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Ryan P (@fortitude) 8 years, 8 months ago

How do you feel about modern society?

The older I get (I’m 22) the more I start to resent it.

1. We have lost the ability to think critically and for ourselves.

2. Big corporations control practically our entire life by feeding us bad food,numbing our minds with bad television,movies and music, and controlling the news we see.

3. We willingly submit to the powers that be when ironically this country was founded on opposing a system where the people weren’t rightfully represented. The founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they saw how lazy and complacent we’ve become!

4. The federal reserve devalues our currency with the intention of crashing the economy at will to make a profit. 99% of the populous has no clue a private bank controls our money. A private institution will never be good for the people. Not to mention you’ll never see it in the news they control that too.

5. We don’t live in a democracy. Politicians are crooked and represent special interest groups and big corporations. To see that one just has to follow the money and motive. No matter who you vote for you will get the same result. The best thing you can do is not vote. Why participate in a system you’re not truly represented by?

6. We bust our ass every day 9-5 for these same corporations who could care less and underpay us knowing very well they can underpay someone else if we don’t like it.

7. We destroy the environment and ourselves to take the easy way out instead of finding sustainable long term solutions.

8. Instead of asking questions we think we know all the answers

9. We care so much about feeling superior that we rationalize why we’re a little higher up on the bullshit pyramid and step on others to achieve that.

10. We idolize Hollywood. These people are not heroes and most of them are selfish and materialistic. Being good looking and a good actor are not qualities we should obsess

It’s saddening to think how great we could be with an educated free thinking society. There would be no limit to what we could accomplish. I believe we can get there but there’s a lot of obstacles in our way.

January 15, 2014 at 5:04 pm
Anonymous (175) (@) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

I agree largely.

I think contemporary Western culture focuses too much on the shallow/mundane, but then we have technology, healthcare and to a large extent peace/security that humans have never had before. So nothing is truly perfect.

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

We have security but not freedom and have been in constant war this whole century lol

Anonymous (175) (@) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Depends how one defines freedom. More people in Western society today have freedoms that only a select held 200 years ago or so.

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Which freedoms are you referring to?

Anonymous (175) (@) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Voting, workers’ rights, discrimination, slavery, etc.

What else did you think I was referring to? You should define freedom since you initially mentioned it.

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Those are valid points I only asked to better understand your post. I don’t believe we are free because the people don’t run America. While there is more equality we are still all slaves to the banking cartel.

Gigi (0) (@gigicotto) 7 years, 5 months ago ago

I think things are never going to be perfect but with industrialization we are ruining our environment and that is a problem modern day society has brought. Also technology has ruined us as part of mother earth. We have disconnected from nature and have no respect for earth.

hello (113) (@smortlur51) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Yes I agree with all of these points. But, my friend, do not be discouraged!! Then you’re just letting them win. Stay positive and be active, try to make changes, even little ones will help us all

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

No worries I’m very involved in society and have a great social life but I still resent what societies become. I’ll still keep fighting the good fight

YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

You’ll still keep talking about fighting the good fight.

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

What have you done for your country lately that you so hastily judge me?

YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

You are judging yourself.

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

You’re right my apologies. What did you mean by your post?

YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

I made a baseless assumption.

Anonymous (53) (@) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Critical thinking.

“Big corporations control practically our entire life by feeding us bad food,numbing our minds with bad television,movies and music, and controlling the news we see.”
Nobody and no entity dictates to you what you eat or watch, hear, or determine what is legitimately news worthy. There have never been so many sources of news and information than anytime in human history. The fact that many news sources are non-partisan and unobjective is the consequence of special interests diluting the honesty integral to the fourth estate. I do agree regarding the sorry state of modern music. The professional music criterion of yesteryear cannot be mastered by the abject less than mediocre mindset of ‘popular music.’ That which sells the most (which is equated with success) is in no way reflective of strictly inherent musical talent. Tastes in music can be as divisive as religious and political affiliations (I exaggerate).

The “founding fathers” were slave owners, and at that time the vote was reserved for white men that had a certain amount of money and land. Women were allowed into the equation when laws passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment guaranteed all American women the right to vote. Black folks (negroes) won full protection when this act was signed into law on August 6, 1965, by President Lyndon Johnson. It outlawed the discriminatory voting practices adopted in many southern states after the Civil War, including literacy tests as a prerequisite to voting.

“We don’t live in a democracy.” Try China, Russia, North Korea or Israel, any Arab country et al and report back. A democracy (a word from the Greek language, demokratia meaning rule by the people[1]) is a kind of government. A democracy is a system where people are able to decide how their country or community should be run. Democracy is a vague concept of an ideology. Technically we live in a constitutional republic: a state in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people. They must govern to existing constitution.

In a constitutional republic, executive, legislative, and judicial powers can be separated into distinct branches.[1]

That a constitution exists that limits the government’s power makes the state constitutional. That the head(s) of state and other officials are chosen by election, rather than inheriting their positions, makes the state a republic. The USA is a Constitutional Republic.

“We bust our ass every day 9-5 for these same corporations who could care less and underpay us knowing very well they can underpay someone else if we don’t like it.”
Very few are indispensable. If you’re fired, no Unemployment Insurance (although you paid into it.) More people die before collecting Social Security. There are approximately a million millionaires that collect social security retirement benefits. There is no means test (values) that determine whether they ‘need’ it or not, a means test would not be ‘democratic,’ as it would violate your constitutional rights as held forth in the 4th amendment regarding unjust search and seizure.

” We destroy the environment and ourselves to take the easy way out instead of finding sustainable long term solutions.”
Perhaps if everyone thought in a like mind and were willing to make collective self-sacrifices some ecological stability could be arranged. Even electric cars require polluting energy to be created. Fricken cattle emit more harmful gasses (methane) that the most harmful industrial green-house gasses. They also require breathtaking unreasonable amounts of grain and water to ‘manufacture.’ Are you going to require all people to be vegetarian? Good luck with that in Texas.

“Instead of asking questions we think we know all the answers.”
This proposition presumes there are “all answers” an absurd contention.

“We care so much about feeling superior that we rationalize why we’re a little higher up on the bullshit pyramid and step on others to achieve that.”

Definitely some do, its the competitive nature in the modern man.
scha·den·freu·de noun, often capitalized \ˈshä-dən-ˌfrȯi-də\
: a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people.
So even if you aren’t ‘superior’ you can take pleasure in knowing everyone will eventually suffer and die.

“We idolize Hollywood. These people are not heroes and most of them are selfish and materialistic. Being good looking and a good actor are not qualities we should obsess.”

I personally don’t idolize anyone. Your second sentence is incomplete, but yes, the word ‘hero’ is thrown around too loosely and often. A hero (heroine for a female) (Ancient Greek: ἥρως, hḗrōs) refers to characters who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good of all humanity. That is rare indeed.

“It’s saddening to think how great we could be with an educated free thinking society. There would be no limit to what we could accomplish. I believe we can get there but there’s a lot of obstacles in our way.”

This may sound like grandpa talking, but I thought similarly to you at your age. I was very idealistic. I thought since so much time and effort went into writing a book, that all books must contain merit.
I believed that most people were honest and soon realized the concept of fairness is arbitrary and malleable and most often depends on some misguided sloppily written laws. I thought for sure if global warming was irrefutably scientifically connected to man-made activities that they’d shut down the Daytona 500, race cars and monster trucks, and Sir Richard Branson would see the stupidity of ‘space tourism.’ Nope, not even- Chevrolet just came out with a Corvette that has 600 horsepower. Uh, er, lemme see, last time I looked you could rarely legally drive over 75 mph, but here we have a car that will do 160- in 2014… Really? Air keeps stinking while we sit here thinking.

In essence your thoughtfulness is the petulant quixotism of a dejected raconteur. I think that’s a good thing too. Afterall, you ask more questions than there are answers. But you exemplify someone that cares deeply and is suffering a sort of moral crisis. You resist becoming a shoulder shrugging, apathetic go-along. In the Republic, Plato proposes that the health of the mind consists in exercising the cardinal virtues: practical wisdom in making judgments, courage in confronting dangers, temperance in satisfying appetites, and justice in manifesting inner harmony in desirable conduct. Immorality is the absence of healthy self-governance, whether due to ignorance, cowardice, lack of self-control, or inner chaos. For Plato, “moral health” and “moral sickness” are not mere metaphors.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but aristocrats and their minions run the world, not the intelligentsia. Plato, like you, are intellectual. Peresevere.

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 6 months ago ago

When I speak in regards to the control big corporations have, Hollywood, and music; I’m referring to people in general. I understand I do not have to give any power to these entities because I control my life but when you look at how many lives they control it’s sad. You are also dead on about the second half of your post. I will definitely keep that in mind and give The Republic a read. You grow up thinking the world is this beautiful utopia and once you see through it it’s tough to find peace in it. Thank you for your wise words.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but Australia has a goods and services tax, so that must mean we sell both goods and services. I can understand people being paid for services, but goods? If human knowledge and natural resources generally should belong to all of humanity, then they shouldn’t be sold to us, technically we already own it.

So if labour is for sale, but material and knowledge isn’t, then you could measure out material and knowledge according to its importance and sustainability.

Anonymous (175) (@) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

eh? so yes, tangible products are evil, right?

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

No, I think there are a lot of products out there that are both vital and fulfilling; having what you need to comfortably survive, in a decent standard, is one thing that is very important, but let’s face it, that is just existing. You want to live life in a fulfilling way and that means generally you need more than just what you need. In a way these things are needs in themselves.

We just need to measure out what is sustainable versus what is fulfilling, and cost it accordingly.

Matthew Busa (1) (@Matthew Busa) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

As with any revamp destruction must come first, if only for the creation of a clean platform to start to build on, unless you can “start” by buying a an Island or some land that is as legally free as possible, i dont believe that we can change society as it stands but i do think that a symbiotic relationship is the best option. I dont like the way society is build from the ground up, i think the things that are important have been left out and i am not talking about god etc… as i am a agnostic at best, but something as simple as having a light bulb that last for 100yrs is possible i want a society that is geared and defined as technology for the people by the people, i would rather get “paid” in time that is the the most valuable commodity that we have! why do people like jobs that give them housing and food? then a salary? because it means that they have all their basics covered and they can take TIME to do what they want to do, how about a society that rewards excellence and innovation with TIME, time being the biggest trade-able commodity. The only reason Edison or Tesla or any great inventor was able to invent/discover things was because he had the time and the resources imagine if we just cut out the economic benefit and instead everything people do with their work has to fall into one of these categories 1)social benefit 2)ecological benefit 3) technological benefit. Imagine how free to explore the universe we would be if technology actually worked for us instead of us literally working to own technology? when my uncle was in his 20’s a friend of his made an engine that could get 100kms to 1lt of petrol, shell bought it from him that was 40yrs ago!!!! in the 1950’s we all thought we would be flying around in flying saucers by now… well we know someone is but its not the general population as that would give us to much freedom!!

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

That would be a great place to live in!’

YHVH (462) (@spaceghost) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Just imagine if the tax payers money went to something other than the military, the ‘war on drugs,’ and the ridiculous salaries of government officials.
And if every household with even a little extra land was required to grow a fruit or vegetable. We could all live like KINGS

zowie (115) (@zowie) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

enjoy the ride. live now.

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 6 months ago ago

All you can do.

E.C.F. Doyle (346) (@chekovchameleon) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

“It’s saddening to think how great we could be with an educated free thinking society. There would be no limit to what we could accomplish.”

I dunno man, society, humans, we are pretty great. I mean you pressed buttons, and now your ideas can be read by people globally and instantly. There are currently people in space living and working. I carry 4 inch piece of plastic that allows me to view up to the minute news, view more information than could be found in the library of congress, and allows me to talk to almost anybody I would wish to talk to.

I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s better than it has ever been in the past, and it is getting better all the time. It’s a work in progress.

” We willingly submit to the powers that be when ironically this country was founded on opposing a system where the people weren’t rightfully represented. The founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they saw how lazy and complacent we’ve become!”

The foundation of America ( short version): The English came to the new world, stole land off the natives and colonised. They got tired of paying taxes so they took the land initially stolen off the natives and claimed it for themselves. They preached freedom and equality yet were still in favour of keeping slaves and over the next 100+ years they continued to take land from the natives and forced them all into reservations and eradicated those who resisted. Who was “rightfully” represented in all of that?

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Technology is overrated. I love it but has it made us better people? I’d say it’s done the opposite in most cases. Cell phones and Facebook are killing interpersonal communication.

Native Americans were great warriors with a lot of honor and reverence towards nature… But they were weaker than the settlers and lost. There’s no representation for a people you view as undeserving. Same with slaves. It’s not right nor am I condoning it but it’s just human nature. That was a different time.

Anonymous (16) (@) 8 years, 8 months ago ago
Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Haha just noticed the video.. Thanks lightened up the mood a lot

Anonymous (16) (@) 8 years, 7 months ago ago


i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Personally, I am one of the growing numbers of people who have come to accept that we each create our own reality, or better yet, our individualized perception of reality. This happens because of the interplay between our beliefs about ourselves, others, the world and what is called the Law of Attraction. What this basically says is that you will get back what you are putting out. So If LOA is correct, the resentful emotions your sending with these beliefs will come back at you with the same vibrational frequency, as is resentment. So IF Loa is correct you cant expect the following to occur over the coming days and weeks ahead:

1. Diminished ability to think critically for “your” self.
2. More bad food regardless of where it comes from, TV, movies, and music that “YOU” will perceive as bad. You might want to consider the connection between your numbed mind and critical thinking.
3. YOU will feel even more oppressed by the Powers that be and nobody really gives a shit what people who have been dead for 250 years think.
4 99 out of 100 people you will come into contact with YOU will perceive as clueless You can reduce this by realizing that just about any one over the age of 25 is aware of the feds. Status as a private bank. It is possible that 99% of those in your age group may not know this accepting of course the ones that paid attention in history class
5 Of the over 500,000 elected officials in the US there are probably less than 1% (5000) that may or may not be corrupt. Either way YOU will see real or imagined corruption regardless.
6. YOU are certain to be miserable at work all day every day.
7 What ever you’re doing to destroy yourself (stress from too much negative thinking) give it a break, Watch Forrest Gump and have faith that 4 !/2 billion yr. Old planets can survive whatever we can throw at it. Our consciousness is collectively aware of the earths issues and are beginning to turn things around. However the results of our efforts will be seen in terms of geological time so expect some real progress to show when you’re around 70 to 80 yrs. Old.
8 You’ve asked few question you “think you Know” the answers.
10 Rest assured there are way more selfish people out side of Hollywood that in. Besides who the fuck cares what the “stars” and their groupies are doin.

9. You Clearly are a person who cares and is concerned about what you recognize as a few of the many Injustices that can be found in this world, but as you delve deeper and deeper into your resentment and anger you make yourself less and less able to effect change, Give yourself a break, take a time out stop criticizing, eat healthy foods, play music that makes you feel good, unplug your TV and definitely stop watching the news. It’s making you believe you are powerless. You are not. Stop worrying about what other people are doing, thinking, feeling, and pretending. It ‘s their responsibility to recognized what they may want to change about themselves. The only people you can influence to change are those who come to respect and admire the person you are. So who do you really want to be?

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Your overall lack of concern for the issues about society show how little you know about it.

I can sum up your ignorance in one sentence .

“Of the over 500,000 elected officials there are less than 1% that may or may not be corrupt..”

Hahaha look man I’m happy you’re happy with your pseudoscience crap and law of attraction but please do some research on the country you live in before you start making up statistics

i4c1m2b (70) (@i4CiM2B) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

I did the research, did you?

I do not believe that you are ignorant. You are 22 yrs old so it is not your fault that you lack experience in effectively communicating your “concerns” about society. It certainly was not intelligent to begin by admitting a lack of ability to think critically and immediately follow that by arrogantly assuming that “we” share your disability. If you plan to fight against societies ills, do not step into the ring and loudly proclaim that you have a weakness. That would be a stupid mistake, at least in your opponents mind. It makes even less sense to follow that up by insulting the thousands of people who have been fighting for change long before your were born. However, should you get past those mistakes, at least have the sense to recognize that intelligent people know that they have a choice as to where they shop, what they eat, what they find entertaining and where to find uncontrolled news sources. In addition, try to refrain from admitting that you are powerless in those respects because the enemy you have in common with them “practically controls your life, and has numbed your brain with bad food and bad entertainment. Your allies will seriously question your judgment as to why you would keep doing it if you knew it to be bad for you. Can you be trusted, now that your credibility is in ruins? You finally touch on a relevant topic that plays a significant role affecting today’s society and all you seem to know about the federal reserve is that it is privately owned and that it conspires to cause some sort of calamity in the economics of the world. Conspiracy theories often do have a basis in fact, but often fail to interpret those facts correctly. They look at documents and events from their perceptions about reality, which usually has some degree of paranoia, drama, and a need for attention. Spreading fear and images of despair to the masses only leads to more people who feel powerless to do anything about it, creating more stress in their lives. In the end, you have done nothing to help bring about social change. Moreover, you help increase the number of people who will become angry, resentful, paranoid, discouraged, and depressed, and for what? To get them to join in a revolution, civil war maybe, or do you just want more people to experience the misery you have created by means of a psuedo-science that really does not give a shit whether you believe in it or not. It still affects your life and there is nothing you can do to stop its effects. Like most skeptics you do not do any research once you have tagged something psuedo science. You simple reject things outright and tell others they are ignorant for not researching the statistics when they actually have. Even then, you will ignore the fact that it is you that did not do any research. That really does not bother me. It is inherent to the skeptical mind. The way of the skeptic is not about research, it is about stereotyping, labeling, tagging, ridiculing. The evidence suggests a possible correlation with losing the “ability to think critically and for your self”. That would make sense. This is not to suggest you research LOA. In your present state of mind, and your programmed resistance to it would make it very difficult to understand the theory much less the practical application of it. No one will ever try to force it upon you. Eventually and inevitably, you will figure it out your self. You are the evidence of it as much as you will hate to admit it. Profess your negative beliefs with all your anger and resentment, your feelings of powerlessness and lack of control. Blame it on the government, corrupt politicians, the corporations and watch how your beliefs, supercharged with your negative emotions flood your life with more of the same. At 22, you’re not even waist deep in the trench you are digging yourself into. The further down you go, the harder it will be to get out. I say this with no expectation that you will even give it a second thought due to your lack of experience and limited knowledge at this time. In my role as a facilitator of the psuedo sciences or Metaphysics, as we call it, is simply to suggest the idea that you create Your Reality consciously or not. Thoughts and emotions are simply an unrecognized form of energy that through natural law is conserved by manifesting itself into the material world of our perceptions. I realize you are not interested and think it is all bullshit; I really do not care what you do with it. My role is to put it out there without expectation. If nothing else, have a good laugh at all this. Let me know if you need my assistance again some time. It has been fun!

JonH (1,139)C (@IJesusChrist) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Pretty ridiculous post to be honest. It screams cognitive dissonance.

TheSkaFish (962)M (@theskafish) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

@fortitude, I hear ya. I have to consciously try not to think about all those things on the list. I notice that the more I think about things like society, politics/politicians, work/jobs, the insane bills, taxes, fees and prices of stuff we have to pay, things that make me angry to the point I feel actual pain, the stronger it seems, and the weaker I feel. I’d say just try not to think about it so much, before it consumes you and your whole life and remaining youth are spent on angry days. Try to take care of your body, eat the best food you can, find something you like to do that pays well/chase a dream with the ambition to replace your day job with it, and enjoy yourself as much as possible. It’s better than just stewing in powerless rage….I know….I’ve wasted a lot of time on that which I wish I could have back again.

Ray Butler (1,423)M (@trek79) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

1: Lost? Suggesting people once had it? Not really, some people end up with it, a lot of people don’t, and then there are degrees, I think it has always been like that. But if there are techniques to discourage people from developing it? Probably, and there are certain people who would gain from that, or think they do.

2: Big Corporations don’t control anything, they think they do and a lot of us think they do, but they don’t want control, they want to augment there position. There are some great things about life that it simply isn’t practical to allow everyone access to, and we will inevitably find more as time goes on.

So if it is a case of some people being allowed to experience those things but impossible to allow everyone to experience them, then we can either have a lottery system, where they are distributed by chance, or the people who can gather themselves the most influence can buy their way into it. That is all it is, and keeping others down can not only protect that position but they can gain more by treating the symptoms that rise.

3: Complacent maybe, but lazy? People work more now than they ever have, women have entered the work force so you think they would have taken up the slack so we would all have to work less, but we don’t, then automation has also entered the work force, more slack should be taken off the rest of us so we could work less, but no, we still work as much, maybe more.

There are certain things society needs to a) provide what citizens need to survive and b) allow them to live fulfilling lives, but society is actually producing a lot of stuff that is neither of these two things, and that is because GDP depends on the consumer class and their ability to consume.

If society only focused on providing a+b then there would be relatively few jobs to go around, most people could do their own thing, b and not worry about a, but certain b things are not sustainable across the entire population, so if you want access to them you would have to pay for them, that would mean either getting a job in something that provides a or b, or you could use your own talents to contribute to society and earn reward, like art, science, as long it is sustainable or costed accordingly.

So I think people shouldn’t have to work as hard as we do, it is complacency that we are not as lazy as we could be :p

4: I think I’ve covered this.

5: Government used to sit on top of the hierarchy; they could decide what people could have and not have no matter how rich and powerful they were, but they had the threat of Democracy to consider; if they did a bad job by the people then the people would give someone else their job.

But you say government is corrupt, well it is more that they are no longer on the top of the hierarchy, you say we don’t have Democracy, it is more that government is more afraid of those on top of the hierarchy than they are of the people.

A solution would be in, not so much returning government to the top of the hierarchy, that is redundant now, but rather getting rid of the hierarchal power arrangement itself; forming a circle of power; returning people power over government (Democracy) returning government power over economic powers (Socialist Republic) and allowing economic powers over the people (Capitalism) and that can be done by redefining the rights of economic powers.

Economic powers, notably Corporations, are people; they have the same rights as citizens, including Democratic rights to participate in political influence. If Corporations were classified as say a Foreign Nation, then as foreign powers are not allowed by law to influence the politics of a sovereign nation.

In the U.S; rich and powerful citizens have gotten in legal trouble for interfering with the political issues of other countries, it isn’t easy to police this law because it is kind of like rape, there is a low conviction rate because it is such a hard crime to establish the clear violation; you can prove that a man and woman had sex, even in a rough way where she struggled, but it is hard to establish consent and intent beyond a reasonable doubt.

But stopping Corporations from being treated as citizens and start treating them as foreign powers, and you remove their legal rights to lobby for influence over government. Considering a lot of Corporations are multinational, they shouldn’t have dual citizenship, or more, wherever they operate, they shouldn’t have citizenship to any nation at all.

6: I think I have covered this.

7: Covered this.

8: Touché my friend, touché :p

9: I think people should have responsibility relative to their influence, but the problem is that influence means you can beat back your responsibilities with a stick, and if you both want to deny responsibility and you can find a way to deny responsibility, then naturally you will.

10: Hollywood is just entertainment, they wouldn’t be so successful if people didn’t appreciate the value of entertainment and be willing to pay for it. You are right that they can use their fame a bit more productively and help decent causes in society, and a lot of them do, but ultimately people can do what they want with what they have. You are talking about individual citizens, Corporations are not but they have the same rights as individual citizens, that is a big difference.

And finally; each of us have our own potential, we are each only capable of certain levels of free thinking and according to specific information and situations. That wont change, no one can become master of all of it. The diversity we have, especially for that, what you see as a weakness, is actually a strength; we can each bring a unique perspective and skillset to the table because of certain variable that make us different.

lifegamer (28) (@lifegamer) 8 years, 8 months ago ago

Hmmm…Present Human Society…Lots of food for thought here!

We cannot say We didn’t get what We asked for:
* We asked for security, enter Military (who needs practice, enter battlegrounds), and Insurance.
* We asked for low-cost everything…enter garbage food, garbage clothing, garbage resources, garbage jobs, etc.
* We asked for convenience…enter a governance that says “We’ll take care of that for ya!”
* We asked for ‘get rich quick’…enter the judicial system of Sue-Happy-ness, & lotteries.
* We asked for ‘Quick, make the pain stop’…enter oneself as guinea pig to Modern Medicine.
* We asked for entertainment…enter Entertainers, & comedians who eat the heck out of the above buffet.

Be careful what ya wish for! Big Bro is more than happy to comply to it’s mouthy consumers…and few bros will give up their haves once got, no matter how loudly We voice “No, That’s not what We meant!” The majority is deemed as not knowing of what is ‘good for them’…enter Fear tactics to make sure they don’t.

The ONLY way to change a well-established business/governance is to not need/use them. When the market-targets adjust, operations must adjust if profits are to continue to be, which is a business’ measure of successfulness.

How does a market-target adjust? Through it’s perspective of Good Life.

Sooo…What is Your version of Good Life? If You became a fine example of your version, there are others who See the same & will be attracted. This is how Society is formed/re-formed. Many Societies make up Communities…Many Communities make up a Nation…Many Nations make up a Humanity.

Be Your most Amazing, Darlin’…Be Your finest example of Happiness Walking. You will undoubtedly See many already on the path you tread. Share your talents & talents will be shared with you…It’s a give/get thing that quite naturally occurs. The ‘give’ has to come first, though…only ‘rule’ to making stuff happen…Giving provides the intent ingredient to creating/recreating. Right now We operate in ‘take’ mode, which obviously doesn’t work well…but Knowing is half the battle over, right?

‘Shift’ is hitting the fans, indeed…and this, too, have We been asking for. Rock these Changes, Beloved…It’s a fine time to shine! :D Have fun, else yer not rollin’ in wiser direction…Just a clue…Just sayin’. :D

Ryan P (32) (@fortitude) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

Great explanation. It sucks we traded freedom to make things easier on ourselves but it’s the truth. I do have fun and enjoy life for the most part but the overall state of things makes it though. I’ll definitely keep what you said in mind thanks.

lifegamer (28) (@lifegamer) 8 years, 7 months ago ago

‘Tough’ is how we hone virtues & skills…Our talents! Adversities are the mechanisms that produce the ideas of adjustment & creativity. Rather than wince of them, See them for what they are…Use them Wisely, with the grand sense of Becoming Amazing of the process. Pat your Self on the back often, then give kudos to others for the same. We hardly ever tell another what a fine ‘job’ they are performing of Life!

We are quite primitive in this game, no doubt…Little Grasshoppa’s of Habitual. However, habits make easy prey, don’t they? Ahhh, another ort for the brain to munch upon!

If you are finding the fun on this crazy playground…Nice job, Ry-man!…If you provide giggles to others, many Kudos are yours! :D

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