This man Jibankrishna (Diamond) who appears in dreams and reality as unknown man

Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik (@dipak) 8 years, 9 months ago

I met Diamond after seeing him in dreams

This is a narration by Sambhudas Chatterjee

It was 7th December,1957. I was lying on my bed. Suddenly at midnight my sleep was interrupted. The church bell nearby was rung indicating 2-00 AM. I sat on my bed but felt no imbecile attitude. I was a bit surprised and thought it might be some kind of spiritualism. I took the name of God but again lied down. Suddenly I felt a peculiar sensation on my body hair starting from foot to head just like the breeze over the paddy fields, making those places free of any sensation. When this reaches to my chest region I felt as if I was going to drown within a whirlpool of a river and I became almost senseless.
Next stage – As if I became the tip of a lead pencil having no thoughts and senses of the outer world with only a feeling that somebody was rising from my chest upward direction. Later on I noticed a thick cloud like object like a body form having hands, legs, eyes and a Robin blue color (for washing cloth). That figure stood for some time and again approaching in a forward movement stood. Then ultimately that figure stood on a high place. I noticed that the figure bending his neck looked at me and then and there vanish.
In the next scene I saw in front of my forehead an eye lens which suddenly began to whirl clockwise. Then it started becoming bigger and bigger and ultimately the inner region took the shape of a bicycle type with white illumination and inside that light was seated an old, stout man looking at me.
It seemed that he wore a vest and a dhoti (white long cloth wore by Bengalis on the lower part of the body). I fixed my eyes on him thoughtlessly. At that moment his ye lids moved and he vanished. Instantly I got back my body feelings and senses of the surroundings. I sat my bed and a question came in my mind, who was this man? Whether he was a soul of a dead man or a living person? If he was alive, then he must live in any place of Himalaya and it would be impossible for an asthma patient like me to go there! Afterwards when I met one Fakir, during discussions he told me that I would meet that man.
After two and half years once I went to visit Mother Anandamayee (holy mother) and I came to know about this man from Dhiren Roy, Abalakanta Dutta and Nalini Banerjee. They told me that his name was Jibankrishna (Diamond) and he used to reside at Howrah town (adjacent to Calcutta). So I took the address from them and in the month of April,1960, one day I went to Kadamtala. Standing in front of his house I was thinking which house it might be. Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘Are you searching for somebody’? I looked inside the room and saw a gentlemen sitting on a cot. I said, ‘Yes I am searching for the residence of Jibankrishna Ghosh’. He said, ‘Come, come! I am Jibanhrishna Ghosh’.
That was some day and the time was 2-00 PM On the floor I saw four people were seated on a cloth mat. Jibankrishna wanted to know where I got his address. I told him about Dhiren Roy and others. Then opening the backside window he asked me whether I saw him before. I said, ‘Yes, I saw, just as you are seated here, in the same posture I saw you in my dream. Being asked by him, I narrated the whole dream in brief. Of course two of the scenes I forgot to mention before. (i) Before seeing the image a posture was created in front of me and then touched my chest with a great force (ii) Immediately after visualizing the figure the name ‘Hari’ (God) was uttered in my mouth.
After hearing this dream, Jibankrishna said, ‘Do you know what happened to you? You experienced Samadhi. Have you seen any other dreams’? I narrated in brief some of my divine dreams. He remarked, ‘Oh! What you have seen, any one of threes dreams would have liberated a man’. See whether there is any development. Otherwise at the point of death the same scene will be repeated and you will be mixed with me’. I thought, ‘What this man is saying’!
Then he repeatedly said to everybody, ‘See, what he has seen’!
After narrating my dream to him, he told me three meanings : (1) you have seen blue consciousness (universalism); (2) you have seen ‘Rama’ or ‘One’ and (3) you have seen your own self’.
I realized later on that I visualized the Great Soul or Paramatma in the first scene. In the second scene I saw Jibankrishna or Diamond. It means he himself is the great Soul or Atman or Brahma. Thereafter I regularly go to him.

April 9, 2013 at 3:25 am
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