The Meaning of Life & Terrorism. – My high thoughts poured onto the world . . .

Anonymous (@) 7 years, 6 months ago

I have been very high the last hour or two just writing my consciousness out onto the screen, I smoked a full joint of about 1 gram of really good weed, am in bed, read a couple of head news articles this morning watched a film and these thoughts are what have stuck it seems . . . . warning . . . . Im super high and random, This is me in the last hour or two. I would probably be blown sideways by replies. Its deep but if you pay attention its all sense in a very very high way. Oh and im not religious, I don’t think. I admit that I don’t know.

Spinning world, expanding universe, distancing intolerable of hope from others, alone, earth values, life. Wealth, Health & Happiness.
The sad truth is that not everyone can have this. Russell Brand is fighting for the meaning of life.
The meaning of life is equality among life. Equality of health wealth and happiness
In a dystopian equilibrium set in the future which dictated human error couldn’t get in the way, if we truly knew how to steady ourselves for ‘Equality’ to run its place. Such as safe chemical alterations of mass minds, Would we be right to, yes.
No war, no crime, no hate, no prejudice, unndesired actions untamed, but equality of health wealth and happiness, perhaps levels of love varied but even then . . .
Does anger come before love ?
If everyone was like one person the world would be free.
Muhamed profisiced that all men should be created equal, and women loved and cared and protected In the eyes of man for and never to cheat on man. As women are cherished it doesn’t work other way, and man to beat women in way if she was out of way of perfect balance.
Can a homosexual man repent to Islam under the eyes of Mohammad. If that man was treated by chemical castration.
Can economy force view of a religious group if unemployment is ripe.
Perhaps I am missing the picture here,

My girlfriends coming over later, I want her to come over now, I want her.

Are france out of order in targeting hoods of migrants for ‘terrorism’. The words terrorism and target are misplaced and used in propaganda with people.
This will need to be a very very humane
Cocktail of despair are they really rooting the problem here, don’t do it on terrorism don’t force work on terrorism force work for equality and health wealth and happiness.
The earth is changeable, it could be different tomorrow, is that hope, whilst cars buzz by outside emitting fumes, un changing,
What is economy, farming for food and building for roofs, creating energy for heat and light, why are like 97% populas forced into all else,
All Else?
Is it because ‘fun’ is also a meaning to life, we need entertainment in gadgets in tv in material possessions,
So if we do need all this then could the world really be different ?
I’m so high right now,
Body soul and mind.

February 3, 2015 at 10:39 am
Anonymous (2) (@) 7 years, 6 months ago ago

man im really not a religious dude but re-reading that im thinking what Is this. lol not that iv got anything against anyone, each to his own, lifes full of interpretation. Cant delete it though for some reason.

This site like lets you throw your thoughts in an abyss of sql and binary code bounced around the world over, but I don’t see a retrieve and delete option. Lost dude,

I could edit once,

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