The DMT Trip To End All DMT Trips Part II

 Anonymous (@)7 years, 9 months ago

As I fell, various colorful hallucinations started appearing… Fun, but not as detailed and consuming as what you’d expect out of DMT. I fell through spirals of purples, reds, and greens, watching as explosions of colors similar to fireworks pulled at my peripheral vision. These colors started glowing brighter as I fell, faster and faster, but, with no wind in my face; the only evidence of my falling was watching the various shapes and patterns grow larger until I fell past or through them.

Soon my hallucinations began changing, from patterns and shapes into solid objects, I fell past giant flashing blue fire hydrants and flaming green man hole covers, through a giant glowing rose, and straight into the mouth of a 300 foot tall cosmic space puppy, with eyes that glowed blue, and a Day-Glo orange tongue that seemed to spiral off into fractals. I felt wet, there were no more hallucinations. I heard a voice “We’re losing him!” another rang out “Call 911!”

Now I was scared, was I dying? Did I finally do it? Would I be the first person to overdose from DMT? These questions rang out in my head, soon, the world came into view, foggy at first, then clearer than I had ever seen it before. I realized what I was looking at, a bird’s eye view of a paramedic pushing a body covered by a white sheet into an ambulance, I had finally done it, I had gone and killed myself. As my bird’s eye view pulled out and out, all I could see was clouds. I lost myself in the swilling mist, first denying what I had seen, trying to fight, and then finally somewhat accepting what had happened, it could have been worse, it didn’t particularly hurt, and I didn’t have to spend months in an uncomfortable hospital bed fighting for life… Was I really dead? How was I still conscious? Could there really be life after death? These questions floated around in my head as I floated around in the sky, waiting for something to happen.

How long had I been floating through these clouds? Seconds? Months? I really couldn’t tell, time had lost all bounds. I was still aware, I could still think, and I found myself intrigued by this fact, could my brain still be alive on some level? I began to wonder if I would be here forever, was this purgatory? Limbo?

As I pondered my circumstances, the clouds began to thin, and I was somewhere else. I was standing, clothed in a jeweled white toga, standing directly in the middle of a magnificent throne room. At about 200 feet long, 100 feet wide, and easily 150 feet high, it was monumental. I was standing on a long red velvet carpet that ran lengthwise from the end of the room to a throne on a step at the other side. The celling had about 20 fantastic gold and ruby chandeliers hanging delicately from the ceiling. Everything else in the room seemed to be made of gold or red velvet, even the light coming through the extraordinary windows behind the throne was golden and flowing. Everything except me, I felt a little out of place in this throne room, I was covered in blue and green jewels in a white toga that ended a little below my knee. I didn’t belong here, I could tell that much, but when I looked at that throne, so enchanting, twenty feet high and made of radiant gold, as beautiful as sun light, I felt a sense of completion. All I wanted to do was sit in it, envelope myself in it, the amount of power it was radiating was staggering. I began walking forward without thinking, mesmerized by its beauty. With each step forward it seemed to glow brighter. I grew closer, until I was standing directly in front of it, consumed by its aura, I touched it… Cold… Then, a shot of pain raced upwards through my arm, cold, numbing, electric pain. I howled as I fell back onto the velvet carpet. I clutched my arm as I desperately crawled away, my head began throbbing, and I passed out.

I awoke directly in the middle of the throne room. I sat up and caught a glimpse of the throne; it was still beckoning me forward. I ignored it the best I could. I noticed that there were three doors in the room, one to my left, one to my right, and one at the end of the room in front of me. On my left, a single door inside a gold alcove with red curtains on either side of it, it was blue, and appeared to be made out of marble, or some kind of similar stone. On my right was a duplicate of the alcove and curtains, but with a green door that appeared to be made out of thick hairy fur, with no handle of any kind on it. At the end of the hallway was a white double door that seemed relatively plain, made of wood with simple silver handles, it seemed like the obvious choice, so I walked over to it, and found it to be locked. I backed up about 4 feet and tried to break it down, I ran into it full force and it didn’t even bend. I tried again. It was as hard as a rock. I walked over to the blue door, it was locked as well. I felt it; rock hard blue marble with small white streaks, the handle was black ebony. I knocked on the door… Completely solid, there was no hope of breaking it down.

No choice now but the furry green door with no handle. I crossed the throne room once again, trying not to look at the throne itself, still, its power beckoned me forward, As I walked over the carpet a terrible headache developed, I became light headed, stumbling forward, I sat down in the alcove for a moment. The head ache soon subsided and I stood up. The furry door was ominous, to say the least. With no handle, I decided to touch it, it was very soft, I pushed my hand forward, and to my surprise it felt like an animal, like some kind of giant, flat, green husky dog with no features whatsoever. I was beginning to doubt whether or not it was a door, I only believed it to be a door by association and size, it could have been some kind of strange hunting trophy. But, I pushed it, since it was my only hope for an escape out of the room. I put my other hand on it, pushing harder and harder, until it started shaking, first slowly, then gradually faster until it was shaking so violently that its hair started falling out. Long green hairs started trickling gently to the floor like snowfall. A giant eye with a brilliant blue pupil opened where the hairs had fallen out. I jumped back; it stared at me as it shook. For some reason, I felt bad for it, rather than afraid of it, I started rubbing it where I had pushed it, like I would a dog, and it slowly stopped shaking, the eye closed and the door opened.
Inside was a long tunnel with black walls, at the end was a pink light; I took a step, the floor had about an inch of a thick, black, sticky liquid. I trudged along the tunnel. The liquid covered every inch of the tunnel, even the walls and ceiling. The walls and ceiling grew smaller and smaller the further the tunnel progressed. The amount of liquid was increasing, there was about five inches of it on the floor, walls, and celling. It began raining down, pouring into my hair, getting in my mouth. It tasted terrible, like pen ink. I could still see the pink glow, it was much closer now. I couldn’t turn around in the tunnel anymore. Soon I was crawling through a foot of black goo. I could see the light now, but the black goo was increasing. I saw what the light was, a glowing pink crystal. I crawled forward to grab it, but my shoulders were bigger than the tunnel. I rolled onto my side, now completely submerged. I felt the crystal with my middle finger. Using my legs, I pushed myself forward through the goo as hard as I could. Everything was black. I couldn’t breathe. I wondered if I would die here. I pushed my left arm forward as far as it would go and I grabbed it. The crystal began to vibrate in my hand, it suddenly became cold and it exploded. The tunnel was filled with a bright pink light. The goo was blown away. I sat up. The tunnel had become a hallway with wooden walls and a stone floor.

The only light in the hallway was coming in from the throne room through the furry door, it was dark. I turned around. There was another door at the other end of the hallway, it was incredibly black, and it looked like it was made of charcoal. My stomach dropped as it violently opened inwards, shooting a strange sound down the hallway, it sounded like a human yelling, but warped and dissonant. Unholy. Inside was nothing but the blackest black. A chill came over me. From within a deep darkness leaked out. It slowly began creeping down the hallway towards me, and a fear bubbled up inside me, it was a fear that pulled at the tendons of my eyeballs, a fear I felt in every inch of my body, my flight or fight response engaged and I was running down the hallway before I had time to scream. I was sprinting in silent terror as fast as I could; the furry door at the end of the hallway was slowly closing. I pushed myself forward in a sprint, propelled by primal fear and adrenaline, I launched through the door just as it closed and landed on my side, the furry door began shaking once again and it seemed to burn without fire, wasting away and crumbling into dust. I launched myself up, dreading the power of the throne, hoping pure adrenaline could get me through the chamber.

I resumed my sprint; the closest door was the blue marble across from me, I threw myself forward, feeling my headache grow so much that I almost puked. It took every ounce of strength I had not to stumble from the lightheadedness. I gathered all the energy I could muster and I threw myself through the heavy marble door, and, to my surprise, it shattered like glass. I broke through to a hall way that seemed to go on forever, it had a white tile floor, dark grey walls, and a light grey celling with fluorescent light bulbs loudly buzzing. With nowhere else to go I sprinted forward. As I sprinted, I found myself becoming extremely strained, my joints began aching and I physically felt my face sag. My hair began falling out and I felt my teeth crumble in my mouth. Time grew faster at an exponential rate as I sprinted further down the hallway, but I couldn’t stop, I felt the darkness licking my heels, chilling them, the sound of exploding light bulbs behind me seemed to grow faster and faster until time became so fast that everything that had ever happened to me occurred at once. I was consumed by the darkness, I was a child, I was an adult. I was everything happy that had ever happened to me and everything sad that had ever happened to me. But the darkness at the end of my life began seeping down, not erasing, but contaminating my life, erasing all the happiness from my soul. It was like oil being poured into my lungs and circulating through my body, I felt so cold, so empty. At some point I started screaming and found I could not stop, it was the only way of validating my existence. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe.

Slowly I felt the sensation of moving forward creep into my body; I was going down a hallway, strapped into a wheelchair. The fluorescent lights were so bright, the walls were covered in circling, spiraling patterns and the floor looked like lava. On my right was a man made of bubble gum and on my left was a purple storm trooper. Within minutes these hallucinations subsided. I stopped screaming. I was pushed into a room and strapped into a bed. I heard a female voice say “Give him a sedative”, I felt the needle go into my arm and the solution warp through my blood. “When will he wake up?” The female said again. “3 to 4 hours” a black male voice replied. I heard them exit. I couldn’t open my eyes, moving became difficult, but I never fell asleep, I just couldn’t. There was someone in a bed next to me, I never saw his face, but he had the voice of a middle aged white man. He spoke to me. “H-hey there f-friend, I like the looks of you”. He said nothing for a while. I felt cold and empty, I couldn’t think. About 45 minutes the lady and the man came back into the room, the lady said “Give him enough to keep him asleep all night, it looks like he isn’t fighting the sedative.” The man injected me with more narcotics. I felt them shut down my body. My spine felt numb, my brain was shutting down, was I dying again?

I opened my eyes; I was in the desert, buried up to my neck. I blinked, and I was falling from an office building in some city. The wind howled at my ears, I twisted around like a rag doll, I caught a glimpse of the concrete below, and closed my eyes, I hit the ground and, to my surprise, bounced back up, I was on a trampoline behind a house in the country side, I flipped forward off the trampoline and landed face first on the ground, but it turned into water just as I hit it, I was in a pool. At the bottom of the pool was a drain, it sucked me down, my foot was caught in it. I couldn’t get out, I flailed and fought, my foot dislocated, water rushed down my throat. I closed my eyes, and I was back in the desert. I cycled back through these grim portraits of death, over and over again. But I noticed something, every time I cycled into the desert; I was buried a very tiny bit higher, almost unnoticeable at first, but after hundreds upon hundreds of cycles, I had an arm free, then another. Soon I was waste high, then, pushing my tired body forward once more, I was free. I lied back in the sand, finally at rest.

As soon as I felt I had regained what little was left of my strength, I sat up, propelled forward only by my will to life. I examined my new surroundings, I was in a ring of sand dunes about 100 feet high, they were completely undisturbed, nobody had dragged me here. I thought I was dead. I figured this would be my final tomb; the sand dunes were unnaturally sheer, being made out of sand I thought for sure they would be impossible to climb. I was relieved that I appeared to be done with dying, at the time; my belief was that I had just gone through the process of the afterlife. I wondered if the amount of “wrong doing” you do is equal to the amount of cycles of fear and pain you go through, or something like that. But then who defines wrong doing?

I walked over the pure white sand, I was barefoot, but the sand wasn’t hot. I looked in the sky, it was blue, but there was no sun. There was plenty of light, and the sand was warm, but the sun was completely missing. I attempted to climb the wall, but found it impossible. I started pacing around the dune; there were no plants in the circle, and nothing of any interest. Was I in limbo now? I sat down in the sand, attempting to figure out what had just occurred, and wondering if there was a god, or a group of gods, that had done this to me? I almost just wanted someone to blame, but I realized I had nobody to blame but myself. I walked back over to the sand dune and leaned back against the wall. Gravity shifted and I tumbled backwards, I pushed myself up, I was walking on the wall, I turned around to see the blue sky directly in front of me. I walked forward, I was standing on a sand cliff, down was endless, perfectly flat white desert, I peeked my head out and looked out, up was endless, perfectly flat white desert. I looked left and right and made similar discoveries. My ring of dunes had become a hole in a cliff.

I tried sitting against the wall to get back into the hole, but gravity didn’t decided to shift again. No choice now but to press on. I had to make a leap of faith and step over the cliff, even in apparent death it scared me, and realized I was still bound by primal fears. I stood at the edge with my toes hanging over, some sand fell off, and I watched it fall until I couldn’t see it anymore. I put my left foot out and pushed myself forward with my right; I swung around the cliff and hit my face in the sand, getting a good mouthful. Once again I picked myself up; my hole in a cliff had become a hole in the ground. I began walking in the opposite direction of the hole, then I heard the loud noise of thousands of pounds of sand moving, I spun around to find the hole being filled in with white sand; my hole was gone. I turned back around and resumed walking. In every direction there was nothing but flat white sand. No mountains in the distance and no sun in the sky. This had to be limbo, endless desert.

What bothered me most was the lack of wind. There were no sensations, not a single sound. All I felt was the warm sand and the slightly hot air. I was looking down at my own feet when I came across a set of tracks going from my right to my left. I followed them with my head. There I spotted the throne, it was the same one, I was sure of it. Only now, it seemed to be made of white crystal. I made my way to it. Nervous after what happened last time, I touched it, it felt warm. I sat down in it. I closed my eyes, seeing white. I opened them. I was back in the throne room. I couldn’t move but I didn’t want to. The throne was so warm and comforting. It began vibrating, my body went numb, and soon I felt nothing at all. I lost all fear. I didn’t feel bold or brave, I just felt grounded in my own existence, I was aware of what I was and why I was. The white doors on the opposite side of the throne room opened, and the room was filled with the brightest and purest light imaginable, I floated forward slowly, feeling amazing euphoria which grew larger and larger as I closed in on the door. I was enveloped. I was one, part of the all. Imagine what happens to a bunch of streams when they converge into a river. They aren’t individual streams anymore; they become mixed up into one. Imagine millions of streams converging into one gigantic river on some other plane of reality. I wasn’t “Me” anymore. I was part of everything. I was beyond existence.

Then, pieces of me began appearing. Like a puzzle being put together I assembled myself. I felt my personality being assembled, everything that made me up, every experience, thought, and circumstance that shaped me into the person I am today was plugged back into my conscious. I opened my eyes, I was back, the room was filled with brilliant hallucinations once again but I felt more sober than ever. Within minutes they faded. I was extremely tired, but I ran over to the desk in the corner of the room and began writing down what I had just experienced as fast as I could. After a few hours of writing I had one of the best sleeps of my life. I awoke before dawn, and walked outside. I sat on the front porch of my chemist friend’s house and watched the sunrise. Even after everything I had experienced it was still beautiful enough to move me to tears.

September 14, 2013 at 9:47 am
YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

@thomaschong, I doubt it. Good fiction though, I guess.

Erica (39) (@ericaleeper) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

@thomaschong, real or not?

Filip (2,818)M (@filipek) 7 years, 9 months ago ago
Anonymous (481) (@) 7 years, 9 months ago ago


Anonymous (481) (@) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

@ericaleeper, It’s whatever you make of it, I hate arguing over the legitimacy of my posts, if you believe it isn’t real, then treat it as fiction.

JonH (1,139)C (@IJesusChrist) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

You know, regardless of the reality of the post, you have a very strong niche writing potential. You may want to pursue that… You could be the next hunter s thompson.

Nathan (0) (@SgtSausage) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

@thomaschong, Very inspiring and enjoyable read, i’m curious as to the rest of the details regarding the DMT.

1. How many injections did you get, the full 24?
2. Were you in bed the entire time, wondering if the nurse ever did or almost had to stop admirers in more due to potential danger.
3. How long was the entire endeavour?

Thanks as always, love your experiences have a lot to learn from you.

agoldman97 (13) (@agoldman97) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

Regardless of whether or not it’s real, it is hands down the best thing I have read in a LONG time. Good work.

Viner Cent (50) (@Viner-Cent) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Magnificent writing, really, awesome! I would have taken it as real, if there wouldnt have been so many sceptical posts under your other writings, well, now I dont anymore, but it is still really awesome!

SuperTryp (1) (@SuperTryp) 7 years, 5 months ago ago


John (4) (@goldcup) 7 years, 3 months ago ago

I read this many months after the fact, but I felt compelled to respond to this article. After reading your entire experience, by the way, I thought was amazing, that you could describe your story like this while high, that is a feat unto itself. How many times have I had grandiose ideas, that couldn’t be put to paper, while high… but you did. I trust that what you have described here is to your best, truthful, abilities. Once I read your article in its entirety, I had one immediate thought about the furry green door. It reminded me of something I had read and studied… something related to God. It was an ancient story related to Hebrew culture. Let me explain. In the old Hebrew custom, where the priests would go to meet with God, Yahweh, there was a tent, but it was a special tent. It was the place where the presence of God was housed in olden times. The significance was that it was a layered with 4 different types of fur skins. I couldn’t help but think of this. So, after a couple months after reading your experience, I felt like I should just tell you that the furry door reminded me of when the Priest would enter the Holy place since the tent was covered with a furry covering. I know you said it was a dark experience, but I’ve come to realize that God often times requires us to walk into something dark, but if you are an ambassador for Christ it’s bearable because of His strength when we are weak, and I think it’s ok, that you ran and when you got back you were back in the thrown room. It was like you went as far as you could and then had to battle the fear to get back to a safe place – that’s what we all do, right, it’s human. I think you are searching and you need help to find the answer. God isn’t that far away from you man. If you want to have a real experience in the supernatural, just ask, seek, and knock, and the door will be open to you. Forget all of the religious stuff and bad experiences that’s can cloud our minds and just realize there is a God out there that’s trying to get to you through all of that grey matter. I don’t know if you will read this, but I felt compelled to tell you. I pray you will read this and I pray blessings to you man, in the mighty name of Christ Jesus. Amen. Peace Brother.

Jessica (1) (@Jessica-Babin) 4 years, 7 months ago ago

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