Thoughts for a better future?

 joyous1 (@joleensmith12) 7 years, 10 months ago

Today, the world seems to be a lot about greed and ignorance. There is a wave Peace starting to spread and I can feel it, but the only thing thats standing in the way is peoples need for Greed and competition. Once people realize that its okay to be a little selfish in the world, but not ok to compete against others in the way that it hurts others or the environment, then we will have peaceful world. To me, I think the only way we are going to successfully see the world at Peace, is once we’ve all kind of experienced an awakening of some sort. And I think this just means to separate yourself from desires. Especially the desire to be at the top of the world. So separate yourself from desires and competition, share the Earth with all life and be at Peace with it. Use technology to advance to live a work free life, to get access to the healthiest food and a self sustaining environment. Now why is this not happening now? Because people are separated. from everything. We see ourselves as better than animals. So we produce massive pollution and ruin our Earth by production of animals. 1/3 of our landmass is used for animal production. Also 70% of the grains and cereals we producs is fed to animals for the animal industry. We need to stop doing this. Seriously. I know people love their meat, but common, its 2013 and they make awesome meat substitutes and we KNOW where we can get even higher amounts of protein from!!! If we used all that money for animal industries and all those “jobs” for farmers, they could produce a new way of farming and agriculture to produce at home gardens with the richest amounts of nutrients.
Also, our population needs to decline. Like why am I 20 and 50% of all my friends already have kids???? There are an estimated 153,000,000 orphans worldwide, We call ourselves the intelligent race but we need to stop reproducing at our age. It leads to such government relied parenting, uneducated adults, poorer neighborhoods, and it doesnt give the 20 year olds a chance to find out who they are cuz now their stuck with a kid. I think if we wanna be selfish, the best thing we can do is save the resources and experiences we have for ourselves and stop overpopulating our earth until we can find a way to properly control and care for the people we have now.
My idea would be for everyone in my generation to let go for a second of “the american dream” and look at the availability we have to see our own type of future. A future where we can be artists and build our own houses out of recycled materials for under $3,000 like tiny houses or earthships, or ommunity style houses. Stop relying on industries to make your life for you and produce it in a box and u go buy it, why dont we create our own things? Our own clothes, our own furniture, grow our own food, and be the creators we are. Create our own jobs and technology. I just feel like everyone is on someone elses “system”. We have no diversity anymore and i can probably just buy everything I’ll ever need from Walmart. Kinda sucks. We also need to stop supporting corporations and start supporting local artists, or like on Etsy. I want to hear some of your ideas of what you would picture as a perfect world.

December 19, 2013 at 3:56 pm
joyous1 (42) (@joleensmith12) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Also, the fact that we produce food for 12 billion people, and there’s only 7 billion people on the planet, yet 1/3 of our humans are starving?! All of that extra food is just thrown out. And its only because the poor cant afford the food or they dont have access to it. like WTF people. how do we not see something wrong here. and if we do see something wrong, why dont we do something about it? and if its because people are lazy, this is why we have laws. And who creates the laws? People in power. and if the people in power arent doing anything about this problem….they shouldnt be in fucking power. We need either a leader who has best intentions for EVERYONE, or the people just need to be in power. Power to the people yo.

Anonymous (30) (@) 7 years, 10 months ago ago

Just wanted to say thay having a child/children in your 20’s doesn’t preclude you from doing the things you stated in your dream for a perfect world. I have 2 kids and still grow what I can in our garden, get mostly everything else at the farmer’s market, most everything else is second-hand, Craigslisted, Freecycled, I support local artisans, and if I can’t find it locally I go to Etsy.

I like the idea of tiny homes and earthships, and if I ever were to go about building my own home, that would be the way. But one thing prevelant where I live is new construction being built for families on welfare who move into these brand new homes and get their rent subsidized by the government for them and their 5 kids and their boyfriend. And nobody works. And the streets in my city are full of trash, and there are 4-5 houses boarded up on every street because of the recession. In my opinion, if housing is needed, let these people have a hand in fixing up all these abandoned homes and cleaning the streets. If they want a living wage from the government they might as well work for it. I’d apply for a job doing it, too! As it is, my kids and I regularly pick up trash whenever we go for walks. One of these days I’m going to get so fed up looking at the ababdoned houses I’m just going to break in and start renovating. Or at least landscape the yards!

And about the overpopulation, I think if there was more support for those who want to be child-free then this would help the problem immensely. And make adoption easier. I love my two kids and would probably have more because I love the whole process of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting…but I’m well aware of the overpopulation issue and in the future hope to adopt or foster children. I don’t think the experience of pregnancy, etc., should be denied to anyone who has a genuine desire for that in their life, but its sad that having a bunch of your own kids is easier than adopting one kid already out there in need of a family. There just needs to be more support for all walks of life.

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