The word 'sheeple'

 truth seeker (@ts19)4 years, 9 months ago

So this is just my take on this word:  It is used by many who have a deeper understanding of life, or a certain topic. Which is a good quality. However, I find it not entirely different (though not as offensive) as racial, homophobic slurs, as it aligns almost, but not entirely with bigotry.

December 9, 2016 at 3:48 pm
Tripolation (0) (@Tripolation) 4 years, 9 months ago ago

I disagree but understand where you are coming from. Words define. Sheeple defines those who are spoonfed by society.  I think it’s prefectly fine to feel like some are not awake.  Labeling them is perhaps not the best course of action but I think it underlines the frustration many feel as they watch the so-called ‘sheeple’ destroy the world around them.  We could simply define these people as ignorant but cast a certain judgement.  Calling someone ‘sheeple’ is a harmless defintion made by some.  Divisional as it may seem, we need to know where the boundaries are before we can mend the seems.  There is a pervasive kind of trendy enlightenment going around which borders on the attitude you are referring. These kinds of people will likely always be divisive in their intent.  Not all those who use the term ‘sheeple’ share that same negative intent.  Language needs to evolve.  How do we do this?  Listening and looking for intent in what we think and say.  Sheeple is only a nagtive is looked at from that perspective.  I never saw the term in a nagtive way until you mentioned it.  It’s interesting that you would group it with racial and homophobic slurs.  It seems more to me to be a hipster shrug off and nothing to be taken seriously. I would say in the end ‘who cares?’.  People want to express themselves and should do so without fear of being judged.  Perhaps your judgement of people who use the term ‘sheeple’ is exactly the same kind of behavior you are trying to point out in the first place. He who cast the first stone.

truth seeker (15) (@ts19) 4 years, 9 months ago ago

Right on brother, thanks for your reply. I was thinking more of it as a what does a conscious person say of a unconscious vs what does a homophobe say of a gay. It wasn’t an aligned comparative, but I still think it puts a slight division in the human race(though not as much as many things). I completely agree with your ‘intent’ statement, As if your intent is to degrade someone its probably not beneficial to the other. But who knows, maybe someone hears a person call them a sheeple and that makes them turn course.Perhaps you are somewhat correct in your analysis of me seeing more negatives in life, though have worked on it (if that was what you were implying). Thanks again for your thoughts on this.

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