The multi-layered man & happiness

 krishna (@grandsonofkrishna)8 years, 2 months ago

Hello all,

I have been an active reader of high existence for the last few weeks and it has given me a lot of food for thought. However I had this theory about people and human beings in general which I wanted to share with you folks here and get your opinions on this one. This could be an extension of some of the theories already put forward , so bear with me!

– I feel that humans are fundamentally multi-layered – the different layers of which are shaped up by society , environment, education and your belief system in general.

For instance, the day we are born we are just on this earth as another soul with a material body with no thoughts or no belief system in place. However as we grow and we start developing a mind of our own, we start segregating right from wrong, good from evil , based on what our parents teach us or whatever the society deems as right and wrong. And this gets inculcated in our internal system. Now, some of them are so deeply ingrained that without your knowing you start to believe and buy into those values. This is where i feel the layered theory comes in. You see, people are now without their actual knowledge own a set of practices and beliefs without questioning them . Some of them of course change, but your fundamental identity is that which happened to you when you were young and you were impressionable. This is a very frightening thought since you are just a projection of your environment and surroundings. This projection is just going to be altered based on experiences and environment , so who are you truly? What are you? Are we just layers of projection built over years ? This is something to think about !

Also, as far as happiness and existence is concerned I have a theory , albeit a small one! Fundamentally human beings are layered and happiness is layered too. This is why sometimes we feel elated and sometimes we feel pleasant. It is not just the degree of happiness, but also the level of happiness.

The top most layer or the ‘Material layer’ : This one gives us material pleasure – such as buying an expensive car, watch. Temporary happiness.

The Sensual layer : This is the one which appeals to our senses- for instance sex, a visual spectacle such as The Egyptian pyramid, et. al

The Passion layer : This is the one you would want to trigger all the time for a ‘happy’ existence. Following your passion/dream, something you have interest in.

The soul layer : The ultimate layer where in you seek internal peace, happiness , meaning of your existence.

Ideally we should be looking at feeling happy at the inner most layer to truly feel happy. May be this is why human beings are never satisfied . For if you travel across the world, you are probably making your sensual layer and the passion layer happy , but not your soul layer. To truly, liberate oneself and feel free from the clutches of the world and other people’s opinion I encourage you all to seek happiness across all layers and particularly at the soul level. How we do that, how to achieve that – I would love to hear from you guys!

July 16, 2013 at 1:24 pm
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