The limits of perception.

 miqeel (@miqeel) 7 years, 9 months ago

I have been playing around with an interesting idea about the nature of reality, and the following occured to me.

If we can say that one can only perceive, according to ones limits of perception, then it is possible to say that we create our own reality.

Animals for instance do not create their own reality, because in their perception there is no way of storing information (the thing perceived, or the life) other than genetically.
So to them life is a constant rollercoaster ride of feelings, emotions, instinct etc.
That of course, is only according to my limits of perception – i only attribute as much to another living being as my perception permits.

Human perception has a property which is its biggest advantage, and the biggest vice – ability to consciously withdraw information from the memory.

The problem arising from this property is that we believe that experience that is in our memory and similar to of what we know, we attribute qualities of our memory, to what we perceive.

This is of course wrong, and leads to all sort of trouble.

A guy in some hot country, with very little civilzation discovered that in reality, what he thinks he is, he is not, and saw the enormous oneness of all things
While on Peyote.

He told about that his few buddies, and together they ate peyote one evening. And after they felt the unity, more and more people felt what they were saying was true, but only understood it through their experience (strong faterh figure, loving mother). The oneness was signigicantly streongest between the guy and his buddies, because they shared the peyote experience.

Other people did not share this. But if felt so good to be in this oneness community, so they created the experience similar to what they felt when with the group.

After a while, people who already had religions (probably based on similar development – both stories begin at the desert) decided, it was enough of this, and decided to kill the guy.

People wished he was not dead. The guys told them, that he was still with them – but they mostly shared the experience on peyote.

In any case, The relligion spread allowing for a stronger mode of unification of people, over the national divisions, creating progress. Progress was steady, increasing with the amount of knowledge accumulated in the memory of humans.

We had medievalism, renesaince, enlightement.
Now the cycle is repeated indefinitely of course. Which causes problems because of the problems that arise during medieval times may be accentuades strongly by the technology people use.
Thankfully, we had World Wars. Now we understand what happens during medieval times of technological society, we had renesaince in 60s with the flower power.

Then the enlightnment came, and we called it the internet.

So now we have the internet for over 20 years, and we are beginning to hover on the brink of the medieval times, due to our carelesness and debauchery, always characteristic of medievalism. We may just end up in the medievalism – Who knows?

But that matters little, because we know that after medievalism, comes renessaince and enlightment. So no hope is lost.

What can we do? Simply speed up the next enlightment.

Now, all we may perceive is only our reality in which we perceive other people, who live in their own realities.
Our realities are shared at the moments of communication (communion?)

This is not an easy concept to understand, unill you understand your limits of perception. Only then you understand what you cannot perceive!! Any information about an event not perceived is fundamentally flawed by being incomplete. The reality of course conforms to our ideas, or rather, we conform reality to our ideas

This can be demonstrated as inside out way of looking at world. We see something that to us looks like a fight. To the people fighting that may be good times (I am not talking here about war etc. Think how ufc was perceived before and how is now)

Think that in reality perceived by Mark, its windy and rainy, for all day, but in reality of Mandy it did.

Simply assume it is possible! Because, of course, there is now way for you to know, unless you think the same as Mindy!”

You cant yet think the same as Mindy. But you can know what it is like.

Get some peyote.

January 18, 2014 at 12:11 pm
i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 7 years, 9 months ago ago

The Renaissance you speak of has already begun. You are evidence of that. Movements that bring about change begin with a few which then expands in popularity. When 10 % of the population are behind the idea, it will be considered to be “mainstream” . You could say we’re presently going through the out with the old and in with the new phase.
I don’t know if your thoughts are the result of observation or reflections about the concepts about creating your own reality that have been spreading since the late 60’s. The link below will take you to the most widely recognized origin of the concepts. I’m certain it will help you to expand on the ideas you are awakening to and help bring you up to speed. There is much out there to consider so keep an open mind.

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