This man Jibankrishna (Diamond) who appears in dreams and reality as unknown man

Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik (@dipak) 8 years, 9 months ago


( By Rebati Mohan Poddar, Kolkata)

That might be a month of December,1966 or January,1967, I can’t just remember. It was about 8-30 a.m, I was reading a newspaper sitting in my friend’s medical chamber. In the meantime Dr Manoranjan Saha entered into the chamber. We had some discussions about the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’(Religion and Realization) written by Diamond. During the discussion I narrated to him a dream seen a few days back. Hearing this dream he said,’Oh, you have advanced so much! Come one day to our Pathachakra’(Where Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Dharma-O-Anubhuti books are read regularly by a group of devotees). But I did not get the opportunity of going there. One day seeing me Doctor said,’why you didn’t come?’ I felt a bit shy. Then after a few days I went there and thereafter I began to go there for quite a few days for hearing reading of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti.’ Then one day I had a dream which is as follows: I was walking alone on a wide road of Kolkata. Suddenly somebody from the backside pushed me forward against my will and took me to a Dentist’s chamber where one of my teeth was uprooted by the Dentist. Then that unknown man placed me on his lap and began to fan me with a hand fan and then my dream went off.

Next day I narrated this dream among the devotees of the reading place, Some found connections between that unknown man of the dream and the writer of the book’Dharma-O-Anubhuti. I got curious and took the address of the writer. And one day at 2p.m I went to that address at Betaitala,Sibpur, Howrah. Looking at me through the window one placid looking old man said,’Come my boy, come! Then as soon as I entered the room, holding my hands seated me on his cot beside him. With great shyness and hesitation touching my head on his knees I paid my honour to him. Keeping his hands on my head he uttered,’Peace! Peace! Peace!’ I told him about my dream. Hearing it he said,’Have you ever seen that man who took you to the Dentist in your dream?’ I said,’No! I didn’t.’ He shouted,’How do you recognize him? Did anybody ever recognize God?’ Hearing this I lifted my face and looked at him. What a surprise! This is the same man, who forcibly took me to the Dentist in my dream! So long I did not watch him properly. I was puzzled with a great surprise. Then I narrated to him some of my dreams seen previously and then asked him some questions.

Question 1 – Whether I should take bath in the river Ganges?
Diamond – It will keep your body fit.
Question 2 – Whether I should read Gita (Hindu religious book of great importance)?
Diamond-If you love you read.
Question3- There are some yearly worships of some gods and goddess. If I do not maintain, Should I be guilty?
Diamond – Whom do you worship? You are He (God).

After a while Gopal Roy came. Then reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna started. At one place it was mentioned that Keshab Chandra Sen was ill and Sri Ramkrishna was going to see him. Hearing this, Diamond said to me,’You see, this is the automatic connection! Keshab Sen was ill and Sri Ramkrishna was going to see him, and in your dream you had problem in your teeth, your treatment was made in God’s hospital!’
With great peace in mind I returned home.


A group of people saw Diamond in dream after coming in Contact with the companions of Diamond. After hearing his name during discussions, they started seeing Diamond in dreams.

Sarat Chandra Dutta is such person residing at Benepara Lane of Kolkata (Calcutta) who came in contact with Murari Dey, a regular companion of Diamond in his life time. Murari was his neighbor also. After discussions for a few days Murari requested Sarat to go to his watch shop to listen the reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realization’ written by Diamond based on his personal divine experiences). From that time onwards Sarat began to go there regularly and within a few days he started seeing divine dreams. Afterwards he submitted some of his dreams for the magazine. These are as such:

On 16th May, 1990. I was dreaming that a tall strong and stout man appeared before me. He had long hairs and told me, ‘you recite the name of your religious teacher ‘Satchitananda’ (God-the-Preceptor). He is the teacher of all. You recite like this – I pray and submit to you the Preceptor Satchidananda. Recite this eight times. Nobody is there above me. You have no worry about your family. So you can think of these’. Saying this he wrote those words on a paper with red ink and disappeared.
When I narrated this dream to Murari, he showed the photograph of a man. As soon as I saw it I recognized him as the same man in my dream and came to know that he was Diamond.

On 8th June, 1990. I dreamed that Murari was calling me knocking at the door. When I opened it, he said, ‘let’s go, have a walk in a place’. Both of us went out, though we were quite ignorant about our destination. After walking for a distance, we crossed a narrow path and reached a house. It was made of mud and inside one large room we saw Diamond sitting on a cot surrounded by many devotees sitting on the floor.

The reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was finished just at that moment. After a devotional song Diamond noticed us and told Murari, ‘you have come so lately! Reading and devotional songs are all finished. However, sit well. Whom have you brought with’? Murari told him everything about me. Hearing everything from me Diamond remarked, ‘It is good. At such an old age (in reality I am old) he got God-the-Preceptor. He need not take any hymns’.

Then all the devotees left. Even Murari also left leaving me alone. Diamond said, ‘Murari has left! It would be better to massage me with oil’. So I said, ‘Well, I am massaging you with oil’. He said, ‘So you do that’. I started massaging him and went on thinking, Murari left me alone, how can I go home! When I finished massaging Diamond told me, ‘you can go home without any trouble’. So paying my salute to him I came out, and my dream went off.
Dream on 12th June, 1990.

At 2-30 AM, I dreamed that I was walking through Linton street of Kolkata. There was a Shiv Temple at Linton Street bus stand. I reached that temple. The door was closed. Opening the door I saw Diamond sitting alone inside. I asked him, ‘Are you sitting here along since morning’? He said, ‘Being tired after a long walk I am taking rest here’. I said, ‘I am lucky that I could meet you in the morning. Please give me your foot dust on my head’. When I was bowing down to his feet, I noticed butter on the fingers of both of my hands and I started eating butter with a great joy. My dream then went off. [ Here butter symbolizes Atman or Soul. ]

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Dan (890) (@danfontaine) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@dipak, This is straight fucking creepy.
And I don’t believe that this is any sort of occurrence happening outside your own imagination and nervous system. Thought is matter – don’t get lost in it.

The Panolipsist (22) (@panolipsist) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@dipak, It amazes me the differences in customs and culture. Do you still live in Calcutta?
Your story was very interesting thanks for sharing. I had seen people in a study in an American university reporting a lot of them had seen a stranger in there dreams. The stranger was drawn by a sketch artist and it turned out to be the same man in every dream. Very strange!
I wonder if our dreams aren’t some how connected to the spirit world or some thing.

Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik (34) (@dipak) 8 years, 9 months ago ago


Thank you for your wise comment. May be these are imaginations of several thousands of people here as well as mine. If without knowing ,hearing and seeing a person a man,woman,child, or old see a man in their dreams ,trances, meditations or in reality and then identifying him as the same person being transformed into a divine person which we have witnessed in this man’s life time as well as after his death in 1967 then there is nothing to say if anybody says this phenomenon as imagination. And if these are merely the imagination, not facts then it is always desirable as we have achieved the Truth in our lives through this man who has been mentioned in several Upanishads written several thousand years ago.

Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik (34) (@dipak) 8 years, 9 months ago ago


thank you that you have realized the inner sense of this strange phenomenon.I am sharing with you with a small fraction of such phenomenon happened in our life. So it is very difficult to conceive it. Some may think it to be fiction, some may think it to be imaginative. But it is factual. To realize this phenomenon I request you to study my website ( ,, and to click Jibankrishna/Diamond in google). Furthermore, I am giving you a little bit hint on this man below:
I am going to narrate a very strange phenomenon happening since the early part of 20th century encircling a person known as Diamond or Jibankrishna who was born in 1893 at Howrah Town near Calcutta(now Kolkata), India.
His achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Sri Ramkrishna at 12 years 4months age and thereafter having spontaneous numerous divine realizations made him visualizing ‘Atma’ or ‘Soul’ or God in the form of God’s light as described in Upanishads at 24years 8months age transforming his image into the Soul of every human being and as a result, a miraculous incident began to initiate.
Some innumerable people including men, women and children of all ages see this particular man in dream, in meditation, in trance and also in awakened condition. Nay, not only that, it so happens that whoever comes in contact with him, sees him to instruct about religion either in one or more or in all the four items.
The case is so with the Hindus, the Moslems, the Parsees and the Christians. It transpires that a man belonging to any religion of the world, if comes in contact with him, he shall be seeing him to instruct religion in one way or more in others.
The occurrences take place in the following ways :
(1) They see him those who come in contact with him.
(2) The women folks and the children after hearing about him from their husbands or any relative or any neighbor even, they see him in all the four ways as mentioned above.

(3) There are some people who without hearing about him or without seeing him, get him in dream or in trance, or in meditation or in awakened condition, even in some cases as a man alive and get instructions about religion.

(4) Furthermore, we got a report that one gentleman after coming to him declared that he saw him in this very posture some 50 years ago while he was merely a boy of 10 years old and the man who is mentioned here was 15 years old; and to add to it a good number of people, who have seen him now, saw some 30, 20, 15, 10, 7, 5 and 2 years before they come in contact with him and even in the very night before the day he came to him.

To all intents and purposes, it appears to be mysterious and a wonder. He even does not know the cause how this happens when we approach him to solve the problem he says that he does not know. The thing happens so far he knows and it transpires that he is sincere in his declaration. All these things are happening clearly and distinctly with a large number of people for the last 19 years. Otherwise it appears that the thing has its start with him when he was a boy of 15 years old and evident corroborates the fact. I am citing here a particular incident from the West which happened during the World War II, in the hard winter of December, 1939. A Frenchman, Paul Adam by name, who was a commander of the Machine Gun Division in the Maginot Line and he was overpowered with the fear of sure and imminent death due to onrush of the Germans and in the night he dreamt this Gentleman, who spoke to him “you will never die in the battle” and directed him “to come to India after the war is over.” In fact, since 9 years, this Frenchman is here in India and now a Professor of French in the Mithila Institute. This Frenchman came to this gentleman who is the Living figure of all these wonderful happening on the 11th December, 1958 and narrated the above dream to him and he recognized the gentleman.
The person who is the centre of this rare happening is a living old man leading a very simple and ordinary life of retirement and never goes anywhere out of his residence. The main striking feature is that he always teaches about religion to us in dreams, in trance, in meditation and in awakened condition as a living man in our own home. When we meet him be talks only about religion, religion, religion or God, God, God and nothing else as it transpires God first, God last and God for ever and nothing else.
Now what is the effect of seeing Jibankrishna within the body? We have witnessed and still are witnessing the following effects : (1) The seer becomes purified in mind and feeling; (2) The seer sees different sportive forms of God through dreams; (3) The seer gets Diamond as God-the-Preceptor who guides and teaches the seer on spiritualism throughout his life; (4) The seer achieves perfectness; (5) The seer grows a sense of oneness with all within himself.
The theory of attaining Godhood and its proof has been mentioned in different Upanishads in various ways which are as follows:
BrihadAranyaka Upanishad(2.5.13) has mentioned-
“The shinning immortal Person who is in this mankind and with reference to oneself, this shinning immortal Person who exists as a human being- he is just this Soul, this Immortal, this Brahma, this All.”
Svetasvatara Upanishad(3..11) has mentioned-
Who is this face, the head, the neck of all; Who dwells in the heart of all beings; All pervading is He and bountiful; Therefore omnipotent and kindly(Siva).
KathaUpanishad (6.14) has mentioned-
When are liberated all; The desires that lodge in one’s heart; Then a mortal becomes immortal; Therein he reaches Brahma.
SvetasvataraUpanishad (4.3) has mentioned-
Thou art woman, Thou art man; Thou art the youth and the maiden too; Thou as an old man tottering with a staff; Being born, Thou becomest facing in every direction.
The era of Jibankrishna reveals that a man may see all the sportive forms of God with all His attributes in dreams and becomes Brahma to be united with each human race bearing love for each other and be united in a point which is the first occurrence of its kind in the world history.

Jibankrishna stated:
“Who is ‘this man’? Yes, he is a marked man. This work has been given to him by the Supreme one from within.
This very mark reveals the meaning experiences and proof of the Vedic aphorism ‘He attains the Supreme One, in whom the Supreme One from within the body expresses Himself which means the spontaneous expression of the Supreme One from within.
According to Vedas, the proof of the attainment of this Brahmahood (Supreme One) will be corroborated by the appearance in the very form made of the light of God of the attainer in the innumerable people. The attainer himself will also see almost all within himself, whosoever will come in contact with him.
The attainer of the Brahmahood clarifies and bears proof of the aphorism – ‘One is all and All is One’ – Pantheism
The translation of the Vedic stanza is this – Thousands will see him within themselves and he shall see thousands within him. This is the peculiar characteristic of the ‘Parama Brahma’ and nothing else.
This is the most mysterious feature of the miracle as it is nothing but the most unsurmountable miracle for one Man to be seen by myriads of men as long as he lives.
Now, the question of solving the mystery and bringing out its nature in the day-light is left to the scientists.
Every human being has got an innate Brahmahood within him. Sometimes this Brahmahood unfolds itself, bears its proof (by appearing within myriads of people). And the Truth is perennial one, as spoken in the Vedas.”


Jibankrishna stated:
“God -the -Preceptor assumes human form, appears before you, blesses you and says, ‘you will attain God – head’. God in the body takes this unknown or by-gone human form, selects you as a bridegroom, in other words makes your body a playground for his blissful and joyous sports.
He teaches you the whole course of ‘Rajyago’, the emanation and transformation of God through the five sheaths or the seventh planes into the Supreme Bliss.
Sri RamKrishna says, ‘Without the bliss of God – the – Preceptor, there cannot be any upward progress’. This upward progress means the upward motion of the life power in a man, that is, waking of life power and her march in the seventh plane. “Without the attainment of God-the-Preceptor, the life power does not wake up. There cannot be any realizations without life power being wakened up.
The attainment of God-the-Preceptor is a kind of transformation into God-with-Form as God in the body assumes that form out of sheet mercy.”
Among various measures God-the-Preceptor expresses himself in the body as an unknown man as one of the measure, ‘Unknown man’ means the human form of God-the-Preceptor whom you did not see before; but afterwards you will be coming to know everything about him.

The Vedic Truth as manifested in Jibankrishna
Jibankrishna stated as such:
The very Vedic Truth as experienced in one’s life is going to be related with its full fledged form; how it works in a man and what experiences are made when the goal is attained. It is personal experiences narrated. And thus, it is Truth. And the veracity of this personal Truth will be corroborated when it becomes universal as spoken in the Vedas. By the form of the experienced man, it proves its own Truth and this form will appear within the body of innumerable men, women and children. It is meant for each and every man, boy and old alike. It is en-masse, as the attainer of the Supreme Light in the cerebrum is the Universalle-La-Homme. It is this ‘I am the Prefect and the Supreme One’. The ancient Vedic Rishis experienced this very Truth in the days of yore; and with an open heart, they vested this heritage to the human race.
Even to-day, to our utter astonishment and bewilderment, we find the very same heritage winding its course in every human heart to burst out like a midday sun to illuminate the globe and to shower the world of bliss over the human race by uniting them into ‘one and oneness’. By personal experiences as well as by bearing the proof of the ‘oneness’, it passes unchallenged, as it is experienced by the person himself. BY these personal experiences, the challenger becomes a witness to the veracity of the Vedic Truth, nay, not an idle witness, but becomes an active announcer.
No, it is not confined here. Swetaswetar Upanishad announces, ‘Let a man attain this Brahmahood (Supreme one) and in the immediate succession follows the Vedic Truth; that is, thousands and thousands of people will see him (the attainer of the Brahmahood) in his living human form, that is, the very identical form of the attainer within them and speak out the wonderful statement of the Vedic Truth.
The Vedic Truth is meant for the whole human race. It is not confined to any ‘ism’. It is the cosmic law of the mankind which conducts him in each and every second of his life; nay, it is the very vibration and the breathing of his heart. It evinces that the Vedas are not the monopoly of the Hindus alone; and again, it is not confined to any race and in India alone. It is meant for the lowliest of the low and the highest of the high. It pervades the globe from one end to the other.
And now, how this most wonderful miracle takes place in a man is related.
The Vedic lore runs thus :
‘And thus this Man, rising from the lower plane to the seventh plane, attains the Supreme Light, and by his own form made of God’s light, appears within myriads of people to prove his attainment of Brahmahood as he is the perfect and the Supreme One’.
“The attainer himself will also see almost all within himself whosoever will come in contract with him as has been mentioned in Kaivalya Upanishad, ‘The attainer of Brahmahood will be seen by all in them (in their own bodies) and he himself will see all in him (i.e., within his own body) and there is nothing furthermore. This is ‘ One is all and All is One’ – Pantheism.
This is the most mysterious feature of the miracle as it is nothing but the most unsurmountable miracle for one Man to be seen by myriads of men as long as he lives.
Now the question of solving the mystery and bringing out its nature in the day-light is left to the scientists.

How Jibankrishna was transformed into Universal man was clearly stated by him:
The process of transformations of the five sheaths from one into another takes place. From the human body the life-power separates, comes up, accumulates and transforms into mental plane with pure faculty of seeing god’s light in him as well as in the outer world. This transformation goes on till it turns into Bliss. It is emanation and manifestation of God with attributes in the body.
There are seven planes which are the seats of these five sheaths and each plane has got its separate manifestation and realization of god in the body. It cannot be seen by vivisection. It can be visualized in ‘Bhagavati Tanu’ (causal body), the human form which grows within the body, and it is made of God’s light. Pranamaya Kosha (Sheath) has got three planes – (a) organ of generation; (b) organ of evacuation; (c) At the naval. In case of Pranamaya Kosha Sri Ramkrishna saya, ‘When water oozes out from the ‘Alek lata’, an invisible creeper, and gets into the abdomen, then a tree grows’. He said in such a manner that nobody understands. Can you say why he has not mentioned about the planes and what does he mean by the tree?
What I have written about this meaning is such – ‘God without any form (Nirguna Brahma – the Absolute) lying in and through the body, has entwined it like an invisible creeper. He, out of sheer mercy, releases Himself from the body and percolates in the right side of the abdomen. It is seen. It looks like light bluish gargling water mingled with peaceful sparkling moonbeams. And I saw it within my body.
Then comes Manomaya Kosha (Sheath comprising of the fourth plane – heart.
About the experience in this plane Sri Ramkrishna said that goddess Kali showed him that every article, including the door, door-steps, ceilings etc had been saturated with god’s light. But why no other people saw it? There were about a hundred maids in the temple and the villagers also used to come to the temple, but none saw it. Were all of them blind?
On a higher sphere we shall get its real meaning – Through my own consciousness I shall see the world in divine consciousness. I have written my experience thus: This is the first plane where god’s light is manifested and seen. On whatever side you may turn your eyes, you will find god’s light pervading everything coming within you ken. For instance, you turn your eyes and gaze at the branch of a tree and your eyes will meet the light like molten silver or mercury pervading the branch. Then comes Vijnanamaya Kosha (Sheath comprising the fifth plane, the sixth plane and portion of the seventh plane).
In vijnanamaya Kosha springs up the consciousness of the Real self and it is revealed – ‘Who I am’!
God releases Himself from the body and undergoing several kinds of transformations, ultimately takes the form of Atma (soul). The seer having all these sportive forms of God in his own body becomes conscious that he is not body, but he is Atma.
The fifth plane has its seat in the throat. What I have mentioned about its manifestation and realization within me?
The seer will see himself that his body is transformed into half-woman and half-man. The lower portion is woman and the upper portion is man. The condition lasts for two to three minutes. It happens in broad daylight and the seer sees it. This realization makes the seer conscious that Atma (soul) is neither a woman nor a man.
This is the first condition when animal passion (lust) commences to evaporate from the body. God is in the body. He releases Himself from the body, assumes the form of half-woman and half-man and makes you see this with eyes wide open in broad daylight.
The location of the sixth plane is in the middle of the two eyebrows on the forehead.
What I have recorded about my experiences? From the eyes come out two small circles, half inch in diameter and having the surface covered with god’s light, they rise upwards to the eyebrows and stop there. They unite, become one and vanish. In no time a single circle appears in their place, Now, the circle in it bears the insignia of knowledge – such as a small Buddha in meditation, and the image of Budddha indicates the realization to come in seventh plane. This circle is called the Jnana Netra, third eye or Eye of Knowledge.
At the gate to the entrance of the seventh plane, sahashrar, the living form of an exquisitely beautiful young lady is seen. She is the image of mysterious Maya. Maya is the goddess who keeps a man in separation from god.
It is broad daylight. The seer is lying flat on his bed with eyes wide open. He sees the lady. Her complexion is light blue, but shining just like a bluish pansy. Her apparel is of the color of the sky. At the end of her nose on one side there is a small gem fixed. Her gaze is bent and fixed on the ground. The thumb of the right hand is placed in the middle of her eyebrows. She is dancing. The dance is of very slow motion but charmingly rhythmical,. She seems to be made of joy and bliss. These joy and bliss come down from her body and flood the earth. Her bent and fixed gaze reveals that she is the keeper of the mystery of this human life, he world of god. All kinds of realizations on the way to seeing and becoming god are but vivisection of this Maya. The Supreme knowledge of Brahmajnan lies in solving the mystery of ‘Life and Death’.
The next realization is in the seventh plane but it has been mentioned grossly. My experience was beyond this plane and I have recorded it thirteen years back – A hanging silken curtain was seen and beyond it, the Aurora with a rising sun.
Next comes visualization of God. This is seen in the seventh plane.
The life-power of the Blessed one (Samprasad) reaches the seventh plane. Here God is seen. It is called the Triputy or the threefold. This is the very Trinity of the Christianity. This Triputy three-fold stage in the cerebrum or the seventh plane has got three different phases; they are –
1.Jnana the knowledge, that is the Personified giver of the knowledge. He is nobody else but the very person who came down from the ‘Brahmapura’or the cerebrum or if for the first time the appears now, then he is an unknown one. But the second one is very defective as this experience is very weak and it is reckoned and accepted in the Vedas.

2Jneya – the object to be known; this object is nothing else but God Himself.

3Jnata – the knower.
A limitless ocean of light, very pleasing one, very soothing one, as if an ocean of charm. Over this ocean or one side stands the Person who came down from the Brahmapura (cerebrum). He takes up his right hand, stretches the forefinger, points to a thumb-like appearance but marked and encircled by a very delicate line of bluish light over the ocean of the light and speaks,’This is god! This is seeing of the God!’
Within the thumb-like appearance the knower and the object to be known are both combined. The knower sees everything and hears everything from within the thumb-like appearance. Now the Person of the Brahmapura (cerebrum) melts in it.
Then the consciousness of the Blessed one comes back and each and every iota of the scene and occurrence is remembered; and up to the date it is vividly evergreen in His memory.
No more it is confined to the Blessed individual (Samprasada); but further more the Blessed one has become transformed into the Supreme one. His stage is the sixth plane, i.e., the causal body or the Vijnanamaya Kosha in each and every member of the human race. The vedic lore runs thus ‘Swena Rupena Avinispadyate’ and again in the Brahmasutra, ‘Sampadyah Abirvabha’. The translation comes to this – the proof of the attainment of this Brahmahood will be corroborated by the appearance in the very form made of the light of god of the attainer in the innumerable people. Chandyogya Upanishad points out that not even twenty thousands hold Him but He is the boundless and limitless.The attainer of the Brahmahood will be seen by numberless people within their own bodies. The attainer himself will also see almost all within himself, whosoever will come in contact with him. The attainer of the Brahmahood clarifies and bears proof of the aphorism – ‘One is All and All is One’. The translation of the vedic stanza is this – ‘Thousands will see him within themselves and He shall see thousands within Him. This is the peculiar characteristic of the Parama Brahma (Supreme Being) and nothing else’.
This is the most mysterious feature of the miracle as it is nothing but the most insurmountable miracle for one Man to be seen by myriads of men as long as he lives.
Every human being has got an innate Brahmahood within him. Sometimes this Brahmahood unfolds itself bears its proof ‘You have become Universal’. And the Truth is perennial one, as spoken in the Vedas.
Taittiriya Upanishad (3.6) has mentioned about such person going through the realizations of five sheaths as such:
He performed austerity. Having performed austerity, he understood that Brahma to bliss. For truly, indeed, beings here are born from bliss, when born they live by bliss, on deceasing they enter into bliss.
Regarding visualizing half woman and half man in the fifth plane by Diamond and the realization that Soul or Atma is neither woman nor man. Svetasvetara Upanishad has mentioned on reincarnating individual soul like this:
Not female, nor yet male is it; Nor yet is this neuter, whatever body he takes to himself, with that he becomes connected. [5.10]
The effect of visualizing Atma or Soul is described by Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad as such:
He who has found and has awakened to the soul (self)
The world is his; indeed, he is the world itself’ [4.4.13]

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@dipak, I like your story, I think it is quite possible that people can achieve a level of awareness/consciousness that they can exist extra-dimensionally, as I believe the dream state to be not unreal but rather a different type of real, another reality. It may even be a more primal reality than the physical world, the waking world being one of matter and complex energy structure relationships, but the dream world being a simpler energy realm.
The difference between a stone and water, both are still real even though your hand can pass thru the water, it is still very much there.

Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik (34) (@dipak) 8 years, 9 months ago ago


As i missed one of your important point about the strange incidents which you have mentioned regarding the American university, I like to tell you that I am quite aware of this phenomenon. I have found that many of these seers have mentioned about this man who resembles this man Diamond or Jibankrishna of his young age.Though all the pictures drawn are quite irritating except the original given in website ( for the first time .Unfortunately I sent them his photo but received no reply.

Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik (34) (@dipak) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

Thanks a lot! For the last 36 years I have engaged myself compiling and translating this huge facts and figures based on our experiences with this man Jibankrishna or Diamond. This work is only for the benefit of mankind and nothing else. I run my own website where I try to expose the truth we have achieved in our life’ That religion is not a magic , it is the inner spontaneous self revelation within a man that we have experienced. I shall request you to kindly go through my website and blog ( and and by clicking Jibankrishna/Diamond in google you can find more information sthrough different websites. plese feel free to contact me .

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@dipak, I will post direct links for anyone who is interested.

Discovering Divine Wisdom

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 9 months ago ago

@dipak, There is a recent discussion about a video on here if you click on this it will take you to a 1 hour movie it is all theory based on ancient scribings, the video also tries to sell books, but it is an interesting little story about the ancients, you may find some relevance to “Diamond” in this video.

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