The End-all, Be-all Answer

 Stony Island (@emjay)6 years, 7 months ago

Conclusions.. tips.. solutions

Seems like lately all I see is people focused on answering life’s great questions..

I finally remembered my log in for HE, but I see all the updates on my fb.

I had not been active on the site in nearly 3 years, and well, damn.. Have I got a story for you. But that at its own time..

For now, allow me to return to the topic at hand.

Answers to everything. Questions that reveal answers, solutions, they lead us to more questions and more and so on and so forth…

What can be said that hasn’t already been said?

I find the beauty of words to be simply in their ability to make something click in the reader…

There are these little moments in time, apparently meaningless, that reveal a huge answer in your quest. For the quest is personal and only you can know when your answer arrives…

I read a book and of all 400 pages, one sentence took me to a new height in my mental discovery.. someone picks up a cup of coffee a certain way, or a stranger walks past me on the street, and boom, the light shines. My answer is revealed..

So today I wish to share this thought. . Friends, stop looking for these ‘universal answers’, these be-all, solve-all answers… they lead us nowhere.. they lead us in to a paradox of more questions that require more answers, that birth new riddles and headaches..

I suggest a concentration of energy on nothingness

Instead of telling me how ‘meditation will change my life and why I must do it’ or ‘how to feel alive’ or all that self help nonsense, which like I said, maybe one word of the entire article might make something click inside of me, focus on being nothing.

Woa, what?

Be No Thing


How can I describe ‘nothing’?

It is obvious that I cannot. But I am knowing a continous revealing of my own personal concept of this nothingness.. and I can share it with you..

Of my being, there is no description. But the internet requires my profile so that others can see me, make an estimated guess of who I might be.. My written word requires an authors signature, for my ego and my paycheck.. but it goes further than that… who am I talking to?

Who is really reading this?

I told u before, of 400 pages you might haveonly needed 3 sentences..

So I am reading this to myself. These words are messages to myself.. Tired of the self help nonsense I say, man, help yourself to myself.. Tell me who you are

Friends.. I am nothing.. Let the discovery of nothingness begin

February 22, 2015 at 10:42 am
ogsdh (5) (@ogsdh) 6 years, 6 months ago ago

nice to meet you, @emjay. i sometimes notice the trending headlines to be somewhat ‘buzzfeed’-esque, promising some improvement to our life with five easy steps. but, that never bothers me because i already have my path lined up (partly thanks to those types of posts) and episodically seek to improve my methods. ‘all paths lead to the same place’ and ‘i possess the power to define’ are what keeps me sane. people will make the journey in whichever way makes sense to them. for example, be nothing. as long as people aren’t taking away the opportunity for others to go peacefully about their search, i see no problem. i will say that your post seems a little hypocritical, btw. i mean no offense with that. you criticized the people who write to help others find ‘universal answers’, yet… that’s what you seem to be offering.

as for me of late, i experience strong phases of existentialism. finding some clever way to enjoy the unfolding mysteries of life’s happenings around me can sometimes be elusive. the unlimited quantum of realities leads my wanderings in both overwhelmingly positive (like, oneness) or negative (like, loneliness) perceptions – occasionally both. but, to your post.. ‘nothing’ is a very interesting concept. no matter which way you look at it, nothing is what/where we all came from. so, perhaps being nothing is what everyone is already doing? ha.

JustinDanger (41) (@JustinDanger) 6 years, 6 months ago ago

Nothing’s legit

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