To smoke or not? That is the question.

 Adam Reno (@arkretz)7 years, 7 months ago

I have recently been debating whether I should stop smoking weed. Day to day week to week I feel as though my mood is not always the same. Some days I feel motivated with purpose and determination. Sometimes the following day I’m left lost, wondering where my drive has gone. I was curious if anyone has any experience with weed and it helping or hurting their motivation, drive, abilities. I have been smoking pretty consistently for the past 2-3 years. I feel as though it can at times bring me great insight and new ideas, but I worry that it could be holding me back. Anyone else’s thoughts, experiences, insights, or opinions would hugely appreciated. Thanks!

September 29, 2013 at 11:24 am
SkyMikez (2) (@SkyMikez) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

@arkretz, Yeah man no problem man, I hope you find what works for you.

josephm (772) (@josephm) 7 years, 7 months ago ago
HighExistenceFB (0) (@HighExistenceFB) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

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Zab (0) (@Zabracadabra) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

@arkretz everything in moderation my friend. Everything! Yin, Yang.

You’re suppose to be going through these feelings right now, so I’d just go with the flow and “see” what it’s like after stopping. Every moment opens a new door, you’ll either be high or not high, but maybe there’s something in the works where ur not suppose to be high for a little while? Just listen to your inner voice, and do that.

Malte (2) (@horschiss) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

– or you can control it, and smoke only sometimes (at max. once a week), and it´s real fun.

– or you can´t control it: you say you will smoke less but you end up smoking more than you planned. (many people who started doing it early (before 15 years) report this problem!) in this case you need to stop smoking completely, if you don´t want to waste your life. at least until you are sixty or older, at that age it´s no big deal and you can consume the drugs you like (if you still like) because you already had an experience rich, drug free life.

Luigi (1,453) (@luigiblue) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

I used to smoke everyday, all day, for 6 years straight. I was feeling the exact same way because I was abusing it. I ended up taking a long break from it and I quit for 5 years. I made a promise not to smoke at all during that 5 year period and when it was over I would only smoke in moderation. Now it’s been 1 year since I started again but I smoke maybe a few times a month.

My advice, take a break, like everyone else is suggesting. Get the bad habit out of your system and then return (if you want) with a blank slate and approach it in a way that you’ll only smoke in moderation. But who knows, after the break you might wanna quit forever, that’s up to you.

Leen (0) (@polymathbeing) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

@arkretz, I think you answered the question yourself when you say “I worry that it could be holding me back”. Figure out where you went to be and assess whether or not smoking is fitting into your plans. It’s difficult to see someone you love with so much potential become apathetic about life.

I would also like to recommend this TEDxTalk: Graham Hancock discusses his addiction to weed and how ayahuasca helped him to be come much more conscious about the way he was abusing the drug.

Charlotte (51) (@11mothernature) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

I started smoking at 15, and when I got to college essentially it was every day for 3 years. I would take a couple months off in the summer for visiting my dad.
But I love being high, it was a social lifestyle sort of thing (Colorado). All of my friends smoke, most of them every day. I would come home from school and my roomate would have a bowl loaded. Even at school my friend would pressure me to go to class high.
But since I”m a junior now and studying music, I know that I cannot practice worth a damn when I’m stoned. It makes me suck at whatever I’m doing and being naturally lazy getting stoned at this point usually means taking a nap and wasting my life.
I started seeing the adverse effects a few months ago and wondered how I would ever slow down. Lately I’ve been smoking much less, I try to keep it on the weekends and sometimes weeknights when I feel secure in my school work.
Only two weeks ago I wanted to see what school was like without it, turns out I am way more fucking smart than I thought I was. It really does affect performance in my opinion. I have learned that there is a time and place, and slowly over time I would get angry with myself knowing I made the wrong decision, when it was neither the time nor place to be high.

Tobias Valdemar Broe Knudsen (92) (@2bias) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

I have been smoking for the past 3 years as well. The frequency has been going up and down depending on how much stuff I had going on at the time, atm I am not smoking very often because i’m very occupied with school, but it’s not a conscious choice. Nontheless I can actually feel a difference. I can’t attribute all my clearheadedness to not smoking as much weed, I’ve taken my exercize up a notch as well, but I think it’s something that occurs to you only when you have been smoking less, or not at all, for a longer period. So if you feel like you shouldn’t be smoking so much, maybe you should just give it a rest. But in my opinion it’s fine to smoke any amount, as long as you don’t feel it inhibits you in doing the things that matter in your life. This has always been my philosophy with smoking, and I’ve never had any trouble with it. My consumption has gone up and down with my needs, and I guess that might just be me having an easy time controlling it, but really I also strongly believe that a lot of people are exaggerating, when it comes to controlling their consumption of weed. – it’s a feeling I guess. :)

Tobias Valdemar Broe Knudsen (92) (@2bias) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

Also my bullshit detector goes through the roof when people start to connect weed with insight. It just seems like new-age hippie mumbo jumbo to me. Weed doesn’t make you smart or dumb. It makes you mellow, period. It can give you experiences that make you think more or differently about certain things, but I just think it’s a bit over the top to say that it grants insight.

Charcoal (0) (@zeppo) 7 years, 7 months ago ago

I just recently took a break after smoking pretty much daily for about a year. Im currently 4 weeks in. My main concern was relapsing- and, literally a day in, I did just that. The problem for me- and Im surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet- was mainly the lifestyle attached to it. I was worried that not smoking would force me to not be around people who did smoke.

However I realised that it was fully my responsibility not to succumb to peer pressure or my own short-term desires. I quickly had no problem being around people who were smoking it and if your friends support you it makes it easier. If people are trying to pressure you into it (‘how can you not smoke something that just like, makes everything better’) then you might end up seeing them differently, or at least I did. Ultimately a break is very positive. You’re giving yourself a challenge, and that in itself is good.

Gotta admit, the first week off it was hard, mainly when I was alone, because I realised I was using weed to avoid thinking about my problems. Now, though, I am really feeling the benefits of it, and don’t feel any urge to smoke again soon. I have a few goals in mind that require me to focus a lot, and once I’ve accomplished those I’ll go to just smoking every so often.

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