Thoughts that change the way you think

 TwelfthDimension (@Kasty12)5 years, 5 months ago

Just looking for some generally Trippy thoughts or ideas. Here are some to get the conversation going

If you, the observer of this world, died, this world would cease to exist. Everything and anything is only a projection / extension of thyself. If your mind / brain is not active to manipulate the particles / atoms / etc. Then the things that we see, right now, will in fact, not be. The brain assembles particles to look like what you see, this computer screen you’re looking at, your fingers on the key board, are only electrical signals interpreted by your brain. On a base level, all things are made up of particles / atoms, so in theory we are all the same, only in different combinations of which our brains function / perceive.

what if there where hundreds of other “earths” out there with full civilizations, and it’s all a game to see which one can survive the longest?

I’m the only real person. The rest of you are just “filler” people. When I take my last breath who’s to say the rest of you continue to exist?

When one truly understand their existence it makes this reality hell

>That Mentally retarded people, ARE NOT in-fact retarded… They are just on a different mental plane than we are. We see them and drooling and incapable to do basic functions(for the extremes), or just kind of different(for the non extreme cases).

It is NEVER tomorrow.

What if we’re just some guy’s experiment in a petri dish. Then someday, he’ll pour bleach on us and be done with us.

what really is space.. how far does it go and where does it stop?

>how is it, we are the only life in the universe (that we know of) that has a grasp on our present, past, and future existance and demise.

What if we’re the only beings in the universe that perceive time as linear? What if time was actually all simultaneous?

What if ghosts are actually glitches in our brains, seeing a situation / person from the past in their time.

What if this really was like the matrix?

April 6, 2016 at 7:11 pm
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