Thoughts; or the absence of them.

Lou (@Tailz) 4 years, 11 months ago

Dear HE community, 

First of all, I’m part of the 30 Challenges programme. I have undergone the Monkey Mind Challenges and thoroughly enjoyed them as much as one might enjoy a very sour lemon. It is sour, yes, and that is not necessarily pleasurable, but if you like the taste of lemon (and I do!), then it is just as you desire. 

Now, having completed the first bulk of challenges, I am left with some reflection to be done. Many thoughts have occured, but I have been unable to grasp or fathom half of them. I can feel an improved version of me bubbling under the surface, but I have a very hard time finding them and pulling them out of the murky waters! I can feel that I am increasingly interested in thinking/contemplating life and it’s being, but I am disturbed by my lack of doing so… Only that I realise it too late. I realise, at some point during my day, that I haven’t been contemplating many things that I could have been contemplating. It is not so much the realisation of ‘opportununties missed’ that bothers me as it is not knowing how to progress. Reading articles here on HE helps – here, you ask questions that I can think about until I make it to the point of asking these very questions myself.

Yet, all is not lost. From meditating more frequently (and rigorously trying to meditate even more often), I have understood that thoughts occur as they will. I can choose whether or not to attach myself to them – with some practise :) It also leads to more awareness of my thinking process! A step forward, definitely…

I have encountered much hope on my way forward. I find that when I sit down to read one article and I start writing, things change. I write and I think on-the-go as the words nail themselves to the paper. My mind goes into hyperspeed. How do I harness this to apply it in other areas of life? 
And how come I seem to have already mulled things over thoroughly when I begin to write them down? It is as though my ‘intuitive’ thinking or subconscious knows many things and thought about them for me… 

If you have any thoughts, tips or different points of view, I’d love to hear them. 

All the best on your forward path! 

July 30, 2017 at 7:40 pm
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