The Power of the Uncontrollable

blissfuloblivion (@blissfuloblivion) 8 years, 3 months ago

As we age we realize how much we really don’t know and how we have no control over this journey that we are all on. That journey is called life. With age comes relationships, friends, and family. But lets just look at the aspect as family, shall we? Someone falls in love with another being and soon comes the realization that they want their last name to be given to someone of another generation. Little do people realize how much the decision to become a parent really changes you.
That’s when something really big happens in an individuals mind. The day that one becomes a parent to a child, is the day they realize they have no control over any aspect of ‘life’. They have brought life to this world and that is a very scary thought in itself. Things start to become a blur.
Humans seek comfort in something that we would call ‘control’. control is when one has to adjust to a requirement; regulate. When you are a parent you are subconsciously trying to seek comfort though control because you have a requirement now. Your own flesh and blood is now walking this earth with their own two feet. they key work there is ‘own’ and way too many parents forget that. Parents begin this power trip. They have a sense of security in controlling their child because they are powerful. they feel like they can finally control something and they feed off from it. The more control they have, the more they believe they are fulfilling their duty. A parent is the origin of a species in which duty includes raising and nurturing offspring.
A parents duty is not to control their child but to teach them. Teaching and controlling are two different things.

Few parents realize that control teaches their child nothing, so who is really the bad guy?

May 2, 2014 at 8:53 am
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