Tutoring: Student having severe testing problems. Help?

Viner Cent (@Viner-Cent) 7 years, 2 months ago

So, I am tutoring in math, and until now I only had to deal with technical problems of students, not psychological ones. I am going to give you some background. I am tutoring a sixth grader, he is 12 years old, here in Germany. He is really, really good. He is fast and tidy, I could not wish any more. But as soon as he sits down for a math test under his teacher he blacks out. He only starts 1/2 of the tasks and is really bad with those. His teacher is extremely bad. She is not just bad at teaching, but she is one of the most dislikable persons I know to be honest. And she is actually offending school rules (collecting a test after only 10 minutes when she told them they had 20) and being a really bad person, as a 12 year old I would be really frightend of her. Now comes the tricky part, there is nothing to do against this teacher. So the only thing I can do is trying to bring my student through his last tests despite anything. Now comes the tricky part, what can I do? How can I motivate him to show his talent in the tests?

April 27, 2015 at 3:41 pm
barefootphilosophy (48) (@sgadalet) 7 years, 1 month ago ago

I would exhaust all efforts to try and address the teachers behavior first and foremost. If that is impossible however, your focus can only lie on the student. I would try your best to replicate the environment that he will face when he takes the tests for real. I would make a simulation in a way. Try to give him practice in this type of environment so when it comes time to take a test, he won’t be as distracted by the dynamics of the classroom. Hope that helps! Awesome that you’re tutoring, what a great job. 

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