The Universe's Human characteristic.

When you try to define the Universe, what usually comes to mind is a grand vastsness, occupied with countless spiraling vortexes made of countless spiraling vortexes. We think of forms and shapes, destructions and reconstructions. A peripheral motion, we spring from it -and return to it. This motion is everywhere, and every is doing it…

You…you are doing it. You, me, us, we, them, it, anything, everything. Right now everything in the Universe is doing something, and It is all happening simultaneously. We are apart of the motion. Our origins are apart of the grand vastness.

If the Universe was a sheet, every form and shape and system, would be a fold in the sheet; A loop in a string; An expression that is a continuum of the whole.

Through this I find comfort. The Human experience is a simultaneous motion, which currently moves with every vibration, from the atomic to cosmic. The sacles of matter, micro to macro, are the dimensions of the sheet, through which my body is a fold. A continuum that joins my consciousness with the Universe. Everyhing contributes to the Universe’s existence. That includes our conscious experience and dreams.

I am alive, therefore consciousness is a characteristic of the Universe.
I think the Universe is alive, through you and I.
I think I am the Universe sensing and reacting to itself.
I think we are it.

“I think, therefore I am” …therefore, by default, the Universe is. What are you’re thoughts?

January 8, 2015 at 6:47 pm
Soul Finder (60) (@Inthebalance) 7 years, 8 months ago ago

“Nothing appears to be something. The human experience is a senseory organ for the divine self. Through these eyes, the divine gets to see itself in form.”

Just one of my favourite quotes I wanted to share. :)
I’m amazed how you so poeticly discribed the image of the universe, which in its vastness goes beyond words, however, somehow you described such in language itself. <3

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