This man Jibankrishna (Diamond) who appears in dreams and reality as unknown man

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Seeing Jibankrishna in physical body before I met him in reality
Dwipendra Krishna Chanda

It was then an employee in zoological survey of India. In the month of January, 1960 I was transferred to Sillong (Meghalay, India) and used to stay at a mess. It might be the month of August or September of the same year, one afternoon at about 4-00 P.M. I was working alone in the office; suddenly it seemed to me that somebody was passing through the front corridor. Raising my head I noticed that somebody ran inside the room in front of my room. Though that room was locked but the inside was visible through the gap of the door. There I saw distinctly a man wearing white dress, the body was a slightly reddish, hair cut was short and a beard on his check, resembling much our watchman.

There were two doors of that room. I doubted what the watchman was doing in that room! I rushed towards the back door. Seeing that closed, I o up on the window and watched the inside of the room. I shouted by the name ‘Sovani’ (The watchman’s name) but received any response. My doubt was increasing gradually.

When it was evening, the room was illuminated by the street lights of the hilly roads and Sovani was only visible inside the room. At that time I felt my body to be a bit heavy and being much scared instead of staying at office, I went through the sloppy road to Man Singh’s tea shop. But with a great surprise I noticed that Sovani was present there and was having a chat with very relaxing mood. I charged him, ‘how did you come out of the laboratory? I saw you running inside the room at 4-30 P.M.? With a great astonishment he answered, ‘I had been here since 4 P.M. you may ask them’. However, I took him with me and opened laboratory number one. But I saw that the other door was also closed by hinge from inside. There was no way out. Sovani told me, ‘it is sure that you saw the Saturn’. Hearing this I got frightened and told him to follow me up to the main road. From that day onwards, I had this impression that I saw a ghost and since then I used to keep the watchman beside me whenever working after the office hour.

I had this impression up to December 6, 1965 that is until I saw Jiban Krishna face to fact at his residence of Kadamtala, Howrah. While staying at Shillong I used to see dreams but I never gave importance. In the year 1962 I was transferred to Jabbalpur (Madhya Pradesh, India). Then in the year 1964 I was transferred to Kolkata, that was the month of November. I was used to stay at our own house at Chetla, Kolkata. Sudhangshu Das was our neighbour. In the mid November he arranged a Reading Center at his residence. There was a background behind this. He dreamed that opening a Reading Center in his house would be good for human beings and the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna should be read and discussed. In the first day many people came here to listen to the reading and in the first night when I listened to the reading saw a dream. I saw in the dream that in a pond beside a temple near our house I was going to take a path after visiting the temple. Then after clearing the water hyacinth I began to wash my vest. But strangely without using any soap it became milky white.

After listening to my dream brother Sudhangshu explained that my old prejudices were eradicated. Henceforth, I started to listen the reading regularly. During reading I had a deep meditation and visions. During the first two days I saw the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. Brother Sudhangshu explained that my mind had gone up to sixth plane because these forms of gods and goddesses can be seen in the sixth plane.

December 1, as usual after listening to the reading I had my dinner and went to bed. I fell in a trance, suddenly my body jerked violently. I opened my eyes and saw that above my chest a face up to neck moved away from my left side to right side. I clearly noticed that the face had short hairs on head, white beard on check with large eyes and sharp nose. The portion beside his right ear was reddish. After this vision I was scared. I did not dare to switch on the light. I got down to the ground floor and told my mother about this vision. Hearing this she said, ‘Perhaps you have seen that noble man about whom Sudhangshu discuss in the Reading Center’.

Next day when I narrated this vision to brother Sudhangshu, he hugged me with great joy. He decided to take me to a house at Howrah in the next Sunday.
In the next Sunday morning I went to Jibankrishna’s residence at Kadamtala, Howrah with brother Sudhangshu. At that time he was lying on his cot sideway probably after his morning walk.

As soon as he saw me with brother Sudhangshu he said, ‘oh my boy, come my boy’! Then he sat on his cot.

I told him, ‘A few days back I saw your face moving from my left side to the right side’. He said, ‘No, not me, you saw your own fact’. I said emphatically, ‘No, I saw your fact’. With louder voice he again said, ‘no, you saw your face’. But again I said the same thing. After these repeated debates he fell into Samadhi (profound meditation merging into godhood). After a while he said, ‘you had a vision of chetan Samadhi (Samadhi upto neck) and you have become preacher. Whomever you will say that god is within you, he will see god. Come here from time to time my boy!

In the meantime, Adhir Ghosh came, Jibankrishna told him to read ‘Individualism and Universalism’ from his book ‘Religion and Realization’. Brother Adhir read 20-25 pages with louder voice. Jibankrishna asked me whether I understood it. I said, ‘I have understood nothing, because this is the first time I am hearing all these’.

Lastly during my departure after bowing down to him, he came with me up to the door. Seeing him in standing posture suddenly the incident at shilling flashed within me. Whom I saw there was none but he. Thereafter, I met Jibankrishna at his residence several times and every time he requested me to go to read in the Reading Center but as I was scared I could not go for reading. But one day he called me through brother Sudhangshu and told me to read at his room. So brother Sudhangshu gave me his own book ‘The gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and told me to go to Jibankrishna in the afternoon. Having no other alternatives, I went to Jiban Krishna’s residence with the gospel and my personal Bengali book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) written by Jiban Krishna (Diamond). Going there I saw that brother Barendra Nath Mitra was reading the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Sushil Banerjee was seated on the cot with Jibankrishna. Showing me Jibankrishna told Sushil banerjee, ‘Sushil Babu, I have given you an assistant. Take him to Beleghata Reading Center for reading’ with a great hesitation I told Jibankrishna, ‘Sir, I am incapable of reading, because my knowledge about religion is limited’ with a very louder voice he told me, ‘go as I am saying’. Brother Barendra making a gesture told me not to be afraid, as Jibankrishna gave me reading power.
Henceforth, I have become a regular reader.

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@dipak it seems to me that you experience OOBE and astral projection.

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