The Creation of Thought

 LeWiZa (@zpeialel)7 years, 1 month ago

The other day, I was feeling a little down, nothing crazy just not great. Anyways the way those things usually work is the thoughts feed each other. I was watching my thoughts to see where they were going with this, it was interesting, a little sad but kind of neat to watch the progression. Anyways a point came where I felt as if I felt the thought entering my head. Almost like an arrow, and I froze it. I was aware of the thought, but I wasn’t thinking it. To some that may be non sensical I believe the difference is profound, awareness of a thought and thinking a thought are different. If someone wants to provide reason to the contrary, please do so. Once this “thought arrow” was stuck in my head, I thought, “hmm I’m done with this progression, my mood is not improving as a result and I’m about to see some awesome acts”. So I didn’t allow the thought to be thought. I’ve had this happen three times before, I’ve noted them each time because they make for such an interesting feeling. It feels like an arrow (not a physical one, since that would be quite painful, obviously if you weren’t killed by it immediately), of silver “energy/thought/awareness” is partially stuck in your head. It’s a very quick process unless it’s felt, the creation of thought.

Which leads to the more”thought” provoking part of my post. How are thoughts formed? In a purely scientific sense, they would have to be the result of chemical processes in the brain that cause some sort of culturally and languaged adapted internal chatter? Such an odd thing-really. Some chemicals doing things can lead me to think about the chemicals doing things that make me think. I know my experience with the “thought arrow” is just a personal experience but what do the other frequenters of this site think about this? Are thoughts truly and only the result of a chemical process in the brain or is there more to it? Would the “thought arrow” be part of an unconscious yet still chemical process (slightly modified so I was not consciously aware of why I had thought this) trying to assign the reason of my mood to an outside cause?

So what are the chemical processes (and maybe more) in your brains telling you about this? Also has anyone else had any experience similar to freezing a thought and feeling in half way in your mind?

May 11, 2014 at 8:56 am
Anonymous (64) (@) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

You’ve discovered why people meditate. To observe thoughts and train the mind not to react to them. Their is a self separate from these thoughts. Say ‘hello’ three times using your internal voice. The entity which hears the internal voice is the true self. The speaker is the ego. Keep learning to tune the ego out. With its incessant chatter and its bad advice it is a wonder we keep listening to it. Always worrying about the past and planning for the future. I’m not sure what the ego is. Maybe different parts of the brain have their own voice. Maybe it is different evolved aspects of our brain communicating. Maybe it is a battle between the limbic system (ego) and the pineal gland (spirituality). Maybe our brains are just receivers for our consciousness that is transmitted from some other place….and there are competing entities trying to broadcast a signal.

You’ve made a big discovery. I’d highly recommend taking a few minutes (or longer) each day to hone your ability to manipulate these thought arrows. Consider going to a silent meditation retreat, like Vipassana to continue to train you mind and to discover your true self. You will find that what you are discovering is the essence of buddhism. It is a noble path you are on. Keep exploring. Peace on your journey.

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