The Paradox of Individuality

 Mike Wuest (@mikeyw829)4 years, 9 months ago

The paradox is that the more of an individual a person perceives themselves to be, the less of an individual they actually are.  

Eastern spirituality always talks about “oneness”- that things are not actually separate. Everything is interconnected and interdependent on everything else, and nothing and no one can exist in isolation.  Every individual object depends on its relationship with everything else to exist.  The boundary between where you end, and the rest of the world begins, does not actually exist.

Without rain, water, wind and sun, a tree couldn’t exist.  So isn’t the thing we call “tree,” actually the combination of all of these things put together, and not just the wood, bark and leaves?   

In our culture, we see ourselves as independent individuals.  People believe themselves to be autonomous, but really they are products of their culture, environment and social conditioning.  Behavior, thoughts and beliefs are standardized by culture.  

Realizing your interconnectedness paradoxically makes you more of an individual, because you become less of a product of environmental circumstances.  Realizing how un-autonomous you are paradoxically makes you more autonomous because you are no longer a slave to culture.  

It’s a misconception to think that by realizing “oneness,” that you give up your individuality.  It’s actually a prerequisite for individuality in the first place.  

A growing worldwide trend I see is the bastardization of “oneness.”  There is a growing singular belief system, a hive mind.  A one-world monoculture based on the standardization of the individual into the collective due to our technological interconnectedness.  

True interconnectedness doesn’t come from the internet or technology.  True interconnectedness also leads to true individuality, not a global hivemind.  

These concepts are being co-opted to serve the opposite purpose of their true intent.  

September 20, 2015 at 3:16 pm
Dhyan (37) (@Dhyan) 4 years, 9 months ago ago

Nice read  thanks.   Oneness   should mean  no rules,  or living  in the moment. According  to me :-)  Yet  if you ask  a girl  who is in a relationship  to be with you she says no.   And both  people the question  and the answer  comes  usually  from  a sticking  to identity  or believe.    A lot of people  who say they are in the flow,  abandon  experiment  and  negative.  Though  it’s understandable.  It gives indeed  a mono  culture. 

To accept  I am this  and I am that too,  seems  more difficult  than many  people  who  believe  in Oneness  or experience  it such as, are pretending  it to be. 

At the end  we become  particles  instead of the whole.  

I have no clue for options  other  than  be in the heart  and brake  down walls 

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