The Flat Stomach post

 Jared.L (@Jared.L)4 years ago

This thread is dedicated to anyone that wants to obtain a flat stomach.

As I’ve been loosing body fat I’ve noticed that my stomach has gotten smaller, I also noticed a slight reduction almost overnight when I started obeying the rules to food combining but that it still sticks out a little. I thought maybe it was because of my age and that over the last 20 years my internal organs have increased in size. While this is fairly common I do not think it is the cause. At least not entirely and that my main cause is from having bad posture. This may have been caused by being overweight to begin with but as I’ve lost weight and my gut has gotten smaller I think I’ve gotten used to it and will also need to redevelop the muscles needed to hold my posture back in place. 

From what I’ve learned, sit ups will not do this and that the best exercise for this is one the old time bodybuilders used to do called the stomach vacuum. I’ve also noticed that nearly all older bodybuilders have a larger gut and that as long as they have massive muscles the judges don’t seem to be penalizing them that much for it. There seems to be a growing movement of people saying that they should.

September 27, 2016 at 4:11 am
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