The Variable X

yoinkie (@yoinkie) 9 years, 8 months ago

Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life? No, not the “im sad, im feeling depressed” feeling either. Im talking about the missing piece. Im talking about the Variable X.

When I was a kid, I knew that my life goal was to become succesful. But I didnt know what that really meant at all. I was taught that one day, my life will need to be successful. I was raised that way, not only but my parents, but by school, by books, by TV, by everything. And what does success really mean? It means a whole lot of things, but to society, it =money

the corruptable mind of a child + working hard to become successful = X

Go to any college around the country and you might read a sign along the lines of “Welcome to ___ college. We our build futures.” Why is it that I never see signs in highschools that say “Welcome to ___ Highschool. We will try and find you a career you enjoy, instead of wasting your time with useless shit you will never use.” How many of us really knew what we wanted to be after high school? Not a lot im guessing. And how long were we given a chance to decided our career, our future, before we had to decide on a college? 3 months? Thank you high school, for nothing. And hello College, I dont know much about Business management at all(because my high school never cared to teach me much about business) but I guess ill devote 4 years of my life and $90,000. When I was a kid, I thought after college, your profesor would walk you over to a place of employment and help you start your career. “you have completed your college degree! Now as we promised, we will help you find a job and career that you will love!!” Haha, children can be so stupid.

5 years at high school + 4(or more) years at college = A career… er, nevermind:

5 wasted years at high school + 4(or more) years at college = X(AKA go find your own damn job)

Ahhh, love. We learn about it early dont we? I remember watching Disney cartoons where the prince finds his princess, they get married and live happily ever after. “You will find her easily, and she will complete you.”

Man + Women = Happy life

Beautiful isnt it? Too bad it couldnt be furthur from the truth. You will look, and you will find many women(men, if your a girl. Or whatever floats your boat, really). Many will reject you. A few will accept you. Once they accept you, many will make your life worse foryou for no reason. They may cheat on you, they may yell at you, they may try and change everything about you. Enjoy the infatuation phase, because theres a damn good chance that once its over, you two are over. The current divorce rate in America is around 48%. one out of every two marriages fail. What is wrong with us? No seriously, whatthe FUCK is wrong with us? Love is the purest, greatest thing in the world, yet we abuse it, take it for advantage, and desert it when it treats us poorly. You treat your spouse like shit? Guess what, your kids are watching. What morals do you think they are growing up with? WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

Man + Woman = X(but most of you wont find X. And if you do find X, your probably going to lose X. If you are one of the lucky ones who think they have X, by golly hold on to it as tight as you can, you lucky SOB)

14 billion years ago, the universe was created. 15-30 years ago, you were created. But you really werent created then; your creation has been taking place for 14 billion years. Everything that has happened needed to happen for your creation, EXACTLY the way it happened. Or you wont be here. Sounds awesome right? Makes you feel special? Like your meant for something…great? Well than explain to me, sir, why the asshole down the street from me is alive? Why are their murderers, rapists, pedo’s, and mother fucking every kind of dirty scumbag in the world alive? There creation took 14 billion years too. They are just as special as you. There are more people out there doing bad than good right now. The largest majority of people are neutral; not doing anything at all. It took 14 billion years to create us, and this is what we are:

Assholes + genuinely good people + people living neutral lives = X

Do you have goals? I have goals. Have you ever reached a goal? What happens? You feel great; you achieved what you set out to achieve. And than what? You create another goal. and so on, and so fourth. There is no status quo; there is no end game. Humans must evolve. There must ALWAYS be a next goal. So go out there, and achieve your goal. But beware, dont celebrate your achieving too much: People might think your gloating. And dont under-celebrate it either: people might think you dontgiveashit. Celebrate it just right, and for the exact right amount of time. And then, move the fuck on…thats what society tells you, anyway. Why? Why must we live like this? What happens when you have achieved everything you want in life? What if, we as a human race, achieve everything? What if we reach a point in our history where we have created everything, thought of every idea, and had every conversation? Is that possible? NO its not! havent you been listening? There is no end game. We must evolve; thats what we do.

I often look at animals, and wonder how they live such happy lives, when most of them dont have any goals at all. Eat, fuck, sleep and survive…those 4 goals drive 99.99% of the species on earth.

X(the begining of it all) + X(our existence now) = X(our future) Pretty shitty formula for this one, huh?

I bet your sitting there looking for some sort of conclusion to this, arent you? “wheres the connections?” “What does it all mean?” “Where are we going? Where are we from?”

Well Ill give you a conclusion, and I bet your going to love it:

I got stoned + I wrote this = X

May 16, 2012 at 10:28 am
Rugger(253) (9) (@gavbeau) 9 years, 8 months ago ago

I listened to a speaker once who said that who we are is a compilation of the 6 people we spend the most time with. Assuming some statistics and not actually doing any research, there are three in particular that you mentioned in your post: School (teachers), Media, Parents.

In the American public school system, most teachers are trying to help you memorize the amount of material needed to regurgitate it on the state standard test in order to graduate. Like you wrote, they’re not necessarily helping us figure out our future goals.

In the American media we see a lot of fairy tale stories, but few people take the time to help children realize that is not reality, it’s an alternate reality created by adults who wish they had what they were writing about.

Our parents grew up in this society as well. They also, grew up under a generation who would usually not get divorced ever, even if they fought every single day. If I were in my parents shoes and dealt with that growing up, the moment I had an argument with my spouse I would not want to be in the relationship either for the sake of my children.

How do we change that?
We start with ourselves. Become who we want to be; this will take A LOT of self-motivation. From there we reform the media and the education system. Help it evolve into what it needs to be in order for our children, their children, and every generation afterward to grow up healthy happy lives with the support of their community behind them.

Caution: This will not be a linear y=mx+b path. It will be a wild insane ride. So hold on tight.

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