the physical world vs. the world in our minds

 mac (@paulthewalrus)6 years ago

How do physical problems affect us versus the problems that lie in our mind.

For example,
If you were walking down a stone path and they came to a giant boulder in the middle of the path, blocking your way, what would you do?
I’m sure you would either climb it or do a little off-roading and cruise around it, right?
You certainly wouldn’t stand there staring at the wall, cursing the futility of it, pitying yourself for encountering such difficulties.

Yet, if you were to make this situation metaphorical, replace the stone path with the path of life and the boulder with a problem such as a boyfriend or girlfriend deciding they don’t have feelings for you anymore and that relationship is no longer the same. (I use this example for a problem because I’ve found the opposite sex is a very common problem in people from 16-25 in my experiences)

The people I see will drop before the boulder (the problem) and give up. They lose themselves in their emotions and in the way they feel this will effect them. They cry. They whine. They see no solution because although there are many fish in the sea but it won’t be the same fish.

If we were to translate problems into physical blocks as opposed to mental ones maybe we could see that they are not only possible to overcome but it is necessary to move along our path of life. Think of your problems as physical objects. If these ideas in your mind are imagined manifested in your life, you would want to get as physically far away as possible, correct?
Have we not yet learned to mentally distance ourselves from problems or thoughts that we don’t find positive? Am I the only one who finds this possible? If we can learn to control our minds like we have been conditioned to take control of the physical world we could eliminate negative thinking altogether.

September 28, 2012 at 2:14 pm
Gava Sky (126) (@gtur13) 6 years ago ago

That is a very interesting thougt because most of the time I can get past something physical but when it comes to girls..I jut start getting annoyed and frustrated and move on..

Brendan Barstow (182)C (@eyesopen) 6 years ago ago

Wow this is a great post, very nice metaphor mac. I’m a big advocate of a logical approach to emotion-or determining whether engaging a specific emotion will make you better able to handle a pressing problem, or whether it will impede your progress. Learning how not to engage emotions is an essential skill for this philosophy, that takes practice but I find it very rewarding. Too often people believe that they are a victim of their reactive emotions and fail to realize that they have some amount of control over their own responses to events.

Jordan (2) (@newagesoldier) 6 years ago ago

Eye opening post. Really goes to show how strong human emotion is when our natural response to certain adversities is to go into a defeatist/hopeless mindset when it’s clearly in our best interest to move on and put it in the past if able to think about it logically.

Two sides of the same coin I guess though, when you feel strongly about something (or someone) inside you’ll defy all logical/rational thought to get it done, no matter how crazy it may be.

Nick (553) (@splashartist) 6 years ago ago

@paulthewalrus, We can control our mind. Mental alchemy my brother. Better yet, meditate and calm the mind so the problems aren’t there anymore, only situations.

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