Thinking outside the box, without a box.

Conner J. (@connerj93) 8 years, 9 months ago

A couple days ago I sat quietly listening to my philosophy professor flow through the ideas of God from great philosophic contemporaries, what these ideas meant, and that the ideas have been regarded as truth in the past as answers to the great question. Attempting to connect my personal experiences and ideas to these pre-determined ideas, I couldn’t, something hit me. I raised my hand and asked the question, “What it seems to me, is that there is no answer. Is there an answer, to the question, is there an answer?” No one could answer that question, not even myself. I’ve found that the true philosopher reaches beyond, and disregards all they have known to be ‘truth’, in order to search and, with hope, find the truth.

Suppose you could see the bubble of reality that encases your existence. Ideas, history, stories, news, friends, family, and your life all exist inside of this space and time bubble constantly changing, transcending, and mutating into something different. Suppose you could go to the edge of this bubble, ‘the edge of your reality’, and pop it. Forgetting about what truths you’ve held and going beyond, beyond, beyond everything. Suppose you do find the truth in the beyond, that there is no truth. Now take every question you’ve ever had and turn it into the answer you once previously thought to be the destination to the question, and you’ll hit another bubble of reality, the limitation of your mind.

So why are people so quick to reference great contemporary philosophers if there is no truth and no questions? We exist in the answer, what’s your question?

February 21, 2013 at 1:07 pm
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