The death of individualism and true freedon

 Kambis Riazy (@Kambis-Riazy)5 years, 3 months ago

Life is a constant motion, a never ending process of evolving in one or more directions. The main difference between existence and life is the inexhaustible thirst to thrive. In other words the will to excel in a creative manner is an essential characteristic of life. 

But the human beings, especially in larger urban areas, are subtly forced to become obedient and will-less creatures. We are trapped within the mighty claws of routine and repetition. Keeping this routine upright has become more important than being honest and true to ourselves. We are obliged to exist contrary to the most basic human desire to be independent and free. The great passion of liberty has been replaced by the fulfilment of imaginative social and financial obligations.

Creativity and freedom are only permitted within the well defined and restricted limitations. These limitations have religious, political and social roots and questioning them is a great taboo. An absolute growth that would be in accordance with the human nature is strongly discouraged and considered an eccentric anomaly. The only valid and accepted option is to follow the trends; you are told what flavours, smells, looks and even music to like and dislike. Our way of thinking and our perception of the world are constantly influenced and reshaped by education systems and media. We have to follow a rigid and fixed pattern and become simply a negligible droplet in the vast human ocean. 

February 29, 2016 at 11:00 pm
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