The Downer of the Now

Manimal (@manimal) 7 years, 5 months ago

Here and now, the present moment, is a limited time fragment sandwiched between two eternities.
One is the past. The other is the future.

Some of you will say these eternities are illusions, that they don’t exist, that only the limited now is real. Seize the moment, you say.
Some of you will try to heed the notion, try to seize the moment, and find that you can’t. Because without ideas of the past and the future, you won’t know what to do in the moment. You can barely sense the moment, due to lacking reference from future and past.

What is regret?
The result of not taking the future into consideration?
What is worry?
Failing to be prepared for the future?

You’ll notice some things aren’t so pretty about the current times. Pollution, sickness, degeneracy, corruption, to name a few. The list can be made very long.

Why do global problems exist? Why do they keep growing?

Why is there pollution?
Because people acted from a strictly short-term perspective. Here and now, no respect for the future.
Why do people keep polluting the world?
Because they failed to learn from the past.

Why are cancer, stds and cardiovascular malfunction suddenly so common?
Because people chose momentary pleasure and comfort, disregarding the future impact of poor health.
Why do these problems keep spreading and repeating?
Because people failed to learn from the past.

Why do societies and economies decline?
Because people use up resources without thinking of the future.
Why do societies and economies collapse?
Because people repeat the same old mistakes, never learning from history.

The first thing we learn from history, is that most people never learn from history.

People throughout the past worked very hard to establish what you now take for granted. To secure a future for their loved ones. For you.
They worked until their backs broke. They made sacrifices, bit the bullets. They took lives and gave their own lives. For their country, for their people, for their family. For justice and truth and love. To keep the integrity of what was handed down to them, and keep it alive for future generations.

Now you’re here, taking it for granted. Flushing it all down the drain because some journalist or politician said you should. Because the blind mob says you should.
This situation was the killing blow to all the fallen great civilisations of the past. Not war, not famine…
Simple ignorance and gluttony was all it ever took to quickly crumble something that took millennia to build.

That’s why the “first world” is collapsing.

It is your duty, as a living being, to honour and respect what was handed down to you, by nature and by your ancestors. It is your duty to respect and learn from it, to keep it intact and help it develop, to hand it down safely to future generations.
It is your duty, as an earthling, to work for a good and sustainable future. For this planet and for its inhabitants.

Never before has the world suffered more because of idiots who disregard the past and future.
Never before has the world seen more deluded fools preaching about the all-importance of the present moment.

When you spit old, worn out, hollow philosophical flourish about the power of the now; you probably think you’re being deep.

But in reality, you’re just another hipster yoloing your life (and that of your people) away. You just need a fancier excuse to hide behind.

You think you’re being deep.


All you’re REALLY saying is


Respect life, respect the planet, respect reality.
Don’t be a toxic parasite.

Peace and love

April 27, 2015 at 1:54 pm
Viner Cent (50) (@Viner-Cent) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Now, this term is really overused, but finally someone understands me! I have never been able to put it into words like you have. I wish I had that poetic talent…

Mike Wuest (510) (@mikeyw829) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

But aren’t we repeating the past, and repeating the mistakes that other civilizations have made because we are slaves to the same mind patterns that created their problems? The mind structures are the same as they’ve ever been, only linearly projected out through time, and amplified because of technological advance.  In order to do something new, you have to be free of the accumulated momentum of the past. 
Learning from the past is one thing.  So is taking the future into consideration.  I agree with you there.  But there is something to be said about spontaneous and intuitive action that isn’t based on previous acquired knowledge.  I think there’s a balance.  
All of the solutions that people had in the past have failed.  Every culture has had a golden age and then has been corrupted.  Our global culture is going through that corruption phase now.  The same patterns and cycles will just keep repeating themselves unless something new comes into play.  But how does something new come into play if we are just looking upon our ancestors to repeat what they did?  How do you make an evolutionary leap, instead of continuing on the linear path we’ve been on for thousands of years?

krkrich (148) (@krkrich) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading it and agree with many points. We do need to reflect more on the past to learn from it and look ahead to the future to see where it is that we’re going. However, I do think there is some misunderstanding when people talk about “the now.” Like I said, totally agree that it is important to use the past to learn and it is necessary to plan for the future. But i think “the now” isn’t about yolo and making decisions based on how you feel at that exact moment and fulfilling your immediate desires. That’s a very dangerous way to live. The now is about being fully present. It’s about being there in whatever it is that you’re doing. Just as an example, say you’re having a conversation with a friend. Don’t be in head thinking about past events or what you are going to do later that evening. Be in the conversation. Be there. Haha. A lot of times we go through our days on that automatic mode, trapped in our heads instead of being immersed in our daily activities. We’re thinking about what we are experiencing rather than just experiencing. It’s about awareness. To me, thats what the now is. 

Kyle van der Walt (13) (@KylevanderWalt) 7 years, 5 months ago ago


What you say is very true.The future, past and present happen at the same moment with equal importance! We must reflect on the past, live in the present and plan for the future. 

jluis (16) (@Jluis) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

Understanding the power of now, means knowing that what we do Now, is going to effect things Later. If one really claims to live in the Now, then they do with a respect for all things, and they don’t waste for they don’t want to leave a heavy footprint on earth, and they do things with the knowledge of what’s going to come of the future. Living in the now means that you are working actively toward your future. Sure that video game seems fun now, but nothing will come from it’s future other then a high score on a screen. That thing your want to accomplish however, whether it’s a novel or art or whatever, is here in the now. But it’s present as that proverbial first step. Like the same way that great american novel you want write is here now, and present as a single page and paper with a single word. The point is living in the now means to do things now because you know the effect they have. Living in the now is being aware of the consequences. 

Mike Wuest (510) (@mikeyw829) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

1. The perception of external threats are a necessity for the ruling powers to maintain control.  If the population is joined in solidarity against an external threat, they will willingly give up their freedoms for ever increasing draconian measures that they are told will prevent the enemy from advancing any further.  The population needs a reason to give their freedom away, and external threats provide the necessary justification.  The ruling powers create external threats on purpose, and constantly fan the flames and provoke them.  
2. Overt violence is a last resort.  It’s better to control someone psychologically than to control them physically. That is an outdated form of control. Physical control is too obvious and is too easy to spot.  Better to keep people as comfortable and content as possible so they have nothing to complain about. Violence is only used when the mental programming fails.  
3. Distraction and sleight-of-hand are necessities as well.  Entertainment and indulgence are the ruling power’s biggest ally.  A satiated and distracted population does not notice the enemy creeping in the back door.  It is essential to exploit the pleasure seeking/pain avoiding primitive human nature and use it as a weapon against the population.   The most basic form of this is offering rewards and punishments to coerce people into behaving in certain ways like teachers do in school. These are three manipulation tactics I can think of off the top of my head that the power hungry use to manipulate the unassuming subjects.  Can you think of others?

The thing about the power hungry manipulators is that they DO learn from the past. They error correct and perfect their techniques by looking on what didn’t work in the past. 

Sergeant Major General loony tunes (15) (@downscript) 7 years, 4 months ago ago

Well said manimal, we need more people spreading the truth exactly like this, us humans are never gonna evolve to the next stage if we keep heading down our path of self-destruction, I mean, if the world ends, it’s gonna be the humans fault (Most likely), me, myself, I’m planning to have an off the grid house in the future once I could afford it, I believe I mentioned a house that involves being 100% off nature in our messages, but I also noted that some of the technology can be dangerous, but I didn’t go into further detail about what technology, well it’s just simple lasers that can start fires, and be charged and used over and over again, you have to wear special glasses when using it, and a woodstove that releases carbon monoxide, so you would need a carbon monoxide detector and good air circulation, my only concern is responsibility with the lasers, it would be too easy for teenagers to mess around with that shit, or other goof balls burning stuff from a distance that is, basically my future house plan will have solar panels, solar equipment, and rechargeable items, such as a laptop, cell phone, the end goal in mind is to be independent as possible, and I would save so much money not having to pay rent, power, bills, etc

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