The Inspiring Manifesto of A Prickly Pear

 Robert (@iamconscious) 7 years, 8 months ago

The youniverse is Pearodox. Quantum physics has taught me that it is all about appearance and how we define that which appears. I make a distinction by contrasting but please don’t compear me to apples. You see I try to be a good pearson. In this cold world I look for my sunshine so I do not dispear despite the hate and setbacks. You see life is about creating a beautiful atmosphere and expearience. We are all soul mates but not all of us pear up. We are all looking for our pearmour. We must accept one another so that we can be good enough pearents and role models to our young. There are bad pears in all demographics but is up to me to make a pearadise out of this beautiful and fruitful planet. I try to seed and grow innovative ideas not in hopes of pearfection but in hopes of creating a mediums for the well being of any and all people. Although there is absolute and ideal system, I still aim for a pearogonic future.

To pearaphrase, we can synchronize and build a foundations out of love and mutual development. These foundation shall be unique and tailored to the circumstances in your pearameters. These opearatives can intertwine and branch out. (Think, synergy) We must base our incentives on a genuine drive to help the community. We can pearry-pick the good from any and all theologies. Good principles are found in, but not limited to, the gospels. We can find inspearation in our vast collection of scripture scattered all around the world. We shall refrain from pearalytic and unproductive information.

There are two worlds! As a very wise pear once concluded. He described the distinction between the “real” world and the pearanormal world. In this real world must lead by example if we wish to shift the pearadigm. This pear did not imply that the pearanormal world doesn’t have its merits; Labeling and sepearating ourselves through intellectual vernacular can escalate to hate and intolerance. Please pearachute your way down from whatever high-horse you ride. Pearish your insecurities and confront the fears that stall you from achieving your dreams. Surround yourself with peears that see the good in you.

These powers, qualities and the very concept of quality do not solely peartain to royalty nor peasantry. It is about solidarity because even lepears can unite. Whether we are pedestrians or pearatroopers, prominent or anomymous, brown or yellow, deep or shallow, 5 or 50, wise or benighted, here or there, that or this, and everything in between; we still depend on each other. Those who take themselves too serious provoke pearody. Do not limit your moral principles to pearalegal studies. The heart of love is sharing and gratitude; Not desperate obessions and pearls. These luxuries come and go.

Understand that if we cannot create peace between two people or bodies of people we can simply run a pearallel path. The wicked and perilous souls will always run rampid. Their negative pearsuasion is responsible for all of the hate and intolerance the world faces today. Surprisingly the world is better than we think. The chances of a man dying at the hands of another man are below the ground in compearison to before and it’s only improving. Don’t be fooled by the news. If it seems bad, remind yourself that our technology now is capturing so much information and journalism is based on the idea that “if it bleed it leads.” So please do not dispear. :)
P.S. I did my best to avoid religious or political bias. This is from someone who simply likes prickled pears.

February 9, 2014 at 2:58 pm
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