This man Jibankrishna who appears in dreams and reality as unknown man

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( Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

I met Diamond after I saw him in my waking condition

Santosh Guchait

From my childhood I had inclinations on religious matters. I could not proceed in studies and joined service and then become involved in politics with social welfare.
One day one of my friends Ganesh Manna told me about a holy man whose name was Jibankrishna or Diamond who used to explain every day the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishnaand a large number of people used to go there. Whoever listens to his explanations, he sees God within himself.

Days passed on but I could not get the opportunity to meet him. One day I was returning home after a judgment in a village Panchayet. It was dark and nobody was with me. While coming, suddenly I noticed that a huge size man was accompanying me but without having any conversation with me, sometimes in front of me, sometimes on my backside or sometimes beside me. I felt a bit nervous, though not to suchan extent. Since then I felt urge to go to meet that holy man.

One day after finishing my meeting in a school committee. I got up in a bus. It was crowded and I stood on the front side. There was a mirror fixed in front. I was looking at that. Suddenly, I saw inside the mirror that in a room one saint was seated on a cot having meditation and on the floor a large number of people were seated. Then all on a sudden the scene vanished. I became a bit perplexed and went straight to that address of Diamond given by Ganesh.

Some of my colleagues go there regularly. So I also entered with them and giving a bow to him I sat on the floor along with others. Diamond was seated on a cot. He asked me, ‘who are you? Come near me’, saying this he seated me beside him and asked, ‘have you seen Sri Ramkrishna or any Gods or Goddesses’? I said, ‘many days back. I saw Sri Sarada mother, but I did not pay any importance.’ He said, ‘my boy, God is within you. You sit and meditate’. I said, ‘I don’t know how to meditate’. So he advised me to sit only with closed eyes keeping the mind fixed on the eyebrow and I did that. After a few minutes I lost my sense and had a vision. I saw the whole room became illuminated and within this light image of goddess Durga was visible. Diamond was seen talking to her, though nothing could be understood. I was also lost seeing her talking with waving hands. After some time I began to get back my sense, listening faintly the conversations within the room. Then I heard Diamond’s voice saying to other, ‘oh! He is completely new, but still such a deep meditation, as if he is very experienced! He had a good prejudice.’ Saying this he began to pat on my spines and gradually I opened my eyes. I was sweating and so he began to fan me with a hand fan, saying, ‘will you take water, my boy’? I drank two glasses of water and then he asked, ‘have you seen anything during meditation’? I narrated everything. He said, ‘all is over! It is good’ and saying this he patted on my body. I became converted to such an extent from that very moment that all my political and social activities were completely wiped out and I began to go visit him regularly. He often used to ask me, ‘Have you seen anything in dream or meditation’? I always gave negative answer. He became worried. One day I saw in a dream, that I was crossing a huge field carrying Diamond on my shoulder. After a while I noticed that everywhere it was filled with water. Sitting on my shoulder he said, ‘Go forward’. But then I drowned in the water and saw that in the deep of the water there was a bridge and I began to cross that bridge. He went on saying, ‘Go forward’. As I went forward, I saw only jewels like gold, silver, pearls, diamond etc. which I never saw in my real life.

When I narrated this dream to him, he said, ‘Oh, you saved me at last! I was so much worried about you’. I realized that I go God-the-Preceptor within me at last.
My new life has began hence forth and in the long run I realized that before meeting Diamond I saw him in the bus within the mirror and the same room. That huge figured man was also him.

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Debswapner kahini’)

Before starting my story I want to introduce Keramutalla Seikh who was a cycle- rikshaw-puller in most parts of his life, having a strange go of life.

In 1947, he passed matriculation examination and got a service in Police department as police started a small business. But even this profession could not suit him because he constable. But after some years he could not resist the corruptions and so resigned, could not cheat people in business. He ultimately took his profession as a cycle-rikshaw puller and came to Santipur town leaving his home land at Lalbag of Murshidabad district, West Bengal State, India.

At Santipur, he used to take me here and there whenever required. One day, probably in the year 1987-88, I was having a discussion with one of my cousin sister about my magazine and he was waiting there. After a while, when I was returning he asked me, ‘Can you give me such book’? I agreed and after coming home I gave him the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) written by Diamond picked up in the street. He was very glad and took it.

Next day he came to me and said, ‘What a good book it is! I liked this sentence where it is written – God or Allah is within the human body’! Thereafter he always used to take the magazines and the books whenever published. He began to have dreams as well as realizations in reality though for a long, long time he could not realize whom he used to see until after long years I showed him the photograph of Diamond whom he could identify instantly that the same person used to appear in his dream as well as in reality. I told him to submit his experiences for my magazine and he did that.
His realizations in dreams and reality are as such :

1) One night I fell in a deep sleep after thinking about my hard life. Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘you have slept! This is a dirty place, wakeup’. Just before I woke up. I saw an old man went away. Standing on my feet I saw a snake in front of me.

2) One day I was walking beside the river Ganges in reality. I heard that somebody was saying from my inside. ‘Go cautiously’. Suddenly there was an erosion of the river bank just in front of me. I understood Allah saved me.

3) One day I had another incident in reality. In the evening I was seated on my rickshaw being ill. I was on an attempt for a passenger as I badly needed money. I was thinking what to do. Just at this moment somebody pushed me on the backside saying, ‘Go’! Looking behind I saw a gentleman. He told me to go to Charaktala. I Said, ‘which Charaktala’? (Because there are two Charaktalas in Santipur). So I carried him to Charaktala by my rikshaw. Getting down he gave a hundred rupees note and when he was going away. I said, ‘I shall take ten rupees fare, as I have no change of hundred rupees.’ But saying ‘I don’t required’ he went away and vanished. I doubted whether he was my inner god who helped me in such a manner?

4) One night I dreamt, some ruffians came and pushing me out of my bed was trying to hit me with bamboo poles. I was crying, but saw suddenly that another group of people came with poles and seeing them those ruffians ran away. At this moment the same old gentleman came and said, ‘look! Don’t be afraid, I am always with you.’ I went on thinking, who is this gentleman who appears in my dream and reality off and on??

5) One night I was sitting on my cycle- rikshaw being greatly worried about my family trouble. At that moment the same gentleman came and told me to go home immediately. So did I. And immediately after my departure there was a great chaos in that area. I understood that the same person warned me like that. But I never got the opportunity of asking him anything as in reality he never gave me opportunity to talk to him and I also had sucha great respect for the gentleman that I always had a hesitation to talk to him.

6) One day lying on my bed in the evening I was trying to sleep. But due to tension for my poverty, I could not sleep. That day I badly needed money. However, one time I fell asleep and dreamt that somebody was pushing me saying, ‘wake up, there is a passenger for you.’ I woke up and saw, really a passenger was waiting for me. I took him to his destination and got a good amount of money, which was a great help to me.

I used to feel surprise that all the time during my distress conditions this old man always appears and removes the hazards.

All the above incidents happened in between 1998 and 2006 A.D

On 27.1.2010, I had a remarkable dream: I saw some people completely naked coming to our residence, as if they would cut my wife into pieces. Just then I saw the old man with a turban on his head and a small stick came and shouted at them,’Get out from here’! They fled immediately and I also woke up and felt a great peace and joy.

When I went to Santipur, Keramatulla narrated the dream to me. Strangely, I never showed him Diamond’s photo. This time I showed him Diamond’s photo. Seeing the photo he said, ‘I have been seeing him so many times in my dreams and reality.He must be Allah who always appears before me and saves me.’ He said, ‘I can say that, I have achieved a great peace and divine joy in my mind. So in spite of my hazardous life. I never get morose or nervous. And this has become possible due to all mighty Allah’s grace.

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