This man Jibankrishna (Diamond) who appears in dreams and reality as unknown man

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I have seen Diamond in dream before I met him

Indubhusan Banerjee, Howrah

It was 1956. I was bed ridden for six months due to blacking of my heart. My walking, even speaking were strictly restricted by the Doctor. Everybody had left their hopes of my life. During this tome two of my friends Jiten Chatterjee and Khagendra Nath Das used to visit me regularly and they used to discuss about Diamond. Though I had never seen him in reality, O asked them whether any of his books were published, Jiten told me to buy the ‘Religion and Realisation’ written by Diamond and advised to keep the book below my pillow while sleeping.

Days passed on. In the fourth week of April, I had a peculiar dream – I saw a five storied house in front of me. It was elongated and extended East-West. I entered the house. I wore western dress. I noticed that another gentleman entered with me. He was fair-complexioned, medium height with shirt and dhoti (Bengali dress). After entering the house I saw a lift on the left side about 3feet above the ground level. The door was opened with a liftman inside. On the right side there was a spiral staircase. The gentleman began to go up using the spiral staircase. As, I was a heart patient. I was feeling uneasy to walk. I thought how could I get up to the fifth floor! But with a smiling face the gentleman showed me the lift and so I stood infront of the lift. It came down and I got inside keeping my shoes outside. I felt very fresh and rejuvenated as if of my young age. The lift began to move upwards with a great speed and reach the fifth floor within a moment. After coming out of the lift I saw a four feet wide balcony. Through the balcony I stood infront of huge room. I was at that time quite strong and free of any illness and walking with confidence and measured steps. I noticed that within the room three persons were seated on a mat in a semicircular way facing the door. A full scrape paper was lying infront of the person sitting in the middle. Seeing me that gentleman said, ‘Oh, you have come! Well we will regularize that’ ((it seemed to me as if he was meaning my coming by lift). The dream then went off.

I told both Jiten and khagen about my dream. They narrated it to Diamond. Hearing the dream he was very excited and said, ‘he has a very pure body’. Then he said, ‘his illness has become cured’. Strangely, my illness was really cured in reality.

After this dream I insisted them to take me to Diamond and they did it. After going to Diamond’s residence with a great astonishment I noticed the man sitting in the middle of the two persons in my dream was none but Diamond himself.
It still seems a mystery to me how could I see Diamond in dream before meeting or seeing him in reality! (Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)


Purabi Mukherjee is a resident of Kolkata,India. In the month of Nov-Dec,2008 one day she was introduced to me by her sister-in-law Mrs Sikha Banerjee who was my ex-office assistant. Mrs Banerjee told me that she uses to see many divine dreams very frequently.
While I asked her, she narrated a very strange incident happened in her life when she just completed Higher Secondary examination at the age of 18. This was the narration:
In 1980, one day I went to Garia market near my residence. After shopping I wanted to go back home. Suddenly I noticed an old gentleman in the market, wearing a full sleeved Punjabi and dhoti( Bengali dress) having slight grayish short-cut hair and French-cut beard. With a sweet smiling face he was looking at me again and again.

I was very surprised at his look though I was not feeling any hesitation or uneasiness. On the contrary he seemed to be very familiar to me as if for a long time. However, with a confused mind I returned home. But still now, after so many years I could not forget that smile and I am having divine dreams since then.

When I asked her about dreams, she told me,’ One day I saw in a dream the number’14’ encircled with an illuminating light,’ Hearing this dream, instantly I brought the Bengali book ’Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond(English version of Religion and Realization) and showed her the serial no14 of that book, where it is written about the first meeting of Sri’M’(Mahendra Nath Gupta, writer of Sri Sri Ramkrishna kathamrita, Bengali version of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) who, after his first meeting with Sri Ramkrishna made the comments like this:’ Who is this gentleman who seems so familiar to me!! It seems to me as if I go back to him again and again. Is he so great!’ Then I clarified the dream to her as such: A person who attains Godhood seems familiar to the seer because God is the most lovable and As soon as she saw the photo, she was overwhelmed with joy and surprise saying,’Oh! I saw him in the market in 1980!

I told her, ’You are one of the blessed one upon whom the blessings of God are being showered as He appeared before you in flesh and blood after13 years of His demise.’

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