The New God

Alex (@hollowinfinity) 9 years, 6 months ago

I’ve noticed a very high trend in the number of conspiracy theories lately. Even more so than ever before. I wonder if this is just a side-effect of the amount of information we are exposed to now, or if there is something else at play.

Most conspiracy theories derive from the idea that everything is controlled and orchestrated by the government or people in power. This strongly reminds me of the way people argue about god. The biggest issue about God is the concept of free will (for most people anyways) We feel as though we are slaves to the government, power, and God.

As religion looses its grip on the people, we fill in the void by believing everything outside of us is some big organized movement. I think a scarier reality for people, is the idea that no one is in control of anything in the entire Universe. Well, if no one is in control, doesn’t that make you very responsible for your actions? Yes, and I think people hate no matter how we progress (right now) we will fill that God void with government, power, enlightened ones, etc.

February 11, 2013 at 10:25 am
Luigi (1,453) (@luigiblue) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, I like that insight. I can see that as well.

Or better yet, maybe the government sees this and they are taking advantage of it by showing the world THEY are in control and not God/religions. Which is probably why conspiracy theories are kept online and not immediately deleted.

thedudeabides (15) (@thedudeabides) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, well put, and sorry about that post earlier, meant to go elsewhere, wasn’t paying attention. i agree with the responsibility for our actions. no one wants to be responsible for them. well most people don’t anyway. if they were taking responsibility for their actions governments wouldn’t be running away all powerful, society’s people would be taking back the reigns and curing the ills that is destroying our rock we live on. despots would be non existant and life would be all around better. just by taking responsibility for what each of us does would raise the group consciousness of the many instead of the few…like on this site…. we’d be the few. with a large group conscious comes change, much needed change in my opinion. but most fear change and reject it. so they fall back on the old ideas that government controls all, god ordained this war so governments could kill with wanton abandon ect….conspiracies, governments all that shit is just a diversion to keep the many in the dark about what is undeniably destroying our very way of living all around us.

Dan (890) (@danfontaine) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, Capital.

Move on, citizen.

Anonymous (177) (@) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, excellent way to put it and the main theme seems to be: “we fill in the void” – here in america where ‘i’ showed-up this time around – look at the continuous engagement by the many with electronic time fulfillment – TV, ipods, ipads, smart phones, texting, messaging, computers, video games, kindles, tablets, music, music videos, youtube, movies – i’ve been working with young people for over 25 years and have watched and participated in the evolution of all of this – is this the same void you speak of Alex, or one of a different stroke such as just keeping the mind in neutral and not having to deal with any ideas or concepts – what do you think?

Tine (366) (@tine) 9 years, 6 months ago ago


yea, i think you’re right, i think god / supernatural explanations become whatever we can’t understand, like a lack of control we might feel in our lives,

at it’s core it seems to simply be an excuse for ‘x’ – variable, whatever this translates to in their reality,

and ‘x’ – variable seems to equal = emotions for most people,

so ‘god’ often seems to be anything that we use as an excuse for a lack of control over our emotions,

Alex (551) (@hollowinfinity) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@rickyferdon, I feel like with electronics, it is filling a void. It all may be the same source, but I believe electronics is more derived from boredom whereas, what I’m talking about is more a passing the blame game. We need to create an authoritative figure, whether that be God, government, or even a teacher. We need a service from this authoritative thing, whether that be protection, education, or peace of mind. We also need this thing to pass blame, to accept responsibility- to be the scapegoat. People look at some of the horrible things going on in the world and they go, “Well, that’s not my fault. I didn’t do that. I mean, I’ll help, but I want some recognition for it. Do accept checks?” We can blame government, god, or our education. We rely on these figures to get shit done too. They keep order, but they also control us. The more we need them, the more they control us. But these authoritative figures are not physical. They don’t manifest themselves without your mind contorting them into those ideas. Humans weren’t born teachers, gods, enlightened ones, good or evil.

We are just so wrapped up in concepts on so many different levels, that we have created this seemingly complex system of government, god, and education. With that comes all the conspiracy theories you want too. We wouldn’t have these tv show mythologies like 24 or White Collar, if some part of being a human, didn’t express those feelings within anyways. In the very least, they wouldn’t be popular shows.

Anonymous (177) (@) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, thank-you so very much for your time in providing your reply – i see it clearer now – and – ha – ultimately the teacher is not necessary – we are our own teacher – and the true teacher would tell her/his student(s) that – we are our own god, our own government and our own teacher – it would seem obvious that not all can grasp this – are not “there” yet – and so there will be governments to offer that (as you so ably make clear) – teachers (true and false) – and the gods of the teachers (and governments) – and then their will be teachers who meet the student(s) where they are and though the teacher be enlightened (subject to various interpretations) she/he may provide that which serves the student(s) at whatever point they are at – in another life or lives they may get closer

Anonymous (251) (@) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, I think you’re right. It has even been dubbed conspirituality. There is truth to be found within some conspiracies, but I can see how that search for the truth could be all consuming. especially considering the massive amount of bullshit you have to read through to find anything remotely true.

Like you said, I think a lot of it could be people shifting responsibility from themselves, by placing power in someone else.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, Whenever someone brings up control I think of this scene
It is true, freedom and control are illusions, even the most rich and powerful people in the world rely on the simplest functions that we all do. A man needs to breathe, to drink, to eat, to sleep, to shit, no ammount of money or power gives us so much control that we are no longer at the mercy of life.
Where does it say anyone has control over you but you? We need milk and bread, so what? We are at the mercy of the baker or the supermarket? People have options and if they fear they are powerless against the hold that those who provide needs have, then find an alternative. We are so technologically advanced but what, no one else makes a better phone than Apple, so we are their bitches.

Anonymous (46) (@) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

Follow the money

Manimal (2,998) (@manimal) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

@hollowinfinity, Damn right. Exactly!

People just want something to blame. That’s the way it’s always been. And they will always find a scapegoat.

Although, the idea of some people orchestrating a lot isn’t based upon nothing. Some people have a lot of power, though that doesn’t mean you can’t stand up and go against them.

What do all the awakened seekers have in common? They want to become god, or godlike, one way or another. Power and control is one of the popular paths for this. The luciferian ways can be found in all the ancient teachings.
This is human evolution, there will always be forerunners, there will always be those who lag behind and get weeded out. There will always be tyrants and redeemers.

Make like a human: Adapt, learn and GROW.

Nickole (67) (@squishy) 9 years, 6 months ago ago

On a kind of unrelated note..

“ultimately the teacher is not necessary – we are our own teacher – and the true teacher would tell her/his student(s) that – we are our own god, our own government and our own teacher – it would seem obvious that not all can grasp this – are not “there” yet”

I really like this concept. Reminds me of something Deepak Chopra would say :)

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