Today is the day.

Anonymous (@) 9 years, 2 months ago

Today is the day my friends. Today, is the day I do this. Today is the day I write the beginnings of a novel that will move worlds with its depth and sorrow. Today is the day I turn a thousand years of being me into something actually gratifying. Something fantastic. Something that will inspire a spark into whoever reads it and forces the thought, “Chin up champ, you’re going to be A-okay.” into their stubborn little skulls. Today is that day my friends, so brace yourselves.

Though, this also happens to be that day where the lighting is incorrect. The way the sun is shining through that window over there, it bothers me terribly. It has an ominous feel that makes me think about little red men not much unlike spiders rappelling down the rays of light spiraling out from the sun. I picture them bursting through my window and flooding my room like little ants, with no other mission than to wrap me up in their webs and feed me to the sun. It’s an uncomfortable thought, to say the least. It reminds me of that friend I once had who would always rather be dragging me along to scenes which entailed roaring her laughter out at a random crowd of tools in between shots, than to be holding my hand in a lonely corner of my life. Yes, I think I will close the curtains and continue on.

So as I was saying, this is the day I force positivity into the hearts of others. The day I fix a broken world that has been lost in darkness for so long. Today, friends and friends of friends, is that day.

Unfortunately, I’m realizing today is also the day that my roommates have chosen to host some sort of fiesta for the oblivious and ignorant of town, and now it’s becoming quite difficult for me to hang on to the words my mind is telling me to write. Every time I attempt to verbalize them, they are drowned out by the sound of obnoxious laughter and off-key singing and the noise of plates and glasses clicking. It reminds me of my mother and my father. It reminds me of my favorite pair of shoes. It reminds me of things I don’t like to think about. Yes, I will turn up the music and just try to focus more adamantly and carry on. My oh my, silly people, with their silly ways.

So again, as I was saying, here it goes friends.. Here is the beginning of the most impacting piece of literature you will ever read.

Almost. It just occurred to me that I haven’t charged my laptop for probably an entire 48 hours or so. I would much rather write without the constant ticking countdown of the beating heart of my Mac pounding at the inside of my head and mucking up all of my happy thoughts, so I think I will charge him to full battery first. In the meantime, I think I will lay down and rest. Though it will be hard to mind you, being as it is the sunshine is still peaking through the small slits in between my curtains, and there is so much life outside of my closed door that will not cease it’s constant knocking and invitations to join it, but oh well. Luckily I have become accustomed to the dark void that is my room so much so that it will be not that hard at all to fall asleep. I will just close my eyes and cover my face from the sunlight and recess into the back of my mind and try and come up with more to write later, in an attempt to block out my “company’s” incessant amusement.

This world is so lost. But don’t worry, I will guide you.

Just not today. Probably tomorrow. Or Tuesday.

July 18, 2013 at 10:59 am
Jay (52) (@punker96) 9 years, 2 months ago ago

Yup, I definitely have this exact same problem.

A very enjoyable little read. Your words were painting pictures in my head!

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