The Symbolic Self

Jeremy Limn (@Limbo93) 3 years, 11 months ago

Roseau, and Sigmund Freud didn’t understand human nature. Human society in a nutshell. The symbolic self is the human metaphor the identity we give to ourselves to deny death. The metaphor here is written more clearly than any oxymoronic phrase that has ever been produced. Everyday we deny death trying to escape the thought of it through whatever objective outlet of human experience we partake in.

Ernest Becker proposed that the subjective self is often left out, and that is people turn to objective ideologies. When the subjective symbolic self is negated than human existence is concise without meaning. Our meaning is derived from the subjective self we have our algorithm for identifying nature. Ernest Becker’s analyses on human symbology are important models to clarify the primal causes of human dysfunctions. Man does not salivate at the idea of death, but he denounces it by expecting joy to be always available. The intriguing, and indefatigable truth is this man is dependent on certainty, but certainty is not as ubiquitous as the commencement of our dear friend fear.

Fear prompts us to be vigilant to take stock of what is going on within us. Fear markedly is the negation of surrealism, but human experiences echoes a quasi-layer of consciousness and that is the consolidation of the symbolic self. From primates, we evolved into sentient hoarders of symbolism. We created a world from fire, and that dire fire is the anecdotal tapestry of our soul. Nature makes sense through the eye of the behold but not through the eyes of objective beholders. The truth is owned by the individual who embarks on the journey of trying to identify who he, or she is supposed to be.

July 17, 2018 at 1:38 am
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