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 Gloompa (@Gloompa)7 years ago

So a couple of weeks ago I deleted my entire music collection which was over 3000 songs (mostly metal) lovingly put together. For various reasons I felt like it needed to go. Now I’m looking for some more relaxing/chillout artist/albums. Before you ask, no I don’t have spotify or Pandora. Can any loving HE’s help me out?

July 16, 2014 at 6:46 am
Sam (0) (@scrowe95) 7 years ago ago

ThomR (0) (@ThomR) 7 years ago ago

Good one!

michael (0) (@michaelrossi) 7 years ago ago

great track, so mellow


For my chill out sessions I listen to Celtic music, just do a YouTube search and test the waters until you find one or a few you like. Another good way to find relaxing music is think of some movies you watched where you really liked the music and Google the soundtrack. I have found so many cool songs and instrumentals this way that aren’t mainstream, also it it takes way less time than listening to alternative radio to find one song in a million that just might tickle your fancy. Good luck :)

ThomR (0) (@ThomR) 7 years ago ago

My favourite band would be King Crimson, it’s a bit like Pink Floyd! Try this relaxing song:

In addition you can search for King Crimson – talk to the wind !

michael (0) (@michaelrossi) 7 years ago ago

How about Radiohead’s Bulletproof?

michael (0) (@michaelrossi) 7 years ago ago

I also like a lot of Ahmad Jamal, jazz great, take your pick of tracks. I gotta say it’s amazing you just threw out 3000 songs. I know where you’re coming from but it takes some major guts to do it

If you want something more classical try this one called The End of Tyranny by Chris Lastovicka you can download it for free

Newday (17) (@Newday) 7 years ago ago

Try these..
,little people
they are all mainly chilled electronic, try them out, if you like them then I will happily give you more suggestions :)

Adriano Rama (0) (@adirama92) 7 years ago ago

Seven Lions – Days to come ,hes music is really multidimensional and it has a chill vibe in it.Hope it helps ;)

Optimystic (26) (@optimystic) 7 years ago ago

Hey, I’m probably one of the most crazed music aficionados there are, at least, as it pertains to finding and shedding light on amazing, and often, abstract, tunes, and my (biased) recommendation is to visit the site I write for: Hillydilly. I’m really not kidding when I say that it’s every kind of intriguing music you could possibly ask for. You can create an account, make playlists, and save your favorite tracks (of which I’m willing to bet there will be a lot). Seriously though, you’ll thank me when you visit the site!

Anonymous (47) (@) 7 years ago ago

Yes! I got something for YOU!
These are some of my favorite bands/artists that produce what I think you are looking for.

Album-The Crash Of 47
These guys released only one album but it’s a good one and worth the listen. The drums are unique, elegant and just put out this vibe that I’ve never heard before on any other band. Definitely check the album out.

Album-The Beauty Of Contrast
The voice control the vocalist has is outstanding.

Album-Wholesale Buyout
Somewhat laid back sound and good lyrics.

Album-Sharing Space
The lyrics and sound combination are sweet.
Band-The Occupants
These guys used to be Cog, the band above, they split and now they are back
with a new vibe. Still awesome and worth a listen.

Album-The Living Measure Of Time
These guys know how to combine different instruments and create this unique sound. Too bad the lead singer left and now they are just instrumental, until they find a replacement, but still good nonetheless.

This is known as ‘Chillstep’, definitely puts you in a relaxing state. Check out all of his tracks, they are worth a listen.

Band-Carbon Based Lifeforms
Albums-Check out all of them.
These guys produce an extraordinary sound that puts you in a relaxed state.

I think that’s enough, hope you enjoy them!

Gloompa (5) (@Gloompa) 7 years ago ago

These are all awesome guys! Personal favorites so far are
Emancipator-Soon It Will Be Cold Enough

I also got some Devin Townsend Project

If I may refine the search further: I like getting whole albums. Something not to lyric heavy but with definitely more than one instrument. Electronic is good too :) Is this asking too much?

Sam (0) (@scrowe95) 7 years ago ago

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