God. Some will see this and have emotion rise up in them. Simply because their mind thinks, “How can YOU be God, you are but a human, like me?” Often defending what the mind-the ego to be true. Thats because the mind cannot comprehend what must be felt as “being”. The mind will defend that ego because it clings to anything it can. That’s because it doesn’t exist. It is an illusion. After all, you are not your mind and your thoughts are you? The same mind within you that said you will do great today, is the same one yesterday telling yourself you aren’t good enough, am I right? Or the same mind that’s constantly building up anxiety and problems that aren’t there. That’s not YOU, RIGHT? Thats your mind, operating in auto-pilot mode, and dragging your true authentic self like a rag doll with it. You are not your mind, nor your thoughts.

     Be the observer, of your thoughts, your mind, and listen. Instead of your thoughts controlling you, you will control them. Using your mind as a tool. See with your true self, do not let your mind drag you around with its self built ego to destroy you. When you slow down your mind chatter, you see the universe for what it realyl is. It just IS. Now, infinite, flowing through as it ever will, beyond the human built construct and “time” as you call it. -D.S.  I wrote this today, and I’m slowly grasping the true essence of “the now”. I’m creating bigger and bigger gaps between the mind and myself, if that makes sense. This is all new to me, everything seems different, yet the same. It’s fresh. Can anyone discuss this with me?

April 18, 2017 at 5:19 pm
Peter (116) (@Gismo) 5 years, 3 months ago ago

It’s nice, I like it :-) 

As long as we remember that God is a word, it’s a sound, three letters, a symbol.. of everything.. I think the reason why some react to the statement that You are God is because, for them, that word, is a symbol of something else, therefore You cannot be what that symbol represents to them.. But the word God to me have the same meaning that I read from your description, so it makes good sense to me and I feel aligned with your thinking.

The same thing comes into play when you use the word Mind, my “mind” has changed alot over the past years going from exactly as you describe, saying I’m not good enough to saying I’m everybit as good as everyone else, but as a result of that, I also feel that “I” have changed.
Whatever we define the mind as, that mind cannot be the same from that earlier state to the new one, as the very essense of the mind has changed, whether we look at it physically as in the neurons on the brain or metaphysically as in the “essense”/what springs from it.. But while I somewhat agree that we are not the mind, I think that if we look at the meaning of “being” (“are” in the sentence), we have to acknowledge that we “are” Also the mind, because we’re not operating in 100% conscious behaviour when we’re “being” in the world. I think previous experiences is a player in the decision game that leads to the change, so whatever it is you think “You” are that is separate from the mind, it’s still influenced by the mind, because the mind is the medium in which “You”, can express “yourself”, from which you move, your current state.. “You” can change the mind, but to me that doesn’t nessesarily mean you aren’t the mind, to me, it just means, “You” can change “Yourself”..

But maybe I’m distorting the meaning of your expression, if you’re trying to pinpoint the thing that we “are” as in some final new word that isn’t God, Everything, the universe, etc. I don’t think we can just exclude the possibility that, that word can still be an illusion created by the brain to understand itself.
When I’m talking about “being”/what we “are” just above, I’m thinking about our presence, behaviour, participation in experience with others, what we say, how we say it, what decision we make in this experience called life, etc. 

All this though, is just my “current mind” expressing itself, it may and will probably change further ;-)

Dalton (0) (@Dalton-Sizemore) 5 years, 3 months ago ago

I absolutely love your response, and it brings me comfort to know that you understand what I am saying. You actually opened my “mind” to some new viewpoints that it, in the previous state, as in when I wrote this, was overanalyzing the use of the word “God” as you explained it. Its an awesome experience to see and witness myself and others transcend into further understanding of the “mind” and evolve into a higher level of consciousness on this planet, and throughout the Universe. You can literally feel it. 

For example, I’ve been getting “signs” if you will, fron the Universe, indicating sand showing me that I am on the right way, or path. One sign is I see the time 11:11 A LOT more frequently than I used to. Almost every day i see it. Another one that I took as a “sign” happened today. I lived today with an open mind, and no expectations. I found myself at my friends house (my first time being there) and while waiting I read a little of a book that was laying on the table. The contents were talking about “icons” and how we as humans and our “mind” grasp onto the word itself, or the image/icon, and conjure up what could be a false interpretation, if that makes sense. Its a little difficult for me to explain. Wrapping this up, I’m sitting outside, the sky is clear and the stars are out. You know what time it is? 11:11 :)

Peter (116) (@Gismo) 5 years, 3 months ago ago

I’m pleased to be bringing comfort ;-) but your expression in what you wrote is also very meaningful, honest and real in the sense that it seem like something that would’ve come to you in a flow of openness.. an openness that is probably also bringing that feeling of further understanding end development of consciousness :-) 

I know exactly what you mean about the “signs”, but having brought myself through two hash-psychoses on behalf of following these kind of signs too blindly, I’m prone to express a kind of warning that the state of the mind we just talked about before is a mediator/intepretor of the information you’re noticing. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing with you noticing new things in general, f.ex. the universe laying out teachings for you in the form of a book that evolves your thinking, etc. I think it’s perfect for you to increase possible appreciation of small golden nuggets like that..and I think it’s a sign of you increasing the openness of your consciousness.. but I also think once we start to notice these things and appreciating them, the “old” part of our mind notices this behaviour, the positive feelings and it wants to understand it, want to use it, wants to repeat it.. bottomline, wants to extract as much information in order to achieve and excert control over events of life, keep you safe, improve your situation, security.. In my case, I noticed the exact same kind of things, time of the clock, etc. but as said I honestly think it’s a control mechanism, trying to “get one up on the universe”, we notice this certain clock, and then whenever we stumble upon it again we notice it more and so it becomes a self-enforcing circle – in a sense it gives credit to the you are an co-creator of your existence-theories, in the sense that some part of you Want to see 11:11 again and again, you Want to find patterns, because maybe in the end you won’t have to make any decisions, the signs will guide you every step of the way (I’m projecting here, that was how I felt at the time I was going through something similiar), but currently I’m thinking what kind of existence would that be, it’s like being told to do everything you then do, where’s the contemplation, where’s the experience, where’s the thrill if you know it’s all gonna go well because the signs told you so, where’s the Real part of being human having this experience of life, if it was like that..

What I’m trying to say is, that I think you should negate the small things that doesn’t make any apparent sense and where you start guessing about the meaning of it, like with this 11:11 – which makes this whole thing so incredible funny for me, ’cause 11 has always been my lucky number :-D – but keep the focus on the appreciation of things like the book – it’s almost like you wrote part of the answer yourself “were talking about “icons” and how we as humans and our “mind” grasp onto the word itself, or the image/icon, and conjure up what could be a false interpretation” – so in a sense it’s not about the 11:11 itself, the 11:11 is the icon and your mind is grasping it..but it’s really about you noticing the 11:11, like the universe blantently trying to show you, you are noticing new things, see.. 

Ps. this is already a great conversation to me :-)

Dalton (0) (@Dalton-Sizemore) 5 years, 3 months ago ago

I’m glad you are enjoying this as well! I can see what you mean about me answering my own question, and focusing less on the “signs” and more about what drives me, and brings me closer to my true, authentic self. I’m choosing to see these little things as mere subtle nudges from the Universe to just keep doing what I’m doing, and it makes me smile every time. I do enjoy those golden nuggets, but hey, who doesnt right? ;). 

Each and every day I’m learning more and more what it actually means to be “human” and how our role plays a part. Being someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, my mind was constantly trying to make myself perfect, when that’s impossible, because everyone is perfectly flawed just the way they are. This whole experience is driving me to follow my passion, simply because I KNOW that i can do it, and I KNOW that it is the way. I feel in balance. I actually just read an article talking about this specific subject, and good point out some things we talked about as well. I will link it so you can read, if you feel desired. :) How to Answer Your Calling

Peter (116) (@Gismo) 5 years, 3 months ago ago

I really do, the things your post and replies make me contemplate is something I don’t touch upon enough and I think having to put these concepts/thoughts/emotions into words is a very healthy and constructive process. You sound like having a very positive outlook on it all and I think that’s great – finding myself in a position where I feel like I have to dampen myself noticing “signs” (because some of them are fear-based) – I still feel there must be an approach that only entails the appreciation of the individual situation/”nugget”, but that doesn’t string it into the chain of the other events, so it stands alone and is not seen as a path and the past is not involved in the experience – so that the book and the experience of learning something stands alone but is not chained into the past events where you experienced something likewise – I don’t know if it makes sense, I can only say that I haven’t found such an approach, what do you think? Must we always see ourselves mid-path? Like with the wake of a ship behind us, but also combined with a somewhat planned route ahead even though the ocean lays open before us? Does the wake behind us form the envisioned path that then unfolds ahead?

Alan watt’s says “There are no wrong feelings”, so I think we both have to look beyond certain diagnoses, which are only words, and try to realize the true state of ourselves, reflect upon it, feel it and own up to it, face it if you will – which it sounds like you’re doing as you’ve found “balance” :-) I think you’re absolutely right to follow your passion and I can’t support you enough! That “knowing” is something to follow, I believe.. Just remember that because you know it now, does not mean that it is “known” forever (IMO), so I just hope that when you say “it is the way”, you mean/remember that “it is the way, right now” :-)

It was a good article, I’m not a big fan of too many pictures being drawn up about things that are unknown, such as the soul before birth etc., I like to approach it from, “you came into this world” and try to work with “what is”, but of course I too go off the rails again and again, so I’m not playing the scientist-angle here (not at all actually) – the 3 pointers (Identify Your Highest Joy, Allow Your Being to Guide Your Doing and Your Calling is Your Own Creation) is something I found very good and aligned with my own experiences :-)

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