The Trinity Principle

Harvey :) (@harv288) 8 years, 9 months ago

I have a question. I threw it out to my freind but he wasn’t that open minded to it, so I shall throw it out here and see what are the results.

here goes.

In the Bible, it says The Creator, or God as we know/call ‘Him’, is actually the Trinity, made up of ‘The Father’, ‘The Son’, and ‘The Holy Spirit’. So, as individual entities they combine and form God.

And now take a look at us as humans. We are an existing being of ‘Mind’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Soul’. Three entities that form us.

Therefore, I would deduce that in order to exist as a profound being of any sort it must be constituted, based on the above notions, of three individual entities combined in such a way to manifest itself as whatever it is. Thats the theory. And thus, if that’s the case, if we were to combine some three profound entities in a certain way, could they possibly manifest into something new?

What are your thoughts?

February 10, 2013 at 12:43 pm
Anonymous (47) (@) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@harv288, This is actually something philosophically addressed in the Republic of Plato. While he doesn’t adhere it to the Holy Trinity, it captures the 3 aspects of human lives and how that influences the city. You have the Appetitive Soul which is your base instincts. Your hunger, your sex drive, all bodily functions are incorporated into this. Then you have the Passionate Soul. These are your passions and feeling, your desires and emotional instincts. Finally you have the Rational Soul. Your Ability to think and reason. Plato says that in order to have a well-ordered person. the Rational Soul must be in control of the other two. The reason for this is when you think objectively, you have to use logic, reasoning, and so on and it is this aspect of the soul that governs the proper life. If you let your emotions control you, then you can’t ever really think clearly since its your passions that are driving your actions, not your objective reasoning. The same problem shows up with the Appetitive Soul since if your body drove your decisions, all you would probably do all day is fight, fuck, eat, and sleep. In order to proper temper one’s self to live a fulfilling life, you must have Logic at the forefront of all decisions. Now, you don’t have to think about every little thing you come across, but your decisions should be based on something that logically makes sense not just to you but to everyone. Plato also says that this applies not just on a micro scale, but also on the macro scale. So the only way a city (or any community for that matter) can properly flourish is to be ordered in the same way. Its a fucking awesome read and it covers how cities should be run to the introduction of political systems and how they degrade over time. It’s awesome but Plato fucks some stuff up by today’s standards. I strongly recommend checking it out. To answer your question on a personal level, I’m a philosopher and I’m looking for that cool shit too. Personally, I think once you have mastered yourself in terms of the aforementioned aspects of human living, then you can properly be YOURSELF. You can fully actualize yourself as a manifestation of God. Now for me to back up what I’m saying would require a long as explanation but to tl;dr it for you, it breaks down to the fact that as animals, were limited. There’s only so much we can do in one life time. While we can talk about afterlife stuff and the immortality of the soul, I think simply understanding that we have a lifespan makes the point. With only one life to live, if you can’t make the most of it, you aren’t moving on to the next level. (At least, not physically) Whatever would come from a combination of any elements would have to reflect that whole is worth more than the sum of its parts and if you think that the combination would result in something greater (and I think we’re on the same page about that =D) it would have to compensate for all the weaknesses of the parts. You originally brought up the Holy Trinity and while I know a little bit about it, your better off asking a theologian about it. I want to say a lot more stuff but I’m kind of stumbling over what I am saying with what I want to say so let me know what you think and we can continue.

owenkellogg (34) (@owenkellogg) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@bearacleitus, Beautiful post! I need to read more of Plato. About all I’m familiar with is his “Cave” and some of Republic. I’m really into Stoicism (with a dash of Cynicism) right now, but some more Plato would be a nice change of pace.

Lucius (5) (@lukashjanssen) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@harv288, In my own view, three entities is definitely enough to create a theoretical construct like God or the self or a community. However, it seems a little restrictive to say that 3 and only 3 is the number to create a manifestation. I believe God could also be constructed as being composed of, say, 7 different entities or that the self could be composed of far more than 3 pieces.

To create what you call a “profound entity,” I believe that only 2 separate entities are needed. What constitutes the profoundness that you speak of is in fact merely the interaction between the components. In that sense, a human (in your view) is constructed by the strange ways that a mind, a soul, and a heart interact.
I might also draw a bit on functionalism and say that ANY two interacting entities create a third theoretical construct entity. Though I fear that embracing the theory too strongly would lead to some problems…

Harvey :) (23) (@harv288) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@bearacleitus, thanks for the input. Its pretty interesting. And the whole ‘being animals and having a life span’ really messes things up sometimes. I could remember talking to one of my friends a while back and telling him that because our bodies are finite, we cannot accomplish as much as we would like to in one lifetime. If we could live to 900 years even I could have fulfilled more of my interests. Like for 100 years i may be a doctor, then a next 100 years i could be an astronaut, and so on. Then that may make us wonder now, as a three-entity being, the body (heart) part of it is what makes us finite and hinders us. If we were just a soul and a consciousness we could go on and on learning the ‘Wisdom of the Universe’ (for lack of a better term). But i presume that the body (heart) is the entity that allows us to manifest our other entities into the physical realm. So i guess even though it limits us, we need it to create (physically).

@lukashjanssen, This is interesting indeed. Who knows what we could be if we had more than 3 entities. and they can form many more variations as to who and what we are, much like the variation in biology.

When you think of all these things and how they seemingly work together in snyc with each other – the entities, biology, physics, chemistry, the universe as a whole – just everything really makes you wonder that the Creator must be pretty fucking awesome to even fathom something so complex and at the same time in sync..

Egarim (363)C (@egarim) 8 years, 9 months ago ago


Spirit over mind, mind over body.

That’s the way I see it. It maximizes free will and ability while minimizing self harm and destruction.

Immortality (456) (@jjj333) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

The trinity IS the story of Jesus christ.. it IS the story of the antichrist.. it’s Gematria.. EVERYTHING is 3.. for it takes 1 and its polar opposite to create a COMPLETE one.. so 2 together (mary magdalene & jesus) create 1 together, but they are polar opposites creating equality between each other and the world.. 1 + 2 = 1 2 + 1 = 1 it’s just Gematria.. look it up.. 11:11. It’s explaining that everything is duality.. male/female, good/bad, light/dark, cat/dog.. everything is balanced.. that IS how the universe works.. imagine standing infront of a mirror with one behind you.. what do you see when you look in? infinity right? goes on forever.. now put a mirror on that, and another on that, and another, etc.. it goes on forever balancing itself appropriately. That’s the trinity.

Partisan (11) (@dawnistoday) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Yes here is a poem I wrote about Plato’s trinity. It embodies the three in a way that combines the sex drive and the desire aspects to create something similar. The rational thought controls the sex drive and the instinct to reproduce, fooling them telling them there is reason to all of this. To keep producing sperm etc, rational thought leads them down that path even though (this is where it deviates) a) there is no point to it b) rational thought is just trying to get himself off not concerned about making babies with women. I guess choose what you will. But mine differs from Plato’s because I think when Eve was tempted and thus tempted Adam, they fell from grace. The devil birthed desire in her and with it shame. Don’t you think we are all the same? We start as innocent children and are changed and morphed into wanting more and more to fulfil ourselves? So then, the task in life is removing that desire. I believe we would be a lot happier if we just ate, fucked, slept. Nothing wrong with that is there?

Pinned by their architect
the damned float and sing
smudges in a veiling mist
reaching out in chorus
on open waters
and are answered
by the fortune teller
scrying their dormant crystal futures
thickening hues that gulf
against shattering lenses
dancing amongst our kisses
like flakes of dust
caught in a pocket of sunlight
between our nearing mouths
pulled breath by breath
to the heavens
where I am an angel
but I swoop like a vulture
through their minds
of their freedom
calming all distrust
in our bed
where your breasts turn creed
with my dutiful tongue
I call and store your taste
in the well of my throat
re-phrasing the rituals
as diagrams carved
onto honey suckles
that bloom from the liturgy
and your body alight
Now by my will
the soldiers gently dragged along
guided to the harbour
where an anchor is bestowed
and bound to your spine
clocks hang over the walls
my voice leaves me
to be echoed through the room
the cord now broken
so retreating my tongue
and the broken rhythm
the faint hollow figure
smiles above
your bent body
he gathered children in chanting
to be melted for the carnal temper
that lies in unreachable heights
on the bed
and his hands
where you press your heart
against the armies
and call out to them
all the layers of his sin
for their sunken songs

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@harv288, According to the Bible, God created one thing, the son/word/Jesus, and through that first born all other things were created “The word went forth from the mouth of God and returned to him fulfilled” That is why Jehovah/Jah/Yahweh/JHVH/YHWH literally means “He who causes to become”
But mind/heart/soul are a bunch of religious terms. The three I’d use is Understanding/Character(or Intent)/and Deed(or Action).

VIII (34) (@triplemind) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

the kamasutra says there are three elements we must balance : power, pleasure, and religion. there are three’s everywhere but three aint everything. look up some numerology or just the basic definitions of numbers and their metaphysical attributes (make sure to use a few sites, the nine star ki goes into it a bit) you’ll start to see how numbers, no matter what theyre in accordance with, start to develop personalities. one being unity or whole, two being dualism, three in my least educated description is creative. it’s not as stable as 4 but it is the least amount of sides needed for a polygon. i never knew why i was so drawn to 3’s until i started learning about the flower, tree, and seed of life. the tree of life has 10 sephiroth or orbs, the flower of life is the hexagonal pattern you see on bee hives. if you have good enough receiving abilities and can learn from very vague concepts (as you being a member of this site would suggest) just look at these symbols considered by many to be sacred and see if anything slowly starts making sense. the hardest part is starting to imagine, then the hardest part is stopping fufufu. love you all.

Immortality (456) (@jjj333) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Wake up people. Religion is nothing more than the zodiac. It’s all manifestations about stars and creation. Period. Religion is dying and the Zodiac is coming back. Religion instills good values and “christ love” in people, but it also separates the masses and keeps people fighting against each other. Christ was the way of the past. The solar consciousness transcends any religion.. because religion is not needed for unconditional love.. No almighty TRUE god gives their creation FREE will and then tells them the limitations in which they can worship or to whom or what.. THAT IS CONTROL.. Religion was a test on humanity.. The coming of the beast or the zodiac, the ANTIchrist, is the TRUE almighty god. Anyone who says different is nothing more than a sheep who was brainwashed into thinking they were brainwashed. Mathematics IS the language of the universe.. Religion comes from the zodiac and that’s just the truth. Deal with it.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@jjj333, Yes, the Trinity has its origins in Pagan culture.

When your intent is to love, you want to reflect that in your actions, but to be able to do that you need to more thoroughly understand issues and how to manifest your intentions in the application of your deeds.
When you understand as much of the complete issue that you can, you can be much more objective in designing an application that, using what makes sense, could likely provide the optimal benefit from your interaction, where consideration is of finding the most acceptable balance between the exploiting the greater advantage and minimizing the greater disadvantage.

larry.lynch (0) (@larry.lynch) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

To bring the trinity up to current times… 1) E = M * C(sq)  or 2) Transistor: Base, Collector, Emitter 3) Watt = Volts * Amps or the more commonly known 4) The Father, Son & Holy Spirit…. Maybe even Diet, Sleep, Exercise. There are so many. For myself, the trinity is a primal pattern that is present through all growth from its inception. It even shows up in our creations. As our creations are based on our sciences which reduce to simple principles… in most cases.

In my opinion, the important goal is to understand the functional relationships of the easily understood trinities and translate that through metaphor to our personal lives. In the end to apply that to our perspective of all we know as a whole. Then rinse and repeat.

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