Those Fucked Up Beatniks: Part IV

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“Hey man, are you a hitchhiker too?” I heard a voice call out, “Yeah, who are you?” I replied. “I’m David, who are you?” He asked. “David! Oh shit, remember me? The hitchhiker?” I called out. “No fucking way man, how have you been?” he asked. “I’ve been ok, until I got dropped off about 6 miles away from this godforsaken town” “About the same story with me… God really did forsake this fuckin’ town. I talked to that mayor for about five minutes and I know he’s a fucking creep. We’re getting out of here. Tonight. No matter what.” Thinking back to the foreboding “Interrogation Room” I quickly agreed with David.

We spent about 2 hours attempting to formulate an escape plan, but we were in the middle of a hostile town with only one road in and one road out. We were stuck, admitting defeat; I took a nap to get some of my dwindling energy back. Sometime in the afternoon, probably around 1 P.M; I awoke to the sight of the pig bringing me soup and bread, I was so hungry, I could care less about there being anything in it, I drank all the soup and ate all the bread within a minute and felt satisfied for the first time in a while. About an hour later, I was taken out of the cell and my hands were loosely tied together, I finally saw the face of David after so long, he had grown a soul patch and a mustache in the time since I last saw him, his wild and unkempt hair had somehow become even more chaotic. He looked at me and smiled, but wiped his face to a depressed frown as the cop looked at him.

We were led upstairs, with promises of “A bullet to the skull if we stepped out of line” a threat made less valid by the mustard stains on the pigs shirt and the crumbs in his mustache. He took off his hat for a moment and wiped his sweaty balding head with his sleeve, then put the police hat back on, he was a sad example of humanity, but seemingly not dangerous, although the “Interrogation Room” drifted into my mind once again.

We were brought outside, and I finally got a good look at the town, there were maybe 30 various buildings and houses along the rim of the hexagon, I spotted a grocers, but no other sign of commercialized living, across the street was a bright white house that was bigger than every other house in the courtyard, it had another defining feature, it had a garage, I looked at David and mouthed the word, and he nodded.

The courtyard was absolutely barren; as we walked across it to the house I looked for a sign that someone else was living in this town between the mayor and the cop. I couldn’t find one, other than the houses.

The pig knocked on the white door of the white house, and the mayor answered it, “Ah, you’re just on time” he said in his distinctive shrill voice, we walked through the house to the basement, on our way there, I looked around the house, there were no pictures of relatives or friends anywhere, the floors were dark hardwood, but the ceiling, walls, and furniture and decoration was all white. We walked down into the basement, there was a whole white courtroom, on the evidence table was my guitar case. The pig sat us down at a table facing the podium, while the mayor climbed up behind the podium. He adjusted his white bowtie and said with a grin “Here we have two destitute marijuana addicts; you people are the scum of the Earth and a bane on humanity, we will need to punish you two with the extreme kind of penalization addicts require.” “Bullshit!” said David as he shot up from his chair. “Order in the court please” said the mayor as the pig fumbled his gun out of his holster.

“This room is sound proof, we could take you out whenever we want to” said the cop, David turned around to look at me, I nodded. The cop noticed the nod and extended the gun slightly as he squeezed the trigger, but the gun didn’t fire, the cop hadn’t taken the safety off, David took advantage of this fact, and punched the pig square in the neck. He snatched the gun as the pig fell to the floor choking, the mayor started screaming, but was cut short by a shot to the head from David’s gun. He had fired a gun before, that was for sure, but I didn’t have time to question David’s past, that conversation could come later.

We turned our attention to the pig, who was crying on the floor, his face covered in a solution of sweat, tears, and snot, he was a pathetic mess, he climbed to his knees and begged with his hands together swinging in front of his face, screaming and crying with his eyes closed “Pleeease! Oh god don’t kill me! Please god!” Me and David looked at each other, and David lowered his pistol. Once he did, the pig lunged forward and bit my hand, I howled in pain and kicked the pig in his gut, he fell back, and David put a round in his head.

We both breathed a sigh of relief, “Check their pulse then search the mayor, I’ll do the same for the cop” I nodded in agreement and ventured over towards the mayor, I checked his pulse, and he was stone cold dead, in his coat pocket, he had a pen and some tissues, in his pants, a ten dollar bill, and a pocket watch, he had no wallet. I grabbed the watch and the ten, and left his body there then walked over to my guitar case. I had forgotten to check it last night, and I was still concerned if the truck driver had damaged Nameless throwing it away. I opened it up, and found that although my grass and money was untouched, my copy of “On the Road” was gone, “Probably burned” I said under my breath. I grabbed my case, but noticed something else on the table, a pack of cigarettes; I opened it up and found about 5 cigarettes accompanied by two joints, “Is this what they busted you on?” I asked David across the room. “Yeah, toss it here” He said. I threw the box at him and walked over. “I have everything” I said to him, the mayor only had ten bucks and a watch on him.” “What time is it?” He asked. “2:45” I replied. “What did you find on the cop?” I asked him. “Another clip for the pistol, a holster, and a set of car keys” “Alright, let’s get out of here” I said as I led the way upstairs. This was an eerie house; the kitchen looked like it hadn’t been used in years.

“I think this is the door to the garage, but it’s locked” David said. “He probably kept his keys upstairs, come up with me” I said. We went upstairs together, the upstairs of the house wasn’t white, it looked brown and decaying, the dim light bulbs looked like they hadn’t been changed in years, we looked for a bed room, the first door in the hallway was a closet full of old white clothes covered in various insects. The next door was a completely empty bed room. Behind the third door was a site that was burned into my brain the moment I saw it, a dark room, full of pictures of murder sites, corpses, and children, and, in a dark corner, the body of what looked to be a young woman, her body slouched and deformed, a decaying mess. I shut that door, and puked in the hallway, David just turned away. We never spoke of that site again.

The last door in the hallway was broken, it appeared as though someone had smashed it in years ago, we walked inside, there was a rather large bedroom, bathed in dim afternoon light leaking from boarded up windows. There was a bloodstained mattress ajar from the bed in the center of the room, and old clothes scattered all over the floor. There was a smell coming from the bedroom bathroom that was so vile and horrible that I could only imagine the horrors that took place in that small room. We needed to get out of this house, for the sake of our psyches. Luckily, David found four sets of keys hanging on nails on the wall, one labeled bathroom, one labeled court room, one labeled interrogation room, and one labeled garage. “I have the garage key, let’s get the fuck out of this place”, he said with sigh.

We went into the garage; there was a green 1940 Plymouth in the garage. David got in; he then climbed out again and said “There’s no gas in it.” We looked around the garaged, and four 3 fuel tanks behind a tire in the corner, David poured the contents of one into the tank and put the other two in the trunk. Opened the passenger door, put my guitar case behind the seat, and got in the comfortable seat. David got in and put the car keys into the ignition, “C’mon… Start!” he said as he turned the key, the car choked at first, but then roared to life. I climbed out, and opened the garage door, David drove out, I closed the door behind him and got into the Plymouth. We sat in silence, we would ditch the car in due time, but for now, we were safe, David drove as I wrapped my hand in a piece of my shirt, I soon drifted off into sleep.

May 19, 2013 at 10:21 pm
TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 8 years, 5 months ago ago

@thomaschong, Jesus H Christ. It’s a miracle you and David got out of there alive. That place, those people sound all kinds of fucked up.

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